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bmw x6 01 BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

Last year, BMW released its Concept X6 — and if you didn’t catch it, I’m not surprised. The “concept” is what BMW calls its “cross-over technology” – crossing over from SUV/SAV to a Sports Activity Coupe — basically a small station wagon with a higher clearance. While the cross-over has nothing to do with fuel technology, the X6 will be available in a hybrid and will unveil BMW’s Active Hybrid system.

The X6 should be available in 2009, so if BMW is your religion, this car might just be your next must-have.

But what’s the big deal? BMW is patting itself on the back for its “bold design” that mixes the utility of an SUV with the compact-ness of a coupe. They are touting the X6’s handling abilities – it reportedly handles like a sports car – and its style (it really looks good).

bmw x6 03 BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

In addition, they’re touting the new Active Hybrid drivetrain, BMW’s first production hybrid system (although not all X6es will have them). BMW reports that the hybrid will increase fuel efficiency by 20% (giving it roughly the equivalent of the Ford Escape), it will maintain power and torque during transitions between electric and gas, and it can be easily put into any of BMW’s new vehicles.

But BMW seems to have entirely missed the point here. The first mistake is the X6’s sports-car-like storage capacity with SUV-type gas mileage. The bigger issue is that BMW focused on sporty performance and glitzy looks rather than what really matters – lowering the automobile’s footprint. The 20% increased fuel efficiency is paltry at best. Doubtless, BMW would not have created the X6 if they didn’t sense a demand, but for the price, many cleaner, forward-thinking cars are available.

bmw x6 02 BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

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