bmpg announcement 01 BPMG MAGAZINE IS BORN

BPM + G = BPM / G Living—the definitive voice for the modern urban human

I’m not intertwining my fingers in some clichéd gesture of synergy, but the newly formed BPM / G Living alliance is about as sleek as you can get. Like water off a duck’s ass, really. BPM + G = BPM / G Living—the definitive voice for the modern urban human navigating through life with a conscience. I’m guessing that’s you, a product of the discriminating industrial and computer age with everything at your fingertips. Tomorrow’s electronics littered around the house, terabytes of music on insanely small and powerful computers, connected to the net 24/7. All those distractions no doubt make it difficult to put your best “G” foot forward.

It’s going to take a bitch slap, with our wallets, to drive the point home. Like Al Gore, if we’re going to change our murky landscape for the better, we need to be unflinching in our vision and delivery. The timing is right. There are practical and easy solutions for every facet of a green life. We need to demand that the ideas and products we’re being fed have an equal or better standard than the traditional options everyone is used to. Living the “G” lifestyle isn’t just about the environment; it’s about living smarter, healthier and making informed decisions.

Quality + Function + Design + Style + Price all feed into the “G” factor. If the object or service you desire gives a nod to each part of the equation then it’s “G.” If it is sustainable, but poorly made, it’s not “G”—it’s simply a green item. Making that distinction is one of the most important things you can do. The tipping point is right around the corner. Mainstream corporations are jumping all over it like a behind-the-bleacher high school romance. The fact that NBC even did a “Green Is Universal” week is good… but can also be bad. If the public doesn’t understand what the definition of “Green” is, then mainstream companies are going to define it for us. They will manufacture products that fit their own financial needs, and maybe not really the planet’s or our own. Which was brilliantly underlined when Tina Fey (30 Rock) mocked the hypocrisy of a company like NBC (a subsidiary of General Electric) for jumping on the bandwagon. Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) asks Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), “Do you even know why we’re going green, Liz?” “To save the planet,” retorts Liz. “No,” Jack fired back, “We’re going green so we can drain the remainder of (Earth’s) resources.”

bmpg announcement 03 BPMG MAGAZINE IS BORN

Our ultimate goal with “G” is to bring clarity to what is and what is not. To bring you information from an informed point of view—stale buzzwords and an empty green façade will not do. If our future is going to be bright we need real solutions. This is why BPM & G Living are now a team. We march to the same beat. Hopefully together we will bring you enough options to incorporate a little “G” into your ever-evolving lifestyle.

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