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blake hamster 011 Blake Hamster | A Socially Conscious Collective

Who is Blake Hamster? Is he a) a suave and sophisticated urban rodent; b) a B-movie star with an unusual skill set; or c) a creative collaboration by a group of designers, artists, musicians, authors and journalists from around the world.

If you guessed anything other than c) you’re probably on the wrong site.

Guided by firm set of aesthetics and ethics, this socially conscious collective produces, well, whatever they want. This time it’s shirts, but next time they say it could be “a collection of household wares with a twist to a magazine or an art-show”. Blake Hamster’s current release consists of the aforementioned shirts featuring eight designs/motives, four for each gender. The men’s shirts are made from 100% organic cotton whilst the women’s are further evolved by blending 78% organic cotton with 22% seacell, an innovative yarn with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents.

And yes, the dying process is all sustainable too.

blake hamster 041 Blake Hamster | A Socially Conscious Collective

blake hamster 031 Blake Hamster | A Socially Conscious Collective

Production takes place in Italy at the renowned clothing manufacturer Confezioni Barbon — whose clients include Chanel, Jil Sander and Calvin Klein — so you know the quality won’t be shoddy. What’s more, Blake Hamster are more than just creatives — they’ve also got business savvy. By producing limited numbers (approx 50 per shirt) they’re ensuring exclusivity, which is highly coveted in the fashion world.

Just in case you were wondering how cool this brand really is, check out the bio of one the collective’s members — a fashion designer by the name of Hamansutra. Born in Iran, raised in NY, educated in Germany, funded his way through graphic design school by DJing at clubs. A stint as an underground graffiti artist in Munich led to ad agency Jung von Matt in Hamburg, which Hamansutra finally left to study fashion design St. Martin’s School of Art in London.

Now, if that isn’t the definition of cool, I don’t know what is.

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