The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue

When G Living told me I’d be cruising around with an actor named “Brad” in his electric car, I was like, “Whoa! I wonder if Angie and the kids’ll be in the back seat?”

“No,” they answered. “Not Brad Pitt. Brad Dourif.” I went to the Internet Movie Database to make sure I knew who they were talking about, and when I saw that the character actor had a amazingly diverse resume dating back to an Oscar-nominated performance in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, I was like, “Whoa! That’s even cooler than Brad Pitt!”

The ride was fun. And so was our chat, which extended far beyond movies and electric cars.

braddaurif002 The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue

As I quickly discovered, Brad Dourif is a modern day, forward thinker who wants to do everything one man can do to make a difference in this world — from the car he drives to the gifts he gives. He may not be inventing power sources or futuristic ways to make society work, but he’s a fine example of how we can all invent a simpler way to live without compromising our lifestyles. Which is what G Living is all about.

On what got the environmental ball rolling for him:

“Fear. I had a friend who was e-mailing me stuff about ice. I started reading articles — I love science — and the more I read, the more frightened I became about what is happening and how the planet is warming up. How this system will increase rapidly and exponentially. I didn’t want to be a part of the problem anymore. [My girlfriend and I] started looking at electric cars. Didn’t find one at first so I got a Prius. Then we started to look for other ways to conserve. Compact florescent light bulbs… any little thing that we can afford to do, we do.”

On his incredible body of work:

“I am a whore. Give me a camera and a paycheck and I am there.”

On what needs to be done in this country:

“I think raising consciousness is the most important thing right now. I wish Al Gore was as passionate a Presidential candidate as he was about global warming. I think being involved in anything that communicates… Being a pain in the ass neighbor saying, ‘Have you heard about compact florescent light bulbs?’ I am giving them as holiday gifts this year to my neighbors. Being a pain in the neck and talking about it. It’s important because people have to know about it.”

On his day-to-day efforts:

“When I go to a hotel, I look to see what they are using and how ‘G’ it is. A lot of times I am quite surprised, as more is going on that I thought.”

braddaurif001 The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue

On a success story:

“I lived in upstate New York. Pete Seger got a boat that was the kind of boat they used to travel on the Hudson and gave concerts up and down the Hudson by doing that. All of the sudden, birds and fish return and the sense of hopelessness began to disappear because one guy with a boat and an idea changed it. We have a lot to do but just by talking to people you can make a difference.”

On the part he’d most like to play:

“I’ve always wanted to play [inventor Nikola] Tesla. Because he’s such an insane person. Fortunately he was relatively old when he died. I wouldn’t play the young Tesla but I could do the older one.”

Thanks for the ride in your electric car, Brad, and for chatting with us. Put us on your light bulb gift list and we’ll have our people call your people when we’re casting the G Living Film Production of “The Life of Nikola Tesla.”

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