Burke Bryant and Brenden Brazier Team Up for ESPN2 Show

burkebrendan Burke Bryant and Brenden Brazier Team Up for ESPN2 Show
Looks like our very own Brendan Brazier just got a little busier, if that was even possible. Now according to a post on our forum, by Burke Bryant (the host of Alive), Brendan and Burke have teamed up for a new show. Here is the post by Burke Bryant:

I’d be more than happy to answer this one G peeps.

Brendan and I got together one day over coffee and donuts. (haah, just kidding.) and after a long conversation we decided to not only bring him into the TV show, but also re-vamp the show to include some exciting new segment additions (these new segments will rock your socks!) . Since, we’ve been writing and re-structuring. We go into production the first week of May in respect to the show with an air date the first week of September slotted on ESPN2. We have also changed the title to “The Living Edge” -Empowering people with solutions for life” I can’t say to much, but rest assured we have a show that is going to make you all proud!

You can check out Burkes site at burkebryant.com and his profile on G Living. You can leave him a message or ask him a question.

On a side note, we promise more postings on health and fitness are coming that don’t include Brendan. He just has a lot going on, so we are bringing it to you.

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