C20 | Edgy, Feminine Vintage

fashion003 C20 |  Edgy, Feminine Vintage

C20 Vintage is a gorgeous online boutique I just discovered on Crib Candy. Specializing in 60’s and 70’s inspired British Rock and Roll fashion –these vintage pieces are edgy, feminine, and many untold stories behind them. Specializing in vintage fashion from designers Ossie Clark and Biba who I now know, once dressed the likes of London’s rock royalty (gal pals of the Rolling Stones for example), the hip and famous. Gorgeous eye candy. Warning: these disarming pieces come with a price to match.

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 C20 |  Edgy, Feminine Vintage

Ocean Blue Chiffon Blouse With Mountain Palm Print By Celia Birtwell

Very gossamer and fluid. I think I can hear the waves right now…

 C20 |  Edgy, Feminine Vintage

Bus Stop Aubergine Crush Velvet Deco Skirt Suit by Lee Bender

How stunning! Aubergine and purple is back in season again…

Why Vintage is G: you reuse what already exists. So they require no extra energy or resources to produce. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind statement you make.

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