Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V Blak

spicy cashew raw cheese 01a Double Down Spicy Cashew MMM Cheese Wonder Stuff By Amateur GreenChef V BlakPhotography V Ol Blakheart

Life is full of un-expected surprises. Some are good, some seem like they maybe bad and then there are those moments or events which just change everything. Well, that last one seems to keep happening to me again and again lately. First I found new dog love, when I rescued Basil my wonder boy from the Long Beach Harbor Shelter. Then without even knowing I was open to a relationship, someone new enters my life and shows me what true happiness looks like. And now, being inspired by her love for making recipes and some encouragement, I too caught the recipe making bug. I know, shocking, right. I bet everyone out there thought I was already making recipes a long long time ago, since I am the guy who runs greenchefs, right? Well, it is sad to say, I somehow thought it was beyond me. I admired all the GreenChefs and loved having them in the studio and I loved eating their creations, but I really never thought I would be any good at it. That is crazy thinking! The whole point of GreenChefs is to inspire everyone to get their asses into the kitchen to make good for you, amazing tasting dishes! Now I am proof that really anyone, I mean anyone can make these recipes and they will blow you away.

Now this week I have been left alone to fend for myself and I am happy to report, I am now on my 4th recipe, if you count this Cashew Cheese, and the Kale Chips with the Cashew Cheese on them as separate recipes. Yes, four down and 1000’s to go. I am now addicted and very very full. I may go from Mighty to Plumpy at this rate. Wow, especially with this cheese recipe. Oh man, I am in love. I have been a vegan for a long long time and cheese of any kind hasn’t really been on the menu, so this has been a treat. I discovered this Spicy Cashew Cheese recipe when my friend Juli Novonty sent me a care package of her Kookie Karma Kookies and some of her new products which included a bag of Spicy Cheese Kale Chips.. mmmm so good. When I decided to make a cheese sauce for a pasta dinner, I reached out to Juli and she hooked me up with the complete recipe, which I promptly posted for you guys on GreenChefs a few days ago.

Why am I posting about the Cashew Cheese again, just a few days later? Well, while I was elbow deep in making this Cheese in my Blendtec’s I started feeling my inner amateur GreenChef coming out and I decided to alter the recipe just a bit to bring out some additional flavors and to kick the spice level to something a Texan would think is hot. Well, not HOT but mmm spicy. My big additions are the garlic, dried chili flakes, and the fresh red chili peppers. And I used some of the water from the nut soaking to smooth the cheese out into more of a sauce I think. I have never seen Juli make this, so she may add some water too. Anyways.. WOW, I love it. I can’t stop eating it, which is a good thing, since I made a double batch. I made the pasta and I did Kale Chips, which I will post next week. And yes I ate them all (3 large heads of Kale). So good. Okay if you love rich, spicy, creamy, so good it will make your toes curl, this is a recipe for you and I know what I am talking about, remember, I have tried all the dishes by the visiting GreenChefs and this gives all those recipes a run for their money. If I can say so myself. Enjoy!

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Spread The Delicious Gorgeous GreenChef Promo Love

Its time to start spreading some promo love. Here is a promo for GreenChefs. Pass it along, or just repost it on your own site. The promo is a big hug from us to all of you… Okay I have no I idea what I am talking about, but hey, it sounded good. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

A New Sort Of Speakeasy: Kombucha Culture and Backroom Brewing

kombucha brewing sayward rebhal 01 A New Sort Of Speakeasy: Kombucha Culture and Backroom BrewingPhotographer: Sayward Rebhal

Lindsay Lohan was spotted swilling it, and soon everyone and their damned Chihuahua was talking about that strange, stinky tea called kombucha. But before you could say ‘fermented mucous blob’, the potion was pulled from the shelves of every Whole Foods and health food stores across the nation. Which means those of us who depend on it can no longer find our fix! What’s a jonesing little monkey to do?! Well, we’re taking it back prohibition-style: we’re cooking up our own ‘bathtub brew’.

Kombucha can be traced to the far east, as far back as 2,000 years ago. The fizzy fermented drink is all raw and claims bragging rights on a whole slew of healthful properties, including improved digestion, increased metabolism, regulated hunger/blood sugar, body detoxification, and immune system strength. The cordial itself contains active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and energizing B-vitamins. A little goes a long way, and a daily dose will leave you feeling great.

Oh, Miss Lohan, what have you done? The feds got frazzled over alcohol content and now the stuff’s on lockdown. BUT, if you can get your hands on just one bottle then you’re in good shape, because you can turn it into an everlasting supply. Really, it’s very simple.

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My Sensuous Italian Journey Is Now But A Memory | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

memories of italy Aria italian journey 01a My Sensuous Italian Journey Is Now But A Memory | Aria Alperts, Italian JournalsPhotographer: V Blak

As the saying goes, you have to repeat your actions, your issues, over and over and f-ing over again until you finally get IT. Until IT, the lesson, sinks into your being fully and completely and you have your AH HA moment. And it’s not until that moment of awakening you realize, all those moments before…the struggling…the suffering…was worth it. Was worth it because now you know. Now you FINALLY know what you want and what you don’t ever want to repeat again. And all those struggles, painful as they may be, make the awakening that much sweeter.

The ever changing, ever present, ever lasting obstacles of life deliciously presented to us all the time. Knocking on our doors to see if we see them, hear them and if so how we react to them. To see if we have changed, grown or need another repeating. And make sure you don’t get too comfortable in your accomplishments of conquering challenges cause the next challenge is right around the corner so you better be ready. Makes life interesting, though. Always exciting. Always shifting. That is, if you choose to see it. Explore it. Embrace it. I am doing just that these days. Have been really for the past 4 months. Embracing with fearless courage and excitement and sometimes patience (I’m working on that one…heee heee) my obstacle rich journey. Finally, interested in excavating why and how and what I do over and over and over again. And ultimately, realizing I have a choice if I want to continue doing what ever it is I choose to continue or not.

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Introducing The Creatively Inspired GreenChef Callie England

intro callalily england greenchef 04 Introducing The Creatively Inspired GreenChef Callie EnglandPhotography Callie England

With a real name like Callalily, most people assume I was born in a tree house and raised on tofu. Wrong. Instead, it was more like “bling bling, every time I come around yo city, bling bling, pink ring worth about fifty…” Yeah, you get the point. Saving the earth, not a priority.

That is, until I grew up and started thinking for myself.

My journey began with my health. Like quite a few health enthusiast, I was always battling something; hypothyroidism, anxiety, disordered eating, IBS, etc… Fed up with annoying doctors and expensive prescriptions, I decided to take a more holistic approach and alter my diet. Overtime, I slowly learned I was able to manage these things through food alone – and that, fascinated me. Screw self-medication, food was the answer to feeling great.

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Handcrafted Chocolate Bars By The Brooklyns Mast Brothers

Video by The Scout

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Yes I know I am repeating myself. When I see the words handcrafted pure chocolate bars, my mind just goes into this loop, like a scratched 45 (i am that old). I get stuck on the idea of that chocolate entering my mouth, melting slowly and sending me straight to… well I would say heaven but I am agnostic, so how about straight to a monkie moshpit.

Posted here on this page, is pure magic, chocolate magic. Yes, not one but two videos (second video after the jump) about the beloved Mast Brothers of Brooklyn New York. They own a little shop were they make some of the best chocolate on the planet. Pure, chocolate, from scratch, from the raw bean. The second video shows the actual process. Amazing. Enjoy….

The life of a mariner is one given over to wanderlust—the quest for adventure, crossing unseen horizons to secure precious goods—only to bring them back to their home port. This same love of adventure and curiosity defines the brotherhood of Rick and Michael Mast. They share a fiercely independent spirit, leaping into the unknown and trusting that they’ll find the answer through endurance and dedication to their craft. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

No, I’m Not A Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foodist, or… Anything-ist

sarma melngailis oneluckyduck i am not a vegan 01 No, Im Not A Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foodist, or... Anything istPhotographer Sarma Melngailis

My favorite quote on the issue of being vegetarian, or not.  Exactly why I don’t call myself a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, environmentalist, or anything-ist.

“I think that people have framed this conversation in absolutes. Either you are or you aren’t. The word vegetarian, I think, does a disservice because there are a lot of people who care but maybe don’t care, or can’t care in an ultimate way. If you think about environmentalism, nobody would ask, “Are you an environmentalist or not?” The question doesn’t make any sense. And the notion that the first time you drive in a car or fly in a plane that you should throw your hands up in the air and say, “Okay, well I give up. I’m not going to try at all anymore,” is crazy. If people thought about food more like how we think about the environment, a lot of people would be eating differently and the whole system would look a lot different.”

Jonathan Safran Foer, from an interview about his book Eating Animals, with Kiera Butler for To see the whole interview click here. To see his book on Amazon… here.

I get asked a lot if I’m vegetarian, or vegan. I don’t call myself or think of myself that way, even though I eat that way most of the time. Just not 100% of the time. And I don’t like rules. Some people are absolutist about it which is actually admirable, but it’s not what works for me. And I don’t think pushing absolutism onto others is what will change the world. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Just Who The Kale Is This GreenChef Marni Wasserman?

who is marni wasserman 01 Just Who The Kale Is This GreenChef Marni Wasserman?Photographer: Marni

Hello G World. I know you are wondering, just who the “kale” is this new GreenChef, right? Well if your not, you should be.  Really you should be, and here is why,  because I am not just your average, GreenChef, oh no, I am your average Nutritionist, Foodie, Yoga loving,  Canadian GreenChef.  See, completely different. But of course, the why’s dont stop there, no not even close.  I will start by telling you, I am honestly living my passion.  Yes my passion, called food. I am surrounded by this most precious element of life and I love it.

I grew up with a keen interest for anything that was related to “healthy” food. Whatever that meant – some of this included low fat yogurt, boxed granola and snack-well cookies but hey, at least I was trying!

This was the start of my path. I then ventured into the world of fitness and nutrition and very quickly became fascinated with the impact that food had on the body. I loved how what you ate affected everything you did, how you felt and how you looked. I wanted to help people make choices around food that would contribute to how they looked and felt everyday. So I went to school and became a certified nutritionist and started to do exactly that – and this made me very happy at the time – but it wasn’t enough.

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Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

0 Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

Pure Food and Wine, Sarma’s baby was featured on Infatuation TV. A New York City based site designed around the idea of a solid circle of friends telling each other where to grub down. Prepare to have some fun because I know I did watching this video. Every dish looks so good, they even break down how to make the Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Raw Lasagna, so get out your pens or head over to GreenChefs, we have that recipe. When oh when, will there be a Pure Food and Wine London, please someone tell me?

In episode two of Infatuation TV, Minneapolis Hip-Hop artist P.O.S visits Pure Food & Wine with Immaculate Infatuation and shows the world it’s possible to make a dope beat with what you find in the kitchen. Check P.O.S enjoying some raw food, learning how to make Pure’s famous Zucchini-and-Green-Zebra- Tomato Lasagna and performing a live version of his single “Optimist” in their kitchen. Check out more NYC restaurant reviews and original content at

Last Day Of Cooking School | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

lastdayofschool Aria italian journey 01 Last Day Of Cooking School | Aria Alperts, Italian JournalsPhotographer: Aria Alpert

Last day of cooking school. If I was rocking more sleep (4 hrs last night) these days I would be feeling a bit better but I have not been able to get my beauty sleep this past week. And I am not one to have trouble sleeping soundly. Normally I am out like a light within minutes from my head touching that pillow. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case here. It must be a combination of the haunted B&B I am staying at, the fact that the air conditioning unit in my room is right above my bed so the condensation from the heat f-ing drips on my head when I finally do fall asleep waking my ass back up, the insane amount of mosquito bites all around my right angle, the espressos (yes that is plural!), eating late and drinking like a f-ing alky. Ha! I wouldn’t change a thing though. It’s been wonderfully imbalanced and oh so wonderfully perfect. It’s important to shake things up a bit.

And so today we, of course, are ending this glorious week with a….FISH LUNCH! Oh yeah. Bring back those ‘shit’ eaters. I’m ready…Huh.

We go to the fish market and get the fish. Sticky. Fish markets are very very very stinky! But Silverstro reassures me that the fish were just caught and killed within the hour. ‘Great’, I say with a smile, ‘I’m gonna wait outside’.

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Authentic Italian Cooking In Lecce | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

Aria italian journey cooking school 03 Authentic Italian Cooking In Lecce | Aria Alperts, Italian JournalsPhotographer: Aria Alpert

If ever you have dreamed, as I have, about doing what I am doing, I could not recommend this school enough. I have begun my delightfully authentic incredibly charming cooking school here in Lecce, which is named with utter perfection, The Awaiting Table.

First you must, read all about them on their website and then, if the school moves you as much as it did me, get your ass on a plane and come here. It’s time. If not now, when. This has been my motto as of late and that is exactly why I am here. Happy and beautifully blissed out in Italia!

Silverstro, the charming creator and chef and wine extraordinaire, welcomed me with the open arms of an old friend I haven’t seen in years because he decided to move to Italy. He’s passionate and fun and loves, not only a lot of amazing food and incredible wine, but also his authentic appreciation for the Italian culture is contagious and I find myself feeling like a local, integrated into this lovely town of Lecce.
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The Kind Life & Chowing Down Vegan Style In The NYC, By Alicia Silverstone

0 The Kind Life & Chowing Down Vegan Style In The NYC, By Alicia Silverstone

So, I am out trying to expand my horizons today. No, not in the real world, but online, I did a spin around the other green sites, which I haven’t done in a long while. I have to tell you, I am pretty burned out on the standard green re-hash news headline sites. You know what I mean. Protest this, be upset about that.. so on. I lived that, believe me. I am over it. Now I just want to do things. Hands on, get down and start living. But yes, I am going off track, as usual. Like I was saying, I was out looking around online just to see what the usual suspects are posting about now, when I came across something new. A site by Alicia Silverstone. A newish site called The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone. I don’t know how long the site has been around, but I have to tell you, I was surprised to see it. The site is a bit like a vegan spin off of GOOP, by Gwyneth Paltrow. Not as polished but you can feel the same vibe going on.

She gets into all of her own “G” lifestyle things. Everything from her vegan dogs, to her new vegan recipe book, eco home decor and on and on. Yes, she is trying to sell you something, her book, but I think the site is about more than that. She seems to be pretty cool, down to Earth and definitely living an amazing “G” life. About the recipe book, I haven’t seen it yet, but I did watch the behind the scene video from the photo shoot and that looked pretty good. I will have to put her book on my list. She even took the time to make the video I have posted above. In the video she takes us all along for a spin around the hottest vegan food spots in New York City. Some of the places she goes too, I never even heard of. It’s been that long since I have been back to NYC.

(after the jump, video of Alicia explaining what the site is all about)

alicia silverstone thekinddiet 02 The Kind Life & Chowing Down Vegan Style In The NYC, By Alicia Silverstone Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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