Britney on the Block For the Environment

britney spears how i met your mother 02 Britney on the Block For the Environment

I’ve got to be honest. I’m tired of taking jabs at Britney Spears. Granted, she’s given us plenty of material — from her effortless lip-syncing “live” performances and repeatedly flashing her panty-free naughty bits to the paparazzi while getting in and out of cars to her alleged (and frequent) mental breakdowns — but at some point you’ve got to stop all the jabbing and just feel sorry for the girl.

So, no more jabs from me.

Which brings us to the Britster’s latest news garnering endeavor. Following her recent appearance on the on CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, Britney has decided (or perhaps, someone has decided for her) to put her wardrobe from the show on the auction block to raise money for the environment. With proceeds going to the Natural Resources Defense Council, fans can bid on six outfits (including a Nanette Lepore dress) between now and the month’s end.

After one day, bids totaled $2,560.20. While some critics will undoubtedly say this “generosity” is merely a bid at pushing her neverending press a notch toward the positive side (I put quotes around the word because Britney clearly didn’t pay for the clothes), I give the girl snaps for trying to reinvent herself into something that doesn’t make her look like a loon.

If you want to place a bid, click here. Just don’t expect any panties. (Oops! I did it again… I jabbed her baby, one more time.)

(via the daily green and Ecorazzi)

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