Bourgeois Boheme Turns the Other Foot

bourgeois boheme 001 Bourgeois Boheme Turns the Other Foot

There’s an old saying, dating back thousands of years:< if you can’t find ethically manufactured shoes to your liking, go ahead and produce them yourself. (Or was it “if at first you don’t succeed in finding ethically manufactured shoes to your liking — try, try again”?)

Regardless of the wording, it’s the sentiment that counts. And Bourgeois Bohème, London’s compassionate, animal-free fashion boutique known for its celebration of life, has done just that — they’ve launched a line of eco-footwear for women and men that’s sans cruelty.

“Fashion with compassion” is a watchcry of B Bohème’s founder, Alicia Lai, who explains (via Smart Planet) that her company “saw there was a gap in the market for footwear that is not only animal-friendly but also stylish and affordable. It’s something we’ve looked for without success for years, so we finally made our own.”

Manufactured by hand without exploitation in India and Portugal, the shoes are affordable and easy to justify, even for someone like me, who never pays full price for any item of clothing. The Simpatia Brown shoe (FYI — “simpatia” means “kindness”) from their Espiritual (“full of spirit”) men’s line is a soft microfiber style with faux suedette that can seamlessly accompany your feet as you segue from the dressy part of your day to the casual. And just in case your friends don’t believe that such a handsome brogue could be animal-free, “Footwear for the Ethically Conscious” is embossed on each sole.

bourgeois boheme 004 Bourgeois Boheme Turns the Other Foot

There’s also a great looking pair of sneaks (or, as they call them in the UK, “trainers”) that will make you think twice before buying your 20th pair of Converse.

As is the case with most designers, the selection of women’s shoes is more abundant than the men’s, but with when you consider that every pair eschews leather for microfiber and toxic adhesives for water-based glue, there’s not much room to complain.

Check out the entire range one their website.

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