Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

moss graffiti 03 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

When I think of big city life, I think of tall buildings, lots of noise and a ton of traffic. I certainly don’t think of green gardens or fields of flowers. As the song says, Green Acres is the place to be. When living the big city life, there isn’t much greenery to enjoy. Those who put up with an often cold, hard existence lose the peaceful feelings of calmer pastures. We also lose touch with animal and plant life — things that are important to have in our lives.

But thanks to Hungarian-born street artist Edina Tokodi, big city green is making an appearance. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Todoki has created a way for city-dwellers to enjoy both city life and the green normally found outside the urban atmosphere. Tokodi uses moss to create animal silhouettes and camouflage designs which can be touched as they touch the lives of those who look at and feel them — a subtle reminder for city dwellers of the importance of our environment.

moss graffiti 01 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

moss graffiti 02 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

Tokodi likes to see reactions to her art from people on the street. She feels that although her moss designs stem from memories of her childhood in Europe, this “street graffiti” has an even deeper meaning. Tokodi says, “If everyone had a garden of their own to cultivate, we would have a much more balanced relation to our territories.”

I would certainly rather see eco-graffiti on the sides of buildings and lining the streets of my city than the tasteless, ozone-killing spray painted variety.

Even without the deeper meaning, this is much more pleasant to the senses.

via Inhabitat

moss graffiti 04 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

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