Blue-Eyed Son Talks Trash and Digital Music

Blue-Eyed Son’s Andrew Heilprin is the former front man for 40 Watt Domain (the group that created the sonic surf smoke punk genre) whose album “West of Lincoln” shows off the singer/songwriter’s stripped down, acoustic side. An avid surfer and outdoorsman, Andrew recently stopped by to perform an exclusive 2-song set on The Real G and chat about his environmental concerns.

I caught up with Andrew this afternoon via telephone to find out what he’d been up to since his “great” (his word) experience on The Real G. He said he’d gone “to Mexico and scored some insane surf,” which he’s editing footage of right now for possible use on his website

He also mentioned that he’s working on a follow-up to “West of Lincoln”. New record, new concept – even though he’s not sure yet what the concept will be. “I also don’t know what a record is anymore,” he says. “Do they still call them that?” This provides a smooth segue into a discussion about digital downloads vs. physical CDs.

He knows there are decisions to be made in regards to marketing and delivery of his new product. “I’m just now trying to figure out how to put that together in this ever-changing time of music distribution.”

blue eye son 02 Blue Eyed Son Talks Trash and Digital Music

He sees the advantage to virtual music (directly from internet to iPod), but understands the creative drawbacks as well. “There are obviously good things to come out of the green aspect – less trucks shipping CDs means less fuel. But artistically, it changes your whole concept of artwork and how you’re able to market it. The music industry is in such a state of flux right now. But I know the digital route will end being a benefit in the end.”

He admits to recently downloading Radiohead’s new album, which he says he paid for. “I read an article on the Guardian UK, which reviewed each track and gave it a monetary value. At the end, they totaled the amounts and I paid whatever they suggested.”

Anything else on the surfer’s mind? Yes. Trash. “When I walk my dogs along the beach, I find myself grabbing a plastic bag – there are always a ton of them – and stuffing it with whatever other garbage I find. That’s one of my nutty things I’ve been doing lately. Maybe that could be the concept of my new record, me picking up plastic bottles.”

Whatever it turns out to be, G Living will be watching. Check back for Blue-Eyed Son’s exclusive performance on The Real G. See more of Blue-Eyed Son on MySpace.

blue eye son 03 Blue Eyed Son Talks Trash and Digital Music

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