Cassius | 15 Again

cassius 15 again Cassius | 15 Again

Review by A.D. Amorosi, BPM Magazine

Another French scabby-house duo (Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi, Hubert “Boom Bass” Blanc-Francard) and another trip through ’80s electro should be no big deal. But Cassius is ready to reshuffle the deck more than their Daft Punk brethren or their Justice bush league followers have of late—and not just because they’ve got Pharrell Williams crying and crooning through the genuinely scary track, “Eye Water.”

Cassius seem to be soulfully rethinking their robot groove to include even more flickering funk and decadent disco than their past allowed. There’s something gently nostalgic about the crisply ticklish Italian dance pop of “Toop Toop” and the Prince-like raspberry jam of “Rock Number One.”

Even some of the outside voices they employ—the heavy breathing Gladys Gambie, for one—is romantic and sweet. But it’s not just the soft stuff that makes this Cassius different than the last. It’s the hard stuff too; the something dashingly sharp and burly about the gnarly new wave of “This Song” or the acrid acid house crack of “Cactus.” Even the unnecessary cover of “Hi Water” sounds brass knuckled.

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