Where Oh Where Is Bite This

bite this brooklyn 05 Where Oh Where Is Bite This

I know what you are thinking…WHERE THE F HAVE YOU BEEN!!? I signed up for Bite This and have been waiting each day for my daily GreenChef inspirations!! Well, we’ve only been a week off…kinda :) At any rate, I wanted to keep you all in the loop of what has and is going on in my life. Our life actually… I shall explain…

As some of you may or may not know, I have gone through a majorly unexpected life change over these past 10 months. I filled for divorce, travelled from west to east, had an amazing foodie pilgrimage in Italy, VERY unexpectedly stumbled upon love with a certain Monkie who lived in the desert which then took me there and now, months later, we have settled in beautiful Brooklyn. Together. With our doggie Basil. Very happy. Some of you have come along this journey with me…reading my Italian blogs and now, Bite This…and I wanted to take this time to say thank you for reading and for your wonderful comments. They have meant soooo very much to me.

bite this brooklyn 11 Where Oh Where Is Bite This

And so, my life has shifted yet again from when I decided to start Bite This. I was in a state of transition and my only real focus was on nourishing my mind, body and soul with love and yummy food. I tend to do that. Cook a lot during those times. But now, I am in a completely different space. Literally! My point is that, with each passing day, my plate is getting fuller and fuller (yes, pun intended!) and the freedom that I used to have to write, to cook, to shoot a daily blog has changed. So I am here to let you all know that, the once ‘daily’ Bite This, will now become a weekly. This is my goal.

I would also like to change the way Bite This had originally started. I wanna put the word out to all you fabulous G peeps to say I want to Bite You! Ahem. I mean, I wanna be the facilitator in sharing your simple homemade recipes, local cafes/restaurants in your hood, organic products, farmers, stores, markets, basically anyone or anything that is conscious, sustainable, yummy, organic, local, healthy, fun, stylish, in other words “G” approved. Soooo submit your stuff to us and if we like it we will feature your post on Bite This each week!!

bite this brooklyn 07 Where Oh Where Is Bite This
bite this brooklyn 08 Where Oh Where Is Bite This

Oh and I guess this a good time to mention that the love I speak about just happens to be the Monkie who, not only has been taking all those wonderful food photographs for Bite This, he also happens to have started G Living as well…yes, I am talking about V Blak… I say this cause I got the inside scoop as to his likes and dislikes and so all I’m gonna say (in regards to your submissions) is that your pics have to look as slick as all those pretty pics on G living. If they don’t, no matter how fab it is, you ain’t gonna make the cut. What can I say, he’s a very visual guy….

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to seeing what you like to Bite…!

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I Am Feeling The Essence Of Italy In My Golden Cherry Tomato Arrabiata Pasta

aria alpert pasta dish california 10 I Am Feeling The Essence Of Italy In My Golden Cherry Tomato Arrabiata PastaPhotographer and Food Taster V Blak

I am in Cali, where the farmers market is booming with an abundant variety of amazing tomatoes. And, because of that, I always always seem to buy more than I can eat cause they all look so beautiful!!! So, if I don’t eat my luscious ripe tomatoes right away, I put them in the fridge to stay fresh but…ummmm…note to self: don’t forget about them!!! Huh. I know. My beautiful boxes of ripe golden red cherry tomatoes got pushed to the back of the fridge where I couldn’t see them clearly. Oh and I also found a bag of hot red chili’s from the farmer market too…hmmm….what to make…what to make…ohhhh, I know… a spicy Arrabiata Pasta sauce!!!!

Since coming back to the states from my Italian food adventures, I have been completely inspired to cook many incredible Italian dishes I experienced. Ahem…let me be specific…my newfound love for PASTA!!! Whole grain pasta, that is. I made the homemade pasta we learned at The Awaiting Table cooking school but it didn’t come out as perfectly as it did when we made it there, in Italy. Maybe it has something to do the all those wonderful minerals in the water…who knows…hopefully one of these days I will perfect it. It’s not that mine tasted bad, it’s just that it came out a bit thicker and chewier…in the meantime I am joyfully exploring the world of organic dry Italian pasta. Right now, I’m diggin’ Rustichella d’Abruzzo rigate di farro. It’s made from 100% farro flour, which is an unhybridized form of wheat that closely resembles spelt so any of you wheat sensitive peeps should find this ancient grain A-OK.

It’s a glorious end of summer kind of day with that wee bit of crispness of Fall in the gentle breeze, perfecto for an outdoor Italian pasta lunch! Yes, I was thinking the same thing; a special “friend” and some Italian wine is a must too! Either way, enjoy yaself!!! Ciao ciao….

About the photos, I know… I should have taken photos before we started eating. Next time I promise.

aria alpert pasta dish california 03 I Am Feeling The Essence Of Italy In My Golden Cherry Tomato Arrabiata Pasta

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G Living Presents Our GreenChefs Pilot Episode

greenchefs pilot episode G Living Presents Our GreenChefs Pilot Episode

We have decided to share with everyone, our pilot episode of GreenChefs. This is just a rough idea, what the show would be like. Hope everyone enjoys the show. Feed back is more than welcome and again, anyone out there interested in helping us take the shows to broadcast TV, please reach out and let us hear from you.

Recorded ‘as live’, Green Chefs is a plant-based cooking show like you’ve never seen before. Each 30 min episode features four incredible themed recipes to satisfy the palate and curiosity of any food lover. Set in the high-end designer kitchen of our Venice studios, three cameras cover every angle and each delectable close-up.

Join our G host, Sarah Backhouse, as she introduces us to the top chefs in green cuisine. Together they use the freshest and finest organic ingredients to create truly sumptuous plant-based dishes. With a splash of attitude and good measure rock n’ roll, our slick, glossy on-air look and feel will leave you wanting more. Green Chefs. Eat Green. Be Happy.

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Welcome To The Beautiful Foodie Dream World Of GreenChefs Golubka

Golubka introduction 01 Welcome To The Beautiful Foodie Dream World Of GreenChefs GolubkaPhotography Golubka

Golubka (“dove” from Russian) is a mother-daughter collaboration telling a story about a life revolving around fresh and delicious food. We started a blog to share our love for mindful cooking and eating, photography, and storytelling. The kitchen is the heart of our household, where all our days begin and end, with much laughing and experimenting.

A., the mom and mastermind behind many recipes on Golubka, found her way to raw foods through postpartum health problems that occurred after the birth of second daughter Paloma, now a two year old green smoothie fiend. After regaining her health, A. became fascinated with the idea of taking raw food preparation to an artistic level. With the help of M., the older daughter, Golubka was created.

We enjoy traveling and experiencing different cuisines. Our fondness for adventurous flavours is often reflected in our own cooking, with fearless combination of fresh ingredients.

Our day jobs have nothing to do with food preparation or styling, but we’d very much like that to change, and Golubka is a first step towards our dream.

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I Grew My First Pumpkin, Now Get Ready For A Raw Pumpkin Pie And The Best Damn Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie… Period

pumpkin recipes bonzai aphrodite 01 I Grew My First Pumpkin, Now Get Ready For A Raw Pumpkin Pie And The Best Damn Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie... Period

The pumpkin pictured below, Is that not the purtiest, most perfect pumpkin you’ve ever laid your eyes on?! Now I’m not normally one to brag, but I growed that big beauty up there and man, I am proud! It’s my first successful squash, my garden’s inaugural gourd. The primary pumpkin! And apparently when I get excited, I alliterate!

I was so enamored of this precious pumpkin. I knew I had to do it justice, to create something really special. Lucky for me, a pumpkin goes a long way! I spent the whole weekend carving, chopping, blending, juicing, and otherwise altering the darling orb into all manner of delightful delicacies. But first things first, the prep work:

The heavy melon was washed and halved, the innards removed. The seeds were cleaned and set aside for roasty toasty. From there, it’s a blank canvas . . .

pumpkin recipes bonzai aphrodite 02 I Grew My First Pumpkin, Now Get Ready For A Raw Pumpkin Pie And The Best Damn Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie... Period
Photographer: Sayward Rebhal

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Diary of a Juice-Fasting Skinny Bitch

rory freedman 01 Diary of a Juice Fasting Skinny Bitch

Day 1: I always say that the secret of success to healthy eating is being prepared. So I’m kicking myself right now. For months, I’ve known that this would be the week I did a juice fast. Clearly, I had ample time to prepare. And I did, to some degree. I spent the week prior eating exceptionally well. I drank a ton of water. I carefully plotted what I would eat so that my house would be nearly barren when day one arrived. What I neglected to do: get a juicer. And buy fruits and vegetables to juice. Duh. I had arranged with my neighbor to borrow his juicer.

But when I called to get it today, he was busy, so he said he’d drop it off later while I was at the gym. (We have keys to each other’s apartment.) So I went to the gym, had a great workout. Started talking to this cute guy. And before I knew it, it was like three o’clock, and I’d yet to have anything but water. The cute guy offered to buy me a juice (and to take me out to dinner). They had fresh squeezed orange and carrot juices on the menu. But they were out of oranges and carrots! Now, I was in trouble. I knew that by the time I walked home, got my car and went to Whole Foods, and got back with all my fruits and veggies, it would be at least an hour. Fuck! So not prepared. After grilling the poor juice girl, I settled on a smoothie. It was made with frozen mango and pineapple and water. It tasted good, but frozen fruit smoothies weren’t exactly what I was after when I decided to do my fast. I was a little disappointed in myself, but remembered this juice fast wasn’t about being perfect. But I vowed that from that point on, I’d be prepared. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Cone Happiness, Our Multi Purpose Mango Cones & Green Papaya Salad by GreenChefs Golubka

golubka mango cones green papaya salad 01 Cone Happiness, Our Multi Purpose Mango Cones & Green Papaya Salad by GreenChefs GolubkaPhotography Golubka

The idea behind this post is quite simple. During my childhood back home, street vendors sold all kinds of snacks in small paper cones – toasted sunflower seeds, berries, nuts, candy, and other homemade treats. The food varied depending on the season and the part of the country. The cone is an inexpensive, simple container that was usually rolled and filled right on the spot.

During recess at school, we would often run across the street to a small market and buy whichever snacks were sold that day. Then we would proceed to sit in the schoolyard with our paper cones, gossiping and munching away.

Inspired by those memories, we had the idea to serve salad in an edible cone, just like ice-cream. We wanted to create a cone that would reflect the colours and flavours of the salad and add a nice crunch to the overall effect.

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Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan

kingofcheese 01 Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan

Beneath the Williamsburg Bridge, just off the East River, multitudes of microbes are silently ripening a viscous concoction formulated by two Argentinean transplants. The contents of this mixture, and of the modest kitchen itself, are poised to transform the face of one of the most impassioned and rapidly-growing foodie cultures: vegans.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, in the deserts of Arabia, a nomad carrying milk in a sack made from sheep intestine produced the accidental first batch of cheese curds. Her movements agitated the amalgam of milk and intestinal enzymes and, under the hot sun, produced what we call cheese. Rennet (or Rennin), an enzyme that is a product of calf stomachs and sheep intestines is a key ingredient in typical cheeses – not only making most cheese undesirable for vegans, but also for vegetarians – many of whom imagine that cheese is somehow produced without harming animals. Some veal with your cheese?

They are pioneering a new cheese, and there is no reason that any food lover shouldn’t take them seriously

The world of vegan cheese-like-imitations usually consists of heavily processed soy products simply made to look like cheese at first glance – and never followed through by taste or texture. Some Vegan cheese-esque products are notorious among the adventurous, and tend to elicit the response “well it tastes ok if you cook it in something and add a ton of nutritional yeast, but never on its own”. Placing a block of vegan ‘cheese’ on a board among fruit and crackers would be considered heretical among cheese connoisseurs and self-aware vegans alike. “It Melts!” is usually the selling point for these rubbery replicas and even the long awaited ‘Scheese’, imported from Scotland is a yucky disappointment after months of anticipation by American dairy-abstainers. The only tolerable soy-based cheese is ‘Follow Your Heart’ Monterey Jack. Even still, none of these so-called cheeses even deserve the title ‘cheese’.

kingofcheese 03 Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan

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How To Make The Very Best Grilled Teriyaki Seitan From Scratch

grilled seitan teriyaki garden greens 01 How To Make The Very Best Grilled Teriyaki Seitan From ScratchPhotographer V Blak

What is seitan? Well, technically it’s made from flour (just the gluten part), so I guess it’s a type of bread or noodle, but mentally it fits into the meat category for me. I have been a vegan now for about 13 years, I don’t crave meat or anything, but I do crave the textures, the sauces and the spices used to flavor meats. That is where seitan comes in for me. It’s a good substitute for chicken or I guess even pork.

The only way to really get the most out of seitan is to make it yourself from scratch. Most store bought seitan, just plain sucks. It’s tasteless, shaped badly, has a rubber texture and just doesn’t look good. In 13 years, I have only seen a freshly made version once and it was sold at Whole Foods in the Venice / Santa Monica areal. So, if your going to make a seitan dish, please try this recipe out and make your own fresh seitan.

This recipe is so simple to make, even a monkie can do it. Plus it only takes about two hours to complete. I know, your saying, only two hours, that is a lot of time. Yes, it would be a chunk of time, if you only make one batch, that is why I make 2 to 3 batches at a time and save the steaks in the refrigerator to use throughout the week. Also, this recipe requires making your vegetable stock to simmer the seitan in, which gives the seitan it’s flavor. I normally save the stock and make a quick soup with it. So don’t toss it. After I made my seitan this week, I made a black bean vegetable soup with miso and soy sauce. It was great.

Here is what I love about this recipe. The final seitan steaks are juicy, warm, have a slightly crispy skin and are packed with flavor. The trick is after you simmer the seitan in the vegetable stock, you re-coat them in a olive oil and teriyaki sauce, salt, pepper and then grill them. This seals in the flavors and takes the steaks to a whole new level. Try it, I bet you like them. A word of warning, seitan isn’t the healthiest food option and since it’s pure gluten, some people might have issues with it. I am not one of those people :)

Let me know what you think.

grilled seitan teriyaki garden greens 05 How To Make The Very Best Grilled Teriyaki Seitan From Scratch
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May I Be Frank Documentary | Raw Food Powered Transformation 4 Years in the Making

may i be frank documentary by Ryland Engelhart May I Be Frank Documentary | Raw Food Powered Transformation 4 Years in the Making

Possibly an interesting documentary by our friends over at Café Gratitude. I have to be honest, I say possibly, because I haven’t seen it yet. I have only seen the trailer but the trailer alone made me want to post about it. I love when people turn their lives around and find happiness on the other side. Congratulations to Cary, Ryland, Conor and Gregg for bringing May I be Frank to life.

New York Times: “May I Be Frank,” by Cary Mosier, Ryland Engelhart, Conor Gaffney and Gregg Marks, at S.F. DocFest. This film came about by accident: when Frank Ferrante, a depressed and overweight New Yorker, ate at Café Gratitude, a feel-good vegan and raw food restaurant, he did not imagine the effect that meal would have on his life. But after Mr. Ferrante, a divorced drug addict with hepatitis C, declared to three young male managers at the restaurant that he wanted to fall in love again, they set out to change his life and took a camera along.

Over the course of 42 days, the Café Gratitude workers put Mr. Ferrante through a regimen of wheat grass, colonics and touchy-feely advice. The New Age jargon may put off some viewers, but Mr. Ferrante proves to be a compelling on-screen presence: at once honest and manipulative, hopeful and frustrating.

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Nutrition Is Not About Calories {food for thought}

twinkie diet rush limbaugh 27pounds 01 Nutrition Is Not About Calories {food for thought}

These past few days I have come across a few different stories that have touched me in some way or another and I would like to share them. Each totally unrelated yet also very related. They are about nutrition/food, of course but ALSO about finding our ‘purpose’ in this life!

The first is an article from the Washington Post: The new front in the culture wars: food
The next was the Rush Limbaugh show: See, I told you so: twinkie diet
And then, a David Wolfe vblog: Mission and Values {see below}
And finally, this wonderful indie film: The Human Experience {brililant}

All I mainly want to say about Rush’s Show is that I didn’t enjoy even one aspect of it. It gave me that icky feeling I talked about before – sort of a cynical, depressed mood about where we’re at on the food front in our society. Just an overall bad energy and vibe. But, on the other hand, Rush is correct when he conveys that calories in minus calories out is the equation for weight loss. Eating TONS of “health food” won’t necessarily result in weight loss. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. I went from a diet of basically smoothies and salads to no sugar/fruit diet and gained 5 lbs.

Many people associate weight loss with Health. It’s crucial to remember that optimal Health is more than just weight. This is the COMMON simple-minded way of looking at health. The twinkie diet? I mean come on. But, unfortunately, this mentality is not all that out of the ordinary when it comes to most of America. { oh and cholesterol is one of my FAVORITE topics that I will tackle later on.}

This leads me to the Washington Post article and it’s discussion about culture. I often talk about this idea: for our society to REALLY change its diet we would have to completely restructure the foundation of the culture and its value system. The article references the ‘elitist’ connotation that goes along with the idea of ORGANIC food and health food in general. We’ve already debunked this idea awhile ago – the truth is that eating organic healthy food can be affordable and is available to all classes. The reality is, you’d find WAY more people out on Black Friday spending their wads on flat screen TVs than you would on let’s call it Green Monday – a day when Farmer’s Markets were on every corner selling veggies at a discount.

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I Love My iPad! Now To Fill It With A Little Digital “G”

vegan recipe ebooks love them or hate them 011 I Love My iPad! Now To Fill It With A Little Digital “G”Photographer V Blak

Like any well behaved Flesh Monkie I follow my masters orders and when Master Steve Jobs told me to go out and buy his latest gadget, I didn’t ask why I just did it. I promptly strapped on my latex (nature) pants, pulled on hangman’s black latex hoody, and slid my feet into my favorite 6 inch faux leather KIZZ Boots. Okay, I am sorry that last part isn’t true. I don’t have faux leather KIZZ Boots. Now you know what to get me for xmas, just saying. Alright back to my story. After getting dressed I ran out the door, jumped onto my electric bike and headed to the nearest (only) Apple store to get my very own iPad. I am happy to report, it’s been true love ever since.

Yes, I have an iPad and I love it. But the ipad in itself isn’t really something to fall in love with. Yes, it’s slick, well made, cool to the touch, nice to look at and comes with some great basic apps. But to really fall in love with the iPad, you need to get busy adding some serious “G” digital stuff. What is “G” digital stuff? I am glad you asked. “G” digital stuff is defined as anything you can load on to your iPad which inspires you be “G’er”. You know…. eat greener, dwell in a cave, stop buying printed things, eating more greens, never leave your home, consume more G Living post, and of course digging up your yard and planting a espresso powered veggie garden. Your basic “G” lifestyle stuff.

To get you started on your own love affair with your new ipad (I know you have one, admit it), here are a few digital “G” finds you might want to tryout

For today lets start with Recipe eBooks and Apps.

The Photo Cookbook is an app taking the cookbook to a whole new level. This is my favorite food app so far, but sorry to say it has a limited Veggie recipe selection right now. Lets hope that changes as they new recipes. The Photo Cookbook is like a private cooking course in your own kitchen with an experienced cook, who clarifies the preparation. Beautiful photography, which is displayed in high resolution especially on your iPad, illustrates every step.

vegan recipe ebooks love them or hate them 03 I Love My iPad! Now To Fill It With A Little Digital “G”vegan recipe ebooks love them or hate them 04 I Love My iPad! Now To Fill It With A Little Digital “G” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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