Brendan Brazier’s Canadian Book Tour – Ottawa

brendansigningbooks Brendan Braziers Canadian Book Tour   Ottawa

(Brendan Signing his new book)

A couple weeks ago in Ottawa, as part of my book tour, I gave nine talks in 11 days. I’m very pleased with the response. I got lots of good, genuine questions and was able to speak with many people. I’m pleased to say that combined with the media that I did along with the talks, all five of the Chapter’s stores in the Ottawa area sold out of the books.

Simply Raw (link to:, an Ottawa-based company, hosted a phenomenal potluck that I spoke at. We had a turnout of about 120.

The following week I was in Toronto for a bit of media and a few book signings. The picture is of me signing 150 books in a warehouse that will be distributed to a variety of book stores in the city.

From there I went on to Washington, DC, to do some lobbying on Capitol Hill and attend the PCRM gala. Details to come.

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