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Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

Here at G Living we really like mixing it up at a gas stations. Okay, I’m being a little facetious. BP Helios House is more than a gas station – it was the chosen location for the debut of Linda Loudermilk’s Spring 2008 collection, Windpower. Supermodel Kristi Hume and other long limbed lovelies pumped gas…I mean, strutted the catwalk…for a host of eco-fabulous celebrities including rumored guest Prince, although the super secretive star did manage to keep well out of the spotlight. How convenient.

When it comes to high-end green fashion, they don’t come any bigger or better than Linda Loudermilk. Linda introduced breakthrough fabrics like mud-dyed linen, vegan silk and milk cashmere. These were in addition to her staples like organic cotton, seaweed wood pulp and sasawashi (a Japanese leaf… don’t worry, I’m half Japanese and I had to look that one up).

lindaloudermilk002 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

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Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

Let’s face it: with a thick layer of negativity permeating the planet, we could all use a dose of positivity. Thankfully, we’ve got Re:volve working to create a better, more sustainable future.

The ethical clothing line debuted at LA’s uber trendy Fred Segal store late last year amid scores of flash bulbs and paparazzi. Socially conscious celebrities Amy Smart, Roger Cross and a camera-shy Anthony Kedis were among the supporters of this brand spanking new sustainable style endeavor from husband and wife design team Joe and Amy Tomlinson.

Parents of six, Joe and Amy were inspired by the lack of positive role models and positive images in pop culture. Rather than lament the status quo, they decided to get creative and do it to great effect.

gfashion reevolve 02 Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

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G Living Invades The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

G Living invades the NBC hit show The Office. Boise and Sarah find out the paper company does as little as possible to be green. In fact they are so bold they posted their do nothing policy on their office wall. So, Boise decides to take drastic action and leaves his business cards on the employees desk. Bold move!

Dunder Mifflins Official Company Policy:
Dunder Mifflin is committed to improving the environment. That’s why we plant a tree for each and every metric ton of paper that we ship. We look at it as an investment in the future because without trees, we have no paper and without paper, we have no business.


G/Style Promo

If you where wondering what the hell G/Style is all about, well wonder no more. We made a promo all about it.

The Real G! | Music Guest | Great Northern

Part 1

Part 2

On this edition of The Real G! Boise and Sarah talk to the up and coming hit writing band, Great Northern. They talk about their hit indie song, HOME and how they add little green touches to their lives.

(Links: Full Story about Great Northern)

The Real G! | Social Atelier, Awareness Through Fashion

39” 19” 33”. No, Pamela Anderson hasn’t had (another) rib taken out. These vital stats belong to another impossibly proportioned buxom blonde: Barbie. The slogan is just one of the straight-forward social messages of the new high-end T-shirt line, Social Atelier.

social atelier 02 The Real G! | Social Atelier, Awareness Through Fashion

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The Real G! | Fabulous At Any Age, Nature’s Way

A friend of mine once told me that you can get away with dressing like a tramp in L.A. as long as you had a nice watch, nice sunglasses and a nice car. Sound advice. Now add to that a nice face — and by nice, I mean young. Looking old in the City of Angels is plain unacceptable. This city is home to countless movies stars, models and celebrities whose very existence revolves around the superficial. They, in turn, are extensively documented in trashy magazines, trashy websites and trashy TV, which puts immense pressure on the rest of us unwitting trash addicts.

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The Real G! | The G/Super Star Maker Over, First Up Elizabeth Kucinich

Here at G Living we like to live on the darker cooler side of green. You know the Rock N Roll, modern, slick G/Designer clothing side of the green world. So when we decided to bring on some new personalities to help us cover world of G, we made sure to hook them up with a fresh organic make over and a suitcase of the best organic fashions on the planet. And to make sure we had only the best, we brought in a Green Fashion expert and our close friend Summer Bowen, the owner of BTC Elements an online Eco Fashion Boutique.

Our first G/Roving Correspondent is no other than, Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth Kucinich. Join Sarah and Elizabeth as they G/Up Elizabeths battered but faithful clothing from the campaign trail.

The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

I was so moved the first time I heard the effecting lyrics of MoZella’s “Killing Time” that I had to do an immediate internet search to find out more about this mystery singer/songwriter.

MoZella is one of the freshest and most interesting voices to emerge onto the music scene. A Detroit Native — and hello! Detroit rocks… maybe you’ve heard of The White Stripes, Kid Rock (yuck!) and Madonna, all from Detroit — she lives her life under the inspiring motto “I will”. I wish I had this much determination. I’m more of an “I might” person. MoZella has a truly unique voice, a combination of R&B soul inflections and blue collar white rock, all coming from a childhood steeped in the music of her hometown.

mozella 003 The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

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“G” Fashion | Eco Nouveau The Hot Forward Thinking Fashion Show

So, what can the green fashionista look forward to, fashionwise, in the spring/summer of 2008? If you were at Econouveau, a “collection of the most innovative eco-fashion designers in a non-traditional runway show crafted for an audience of 1,500 international press, buyers and eco-conscious celebrities and influencers”, this past weekend, you’d be in the know. But if you weren’t, don’t fret. G Living was there on your behalf.

In depth coverage is coming soon. But here’s a sneaky preview:

Los Angeles-based designer Amanda Shi kicked off the night with the latest offerings from Avita. The theme of her collection, Global Fairyland, featured a lot of pretty pastels, mini dresses, knits and florals — many of them made from her fave eco-fabric, organic cottons.

fashionshow eco 03 G Fashion | Eco Nouveau The Hot Forward Thinking Fashion Show

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Stewart + Brown | Organic Pioneers

There’s nothing like giving birth to inspire inflated ideas of one’s own creativity. It’s like, wow, I just created human life, what can’t I do? Er… well, a lot actually.

Luckily this wasn’t case for Karen Stewart and Howard Brown, whose ethical clothing brand Stewart + Brown was born, alongside baby Hazel, back in 2002.

Spying a hole in the fashion industry for high quality, stylish clothing with minimal impact on the planet, the couple decided to capitalize on their complementary skill set. Karen is a trained painter cum designer who had previously worked at Urban Outfitters and Patagonia. Howard is a graphic designer and brand development guru who also worked at Urban Outfitters as well as Microsoft, X Games and Anthropologie. Together, this husband and wife design duo have created a collection of flirty, functional and highly fashionable pieces.

stewarbrown fashion gliving 09 Stewart + Brown | Organic Pioneers

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