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wells goes green 01 Bluestone Resort | The Eco Love of the Welsh

The Welsh are famous for three things: their inclination to sing (the Welsh have a lot to answer for – after all, the hideous Eisteddfod originated there); their passion for rugby (more religion than a sport); and their love of leeks (which became a national symbol after Welsh soldiers identified themselves by placing leeks on their heads in the battle against the Saxons).

Now, it seems, a fourth can be added. Eco-travel.

Set in the ancient woodland of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the Bluestone luxury resort comprises a series of log cabins, studios and cottages — perfect for adventurous types who want the freedom of self-catering. Designed according to a typical Welsh village layout, the facilities include: sports club, crèche, restaurants and laundrette — everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

wells goes green 03 Bluestone Resort | The Eco Love of the Welsh

Bluestone prides itself on its many green initiatives: there’s an on-site bio-mass plant to power the resort, local produce to cut back on transport generated carbon, the encouragement of online bookings which nixes wasteful brochures and the preservation and enhancement of local wildlife.

So, what do you do once you’re there? Enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with rugged cliffs, rare flora and fauna as well as 186 miles of coastline dotted with pristine beaches (just remember to pack plenty of warm things — I’m freezing just writing about it). You can check out ancient burial chambers and medieval castles and visit St David’s — which, with just 2,000 inhabitants, is the smallest city in the UK – as well as the birthplace Saint David, patron saint of Wales. He’s the monk behind that whole leek thing and one of the earlier “G”-sters. Go Wales.

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wells goes green 02 Bluestone Resort | The Eco Love of the Welsh

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