Getting Fit With Five Energizing Foods

trail mix banana chips coconut raisin Getting Fit With Five Energizing Foods

A lack of energy is a common complaint for many of us. It can hit hard in the afternoon — that no man’s land after lunch and before clocking out, which seems to stretch on forever. We’ve all reached for chocolate or another double espresso to get us through. Fitness experts would suggest exercise to fight flagging energy (but then again, that’s their solution for everything — nutters). But from experience, when you’re feeling tired, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym.

Which brings us back to food. What healthy dietary fixes are out there? Thankfully, that’sfit has complied a list of the five most energizing foods.

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Sex, Pain, Madness and One Lucky Duck

sarma melngailis 01 Sex, Pain, Madness and One Lucky Duck

Warning: This post is really long, and gets really personal, with lots of curse words, and is all very self-serving. But kind of entertaining, hopefully?

I just finished reading a book – yes, I’ve been reading lately. It was by the British chef Marco Pierre White, “Devil in the Kitchen – Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef”. It’s a good title… because who doesn’t want to read about sex? From a hot chef? And pain and madness? Well yes, that too. It’s inspiring to read about people who know what they want and go through a lot to get it. But pain and madness? Is that what it really takes to achieve greatness? Does everyone have to toil tirelessly, sacrifice health, get hurt, worn down, and knocked down over and over, feel pain, and teeter on the edge of madness? If so… I’m SO on the right track! YAY!

I’m being convinced, however, that maybe I can step away from that edge and still get where I’m going, and probably much faster. After all, I’m supposed to represent the brand – One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine, we’re all about raw food and feeling great. When I first went raw the contrast was amazing. So much of the time I felt like I could do anything – life was a dance party. As I pointed out in Raw Food Real World, it can feel a bit like being on ecstasy – maybe not quite, but still it’s amazing. It’s been four years now – did I get used to it and/or is it stress and pressure that just put a damper on it all? I want the dance party back!

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Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

rory freedman skinny bitch gliving 02 Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

My name is Rory Freedman, and I’m a food addict. There. I’ve said it. Granted, I’m half-kidding. But only half.

A few months ago, I started to feel a little under the weather. And that pretty much never happens to me because I generally take such good care of myself. But I had a few nights that I didn’t get enough sleep, and a couple of days that I didn’t eat well and I smooched a boy I later found out was sick. I’m not blaming him if I was in my usual healthy state, it wouldn’t have mattered. I take full responsibility for having a compromised immune system. (But I do have to say: What kind of an asshole kisses a girl without telling her he’s sick?! Douche bag. Blah, blah, blahI was sick. I didn’t want to take antibiotics; I haven’t taken them in forev. But my body was taking a long time to get well. So I made the decision then and there to do a juice fast. When we eat, our bodies’ energy goes to work on the food, breaking it down and sorting it all out. When we don’t eat, our bodies energy goes to work on us, getting around to all the shit it stored while we were eating. A juice fast would keep me nourished and satisfied, but would allow my body to tackle whatever that dirty boy infected me with.

So I picked a date to start the fast. And then I moved it back. And I set another date. And moved it back. And again and again and again. I always had a good reason: I’m gonna be in a seminar this weekend. I won’t have access to fresh-squeezed juices. I’m gonna have so many leftovers from Thanksgiving. And those are my favorite foods. I have too much food in my fridge. I can’t stand to waste. I came up with so many excuses, that finally my reason was, I’m all better now. I don’t need to fast anymore.

rory freedman skinny bitch gliving 03 Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

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Pomegranate Infused Vodka Spritzer

pomegranatespritzer Pomegranate Infused Vodka Spritzer

Pomegranates are the hotest new superfruit for cocktails. It used to be all about the cranberry — now pomegranate is the ‘It’ fruit showing up in everything from Pomegranate Martinis (Pometinis) to Pomegranate Champagne. Touted for their myriad of health benefits and high anti-oxidant levels, they also taste great in mixed drinks due to their sweet and tangy flavor. This drink is only lightly flavored with a hint of pomegranate and tangy lemon and sweetened with healthy low glycemic agave instead of a sugar syrup. Low on calories and sugar and high in anti-oxidants and infused natural vitamins, this drink is not only beautiful and festive but could save your waistline as well this holiday season. The deep red color of the pomegranate pops against the the clear liquid. You can also add a splash of pomegranate juice if you want a stronger pomegranate flavor and color. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer

grapespritzer Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer

Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer (raw)

Usually made with white wine , this grapefruit juice spritzer is a refreshing alternative for an early morning wake up call. Who wants to get buzzed first thing when they wake up anyways? Well, I’m sure you know someone–if you’re reading this any time before 10am though, it’s probably not you. I’ll bet it’s even great for hangovers, or even sipped in between cocktail glasses to prevent you from getting properly sloshed in the first place.

I love the accent of the fresh mint against the bubbly tang of the sour grapefruit and lime juice. I also prefer to use a natural sparkling mineral water, but you can use any sparkling water.

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Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

jalhummus Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

The abundance of organic peppers in season locally around here makes me want to start adding them to everything. In turn they help cool you down in the heat, which is why the hotter the climate, the hotter the food, usually. One of my favorites that I grab handfuls of at the farmer’s market is jalapenos. They have such a nice sharp green pepper flavor with just a hint of spice that seems to disappear seconds later. When you first take a bite of this hummus you think it’s going to get really hot, then it just sort of disappears. The ample amounts of lime and salt help soften the bite, and the fresh fragrant cilantro blends beautifully to mellow it out.

I love the accent of the fresh mint against the bubbly tang of the sour grapefruit and lime juice. I also prefer to use a natural sparkling mineral water, but you can use any sparkling water.

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Everybody Eats at One World

one world restaurant Everybody Eats at One World

In a country where commercialization and ever-expanding profits often triumph over basic necessities like food and health, it’s nice to find a world where human spirit and well-being still thrives… even in a place where separation of church and state is still… um… up for grabs.

I happened to stumble across such a place in Salt Lake City, One World Everybody Eats, where eating and building community have uniquely come together. An organization whose vision includes the elimination of both world hunger and waste in the food industry. Pretty “G”, if you ask me.

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Indoor Super Sprouting…We don’t need no fields!

spinich sprouts Indoor Super Sprouting…We don’t need no fields!
As more of us become aware about the large amount of nutrients found in very recently picked produce compared to the produce that is shipped for days over thousands of miles, indoor sprouting is becoming a common site in the kitchen of green foodies everywhere.
Why Sprout?

1. Keepin’ it fresh…

There is simply nothing fresher. Not only are sprouts still intact and alive, but they are FAR fresher than any organic produce bought in a grocery store…even a local farmer’s market. As soon as a plant is cut off from its life source (the roots), it begins to die. The beauty of eating sprouts is that they are usually eaten 10-15 minutes after harvesting, many times sooner. Think about it; even at a local farmer’s market, the produce you are buying has been harvested at the very earliest that morning, more likely the day before. That equates to hundreds of times longer than the freshly harvested sprouts. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Dark Chocolate Coconut Crust Tart

choctart Dark Chocolate Coconut Crust Tart

This Chocolate Tart is super rich and creamy. It is very firm and solid and yet melts in your mouth. It’s hard to tell there is no Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Is Gluten Like the Wicked Witch Of The West and Out To Get Me and My Little Doggy Too?

gluten free cookies Is Gluten Like the Wicked Witch Of The West and Out To Get Me and My Little Doggy Too?

It’s always possible there’s a corporate conspiracy at work, but all of a sudden it seems like everyone is avoiding gluten. And while the wheat industry may be stocking up on tissues, the rest of the food industry has forged ahead. If you look around, you’ll find the marketplace is flooded with thousands of gluten-free goodies — everything from gluten-free breads to gluten-free cake mix to gluten-free salad dressings. Retailers have dedicated entire sections of their stores to “gluten-free zones,” and according to the marketing research firm Packaged Facts, sales of gluten-free products have increased from $210 million in 2001 to just shy of $700 million in 2006. That’s a lot of not-gluten.

But here’s my question: why are we supposed to avoid gluten?

By definition, gluten is just a fancy name for a protein mixture found in wheat. It’s used very broadly in foods because it acts like a thickening agent or glue to help ingredients stick together (like in bread dough). Gluten occurs naturally in all forms of wheat, and can be found in trace elements in other grains like barley and rye due to the grains being processed on the same machines as their gluten-ridden counterparts. In the processed food world especially, gluten is ubiquitous: cereals, soups, ice cream, candy, pasta, pastries… McDonalds even admitted recently that their french fries had gluten in the flavoring.

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Great Uses For Salt (Other Than Margaritas)

salt crystals Great Uses For Salt (Other Than Margaritas)

Let’s face it: we all have a vice or two. Mine? I’m addicted to the white stuff. Those little white grains filled with the promise of livening up any…dish. Ha, ha — had you for a moment, right? I’m speaking of salt, silly. It’s true: my palate is on the salty side. I justify my sodium intake by only sprinkling organic sea salt or squirting Braggs on my salads or soups and avoiding processed food like the plague. But in any case, writing this article serves as a good reminder to cut back.

So, what should I do with all this leftover salt I won’t be consuming? Luckily, UK-based Hippyshopper complied a list 10 eco-friendly uses for salt. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Treat a bee sting. Having endured more the eight bee stings (I kid you not), I wish I’d known about this one earlier. You simply wet the sting and then cover the affected area with salt. Apparently it’s much more effective (and cheaper) than most over-the-counter remedies. Hope I never get the opportunity to try this one out.

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Warning | Your Home May Cause Cancer

non stick pan Warning | Your Home May Cause Cancer

When I came across “The Five Carcinogens That Lurk in Your Home” article while browsing Men’s Health Magazine, I must admit I was not happy. I usually avoid these types of stories like the plague. It’s never reassuring to find out that an aspect of your domestic routine (and one that’s existed for years) is not only unhealthy but downright dangerous. However in this case, ignorance is not bliss. It’s cancer. And cancer can come in many forms, as the article says: “sometimes it looks like a cigarette, other times sunburn. And then there are the times when you’re face-to-face with it and don’t even know it”. Scary stuff.

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