Stalk GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis ; )

sarma melngailis 02 Stalk GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis ; )

You know the type — eyes locked on their Blackberry or new iPhone and fingers ferociously going at it text messaging back and forth — oblivious to their surroundings. Twitter seems to be the new internet addiction for internet and SMS peeps following what their friends are doing or anyone on there they know.

The premise and question to keep answering is, “What are you doing?” It is like a quick real time journal summary of what you are doing throughout the day. Kind of an intimate peek into people’s lives to see what kind of things they do and to follow where they are at. GreenChef, Sarma Melngailis, owner of NY restaurant Pure Food and Wine, has been updating hers at least once a day. Sharing what she is eating and what’s going on in her day with messages like, “I’m on a fuji apple/green shake train. Been up for a while, but now just want to take a nap. Rainy in NYC. Actually, pouring.” You can follow her online or through your phone or IM. Maybe I’ll start reporting in too, just to see what is so addicting about it. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Candid Conversation with ‘Pure Food and Wine’ Owner Sarma Melngailis

purefoodwine 03 Candid Conversation with Pure Food and Wine Owner Sarma Melngailis

Jay Norris has a candid conversation with Gourmet Chef, Sarma Melngailis, from the New York Restaurant Pure Food and Wine when they first opened.

In this interview, Pure Food and Wine chef and proprietor, Sarma, talks openly about her own path to becoming a raw food chef and about opening the new restaurant in New York City.

Jay: You have been open how long?

Sarma: We opened June 17, 2004

Jay: This is my 3rd month coming to this splendid restaurant. I love it.

Sarma: I can’t wait for the Spring and kind of afraid. All of a sudden the restaurant becomes this animal that is so much harder to manage because we need a lot more staff. It’s hard to seat the garden. It’s hard because it’s drizzling or it’s beautiful all day long and so we take reservations and then it rains.

Jay: I can’t wait to see that. See, I missed it last time, I can’t wait. Matthew explained it to me.

Sarma: The garden is so pretty. We have these beautiful dark cherry red banquette cushions that go on the seats in the back and then we have these bright red cushions that go on the chairs. And so it’s really colorful out there. It’s like a dinning room, it’s not like your usual New York outdoor space where you are sitting on these hardwood chairs. It’s really pretty. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

I AM Luscious. Say it. Now try it on a stranger

i am luscious I AM Luscious. Say it. Now try it on a stranger

Cafe Gratitude in the New York Times. This looks so good! I can’t wait to go there next time I’m in San Fran, or when they open their cafes in LA. I can’t believe I missed it when I was there. I guess I can just settle for their new book right now that will be shipping in a few days, called I AM GRATEFUL. Yes, I AM Grateful! I am Luscious! I am Sensational! I am Loving! I am Inspired! I am too tired to think right now! Yes, I would have more to say but I must sleep….. I am sleeping! Enjoy the article! Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day Weekend!

(via: New York Times)

San Francisco

I AM Luscious. Say it. Now try it on a stranger.

Unable to bring myself to say those three little words to Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

India Arie Parties with Raw Chocolate!

ari001 India Arie Parties with Raw Chocolate!

I keep hearing about these raw chocolate parties everywhere now. Now 3 time Grammy nominated artist, India Arie said at The Roots Pre-Grammy 2007 Jam that she just went to one too. I have yet to go to one, although they sound wonderful. I love chocolate! I wonder if everything they serve at these parties includes chocolate in it, including all the drinks and all the food and deserts. Chocolate Martini anyone? India also said that her entire diet is Organic. Lots of recipes in GreenChefs feature raw chocolate in them. You can buy raw cacao nibs (cocoa) or powder online or at Whole Foods Markets.

Here is a little bit of information online on cacao and raw chocolate:


Cacao As A Superfood
Cacao beans contain over 300 chemically identifiable compounds making it one of the most complex food substances on Earth!

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Indulge in Sweet

cake1 Indulge in Sweet

OK, maybe you don’t have time anymore to order cute food packages like Sarma’s Valentine’s special. But there is still time to go to the store and make one of these luscious G Sweets for someone who you love, or like a lot! Try one of these delicious deserts:

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One Lucky Valentine!

luckyduck sale 01 One Lucky Valentine!

One Lucky Duck, Sarma’s Pure Food and Wine retail store, is having a special 2007 Raw Valentine’s Spectacular! It includes delicious indulgences like Pure Raw Chocolate Hearts, their famous Chocolate Macaroons, and yummy raw skincare products to lavish in. If you are in NY you can stop by at Pure Juice and Take-away, or you can order it to treat yourself to something extra nice. The raw chocolate hearts are too cute to pass up! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

DAGOBA Organic Chocolate | Frederick Schilling

frederick schilling DAGOBA Organic Chocolate | Frederick Schilling

As you know, I have a huge passion for organics and dark chocolate!

I found this interesting and very detailed interview with the founder of one of my favorite organic chocolate bar companies, DAGOBA. Frederick Schilling started the company in his kitchen, making the chocolates by hand for the first year and a half.

Here are some highlights of quotes from Frederick:

“From the beginning of my young adult life, I have been very passionate about sustainability and organics. I was already philosophically aligned with the organic movement before the inception of DAGOBA. So naturally, since I was exploring the idea of creating a food product for the market, it had to be organic.” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Fall is in the air…Concord Grapes

2060014296 6403f7a281 bjpg 599x400 Fall is in the air...Concord Grapes

The days and nights are slowly getting cooler. Soon the leaves will start to change colors for fall is in the air. This is also the time of year when Concord grapes will make an appearance in the stores, if you’re lucky. To me, the Concord grape is the king of all grapes. They are big, dark blue or purple, and are highly aromatic. Concord grapes have been known to reduce hypertension and the negative side effects of secondhand smoke. The purple little powerhouse can also safeguard your heart by lowering the levels of LDH (the bad cholesterol), keeping your arteries elastic and by reducing the clumping of platelets. Just a few reasons to try them, if the fabulous taste wasn’t enough.

This is the time of year I start to get homesick for Upstate New York, second largest producer of Concord grapes. I lived near the small town of Naples, famous for their grape pies. Every year a contest is held to see whos pie reigns supreme. Monica, of has probably won the most contests and has even been featured on The Food Network. You can order a pie online, or try your hand at making your own. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Juli Novotny of Kookie Karma Joins G Living

kookie karma monkie crack 02 Juli Novotny of Kookie Karma Joins G Living

Juli Novotny has joined G Living as a regular contributor to Green Chefs and our G Living Editorials. Juli will also be joining us on G Living Live in upcoming shows and demonstrating how she makes her famous raw cookies!

Juli Novotny is the Founder and President of Kookie Karma, my favorite raw food cookie. These healthy cookies are gaining popularity with health-conscious crowds. They are well stocked and in high demand at Whole Foods and many other organic food grocers. Some of the flavors include Cherry Cashew, Banana Bread, Lemon Fig, Carob Truffle and Granola Bar.

Juli started the company herself several years ago making the cookies with just a few flavors. She created the cookies from spending hours in her kitchen experimenting with raw ingredients. Now she has a team of 6 making them out of their own commercial kitchen with over 8 flavors and a new line of raw cereals and crackers. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Meat Without Murder Or A.K.A Frankenstein Food?

veggie burger1 Meat Without Murder Or A.K.A Frankenstein Food?

Would you eat a hamburger if it were made without killing a cow? Jason Matheny, a vegetarian and scientist at the Univerysity of Maryland in College Park, would, and he’s changing the way meat gets to the dinner table.

The technique involves a relatively painless process of removing muscle cells from a live animal through a thin needle, then letting the cells grow and divide in a sort of giant petri dish – a vat kept at the same temperature as the animal’s body and filled with glucose, amino acids and minerals. This nutritional soup is then poured onto large plastic sheets that are continually stretched to “exercise” the cells and keep them growing. After a few weeks, a millimeter-thick sheet of meat can be peeled off, rolled up and minced into hamburger. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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juliano Juliano

Juliano has a style all his own. He recently came out to Chicago to teach some classes at Karyn’s, our long standing raw restaurant. I’ve always been impressed with his food at his Santa Monica restaurant ‘Raw’, and so I was looking forward to picking up some new tricks.The best way to describe the class was chaotic. First off there were no handouts with the recipes printed out- heck, he didn’t even know what he was going to make until he was making it. He would start one dish, get distracted, start working on another dish halfway through the first, all while his assistant was working on yet a third dish. Every five seconds someone would ask what he had just put in one of the bowls which just made everything even more chaotic.

I was able to follow, but then again I’ve been at this a while. For a beginner, forget about it. This probably wouldn’t be the class for you. That being said, I did walk away with some new inspiration along with a splitting headache :). Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Organic Raw Chocolate Bars

Shazzie in the UK is selling her own handmade raw chocolate bars. If you love chocolate and you love raw food, you’ll want to check these out. Her first one she launched is called ‘Temptress‘ and is a rich dark chocolate with goji berries and a hint of rose. These are quite expensive though if you compare them to the prices of organic roasted chocolate bars. Of course everything in the UK always seems like it’s twice the cost compared to the US. Look for upcoming recipes on GreenChefs on how to make your own homemade raw chocolate bars, at home.

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