Ten Best Foods for the Raw Food Traveler

rawfood travel 01 Ten Best Foods for the Raw Food Traveler

You’re keeping your nutritional needs met in good shape at home now that you’ve worked out a diet that includes all the elements required for good health. You’ve also found the best stores and online sites where you can find them, and you’ve become pretty expert at preparing them, even the sprouts that play such an important role in balancing your nutritional requirements. However, you’re hitting the road now, and you don’t want to waver from your raw-foods diet. Also, you don’t want to jeopardize your health because you might not be able to obtain the nutritional elements your body needs. Following are ten foods to take with you so you can be sure to stay healthy.

1. Bee Pollen: Bee pollen packs a load of nutrition in a small package. Pollen can provide the following nutritional support when you’re traveling:

  • Assure that your diet includes all major nutritional components.
  • Improve physical and intellectual output.
  • Strengthen resistance to disease.
  • Heal disorders such as those in the gastrointestinal system, glands, and vital organs.
  • Restore equilibrium to all bodily functions.
  • Cleanse by eliminating sludge and waste materials.
  • If you’ve never eaten bee pollen before, test it out for sensitivity. If you’re extremely sensitive to bee stings, you may have a reaction when it gets into your system. Try just a small amount and be prepared to take an antihistamine in case you do get a strong reaction and go to the emergency room if you find yourself in respiratory distress. If you don’t have a reaction, try a little more the next day, increasing how much you’re getting up to a teaspoonful. If you haven’t reacted after five days, you are probably not going to have a problem with it.

    rawfood travel 02 Ten Best Foods for the Raw Food Traveler

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    Fresh Blueberries Please | Just Don’t Air Freight Them

    blueberries 03 Fresh Blueberries Please | Just Don’t Air Freight Them

    Munching apples from New Zealand, indulging in some Chilean grapes or devouring Turkish dried apricots has become a guilty pleasure for many Americans. In fact, according to government agencies, 80% of all seafood and 45% of all fresh fruit consumed in the U.S. is imported — which is terrible, right? All those carbon-generating food miles doing untold damage to the environment?

    Well, what if I said you may not need to hide your imported blueberries at the bottom of your Whole Foods basket anymore?

    According to researchers in the UK, food miles are just part of the picture. And at a conference on the economics of food, Chris Foster of the Manchester Business School presented some important ideas with evidence to support it. He explained that “the biggest environmental impact of many food products came from their production. Bulk transport by land or sea was of low significance.” He went further, suggesting that governments “critically unpick the ‘local food’ agenda.”

    How does Foster justify his claims? By pointing out that local food production and distribution — which uses a lot vans and cars — misses out on the benefits of economies of scale. Think about it. The CO2 emitted by one big truck carrying produce to a U.S. supermarket is less than that from 60 different cars and vans delivering food to a local farmers market. Yikes!

    blueberries 01 Fresh Blueberries Please | Just Don’t Air Freight Them

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    My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

    basil juicing life 11 My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

    Just like the title of the site says, I am a dark twisted green juice guzzling Monkie or at least that is my goal. Right now I have the dark and twisted thing down. I have been a vegan for about 12 years and in all that time, I have never really taken my health into consideration. I am a burn the candle at both ends kind of guy. I don’t know how to not be extreme. I am famous for confusing work as living. As soon as my eyes crack open in the morning, I start my long 12, 24 or 96 hour shift. Yes, for years I did 96 hours straight, with just naps and truck loads of espresso to keep my body going. So you know my blood is all out of wack and way on the acid side. Maybe not as bad as the average pillow butt American, but pretty bad. No offense to you Pillow butts out there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I eat pretty healthy, I am a vegan, you wont find any McAnything stuck in my intestines, but I don’t eat with health in mind. My diet has been increasing over the years towards raw organic whole foods, such as salads and farmer market veggies. But I still eat a good amount of cooked items, such as asian noodles, frozen corn and worst of all bags of organic corn chips. I just crave chips, salsa and guacamole. I guess my years in Texas has altered my DNA, causing my cells to scream for anything remotely mexican foodish. For some reason I just love them in a sad food bingeing bag inhaling stomach aching way. You know what I mean. You think you want to eat them, but half way through the bag, they turn on you and form a concrete lump within your stomach.

    basil juicing life 09 My New Life as a Juicer | Part One, Fitness and Tools of the Trade

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    Processed People, You Really Are What You Eat

    processedfoods Processed People, You Really Are What You Eat

    Lets all come clean here, for most of us, eating processed foods is a way of life. Practically from day one, we are fed something which has made it’s way through the factory food shaping machines. For most of us, it started innocently enough with our baby formula and then spontaneously moves on to weekly happy meals, which we chase down with gallons of Coke Cola. It’s so universally excepted, we never think twice about it and that is always when something goes wrong. When we stop asking questions and just take what is given us. This is what the new documentary Processed People is all about. The film takes an in-depth look at the history of the industry and the health crisis it has produced in billions of people around the world.

    Some of the shocking facts from the film: Two hundred million Americans are overweight and 100 million are obese. More than 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. 24 million people are diabetic. Heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death for men and women, followed by stroke and obesity-related cancers. Obesity has overtaken tobacco as the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Over 50% of bankruptcies are caused by what has become known as “medical debt.”

    Processed People features interviews from nine preeminent health and environmental experts/advocates. They discuss how and why Americans got into this mess, and what we can do to break the “processed people” cycle. You see more about the film and even buy a dvd at the movies site, processedpeople.com

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    Whole Food Marathon Fueling And Making Your Own Raw Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

    brendan brazier training thrive diet 01 Whole Food Marathon Fueling And Making Your Own Raw Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

    Photographer: G Monkie (CC)

    As you are probably aware, commercial versions of many sport nutrition products are not always the healthiest option. Commonly packed with artificial flavours, refined carbohydrates, denatured proteins and sometimes even harmful fats, I certainly don’t want to consume anything that doesn’t put overall health first.While some commercial options are not as bad as they once were, I like to know exactly what goes into mine and keep them completely natural.

    I make my own.

    Whole food energy bars, sport drinks, energy gels, energy pudding, post-workout recovery drink, whole food meal replacement smoothies and even performance pancakes are all part of my specific sport nutrition program.

    Immediately before exercise

    The body’s first choice for fuel during intense exercise is simple carbohydrates. However, once the body has burned all the simple carbohydrates available, it will then opt for available complex carbohydrates. It’s in the athlete’s best interest to ensure that the body is provided with enough simple carbohydrates to fuel activity so that complex carbohydrates are not relied upon. If the body has to resort to burning complex carbohydrates while exercising at a high intensity, it will have to use extra energy in order to convert the complex carbs into simple carbs. Additionally, if too much protein is eaten before intense exercise, it will likely cause muscle cramping due to the fact that it requires more fluid to be metabolized than carbohydrate or fat does.

    Also, protein is not what you want your body burning for fuel. Protein is for rebuilding muscle post-activity, not fuelling it. When too much protein is consumed in place of carbohydrates immediately before exercise — and therefore burned as fuel — it burns “dirty,” meaning that toxins are created as a result of its combustion. The production and elimination of toxins is of course a stress on the body, and as such causes a stress response. Ultimately endurance will decline.

    brendan brazier training thrive diet 02 Whole Food Marathon Fueling And Making Your Own Raw Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

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    The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

    strawberries 01 The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

    I remember going strawberry picking with my dad, sister and my brother when we were young in New Zealand. It was always a real treat when my dad said to us that we could eat as many as we like while picking the strawberries at the strawberry farm. The most beautiful part for me now is the smell. The smell of strawberries always takes me back to my childhood. It always has a refreshing spring smell and look. Besides these qualities, strawberries have the following benefits:

    *Strawberries are bright shiny red heart shaped fruits with a sweet fragrance. There are over 600 varieties of strawberries that belong to the genus Fragaria and family Rosaceae that vary in size, flavor, color and shape.

    *The cultivated varieties are large while the wild varieties are generally smaller in size. Wild strawberries have a more intense flavor than cultivated varieties.

    *They are soft, plump and succulent with a sweetish sour taste. Ripe strawberries give out a very sweet aroma.

    *The size varies from 2 cm to 5 cm in length. Color varies from bright red to deep pink, to deep orange depending on the variety. Shape varies from large heart shaped to elongated and pointy to small roundish to oval shapes.
    Some have are sweeter while others are more sour, but overall they are more sour than sweet.

    *The bright red shiny outer skin has numerous yellow specks on it, which are actually the seeds, and strawberry is actually a cluster of these tiny fruits. And the edible ‘fruit’ part of strawberry is a false fruit, meaning it is not grown from the ovaries like the other fruits, but the fleshy part that holds the ovaries.

    strawberries 02 The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

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    Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

    vessel one tea kettle 01 Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

    If you love design in your life, you just might fall in love with this simple high tech water kettle.

    Vessel the company who makes this kettle, which they are calling ONE, made a design and function choice to skip the standard steam whistle on most stove top kettles and go with a visual indicator. This is the interesting part. The visual indicator is just freaking hot. Images appear to bleed into the white surface as it heats up. Images like Space Invader Ships, Hello Kitty, and others.

    But they didn’t stop there, the kettle also cuts out the middle man. You can go directly from the stove to the table and to the cup. Detail photos after the jump.

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    G To-Go Series / Utensils Solutions

    g togo sigg cutlery 01 G To Go Series / Utensils Solutions

    If you’re at all into Swiss Army Tools, there’s no way you can pass up this slick stainless steel all in one cutlery set by SIGG. It comes with it’s own cute little nylon pouch and belt loop. Hey, the Swiss know what they’re doing ok! This is Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

    GreenChef Matthew Kenney G Living Interview

    matthew kenney interview green chef 01 GreenChef Matthew Kenney G Living Interview

    Photographer: G Monkie

    It’s 4:30 in the morning and I just finished watching a version of the movie 1984 (The Love of Big Brother) by director Michael Radford, which I had never seen. The film, which is based on George Orwells novel 1984, came out ironically enough, in … 1984. I was only 16 at the time, and I somehow missed it. I guess the big brains here in Hollywood, thought this was a nice bit of marketing genius and a scary look backwards at what could have been, if the world had actually gone Red. We would all be living in a world which required us to chant things like “We love big brother” and “Drill Baby Drill”. The population would have also freely given up their personal rights to keep themselves safe from the Axis of Evil in East Asia. And of course we would trust completely in our leader the decider! Good thing that never happened.

    I am only bringing this up because for years I have owned both the DVD of the film 1984 and a CD by the Eurythmics called 1984. The CD’s 9 songs are based on the book and have been hardwired in my mind as sort of a personal soundtrack, along with songs by the Clash of course. In all this time, I had no clue why the music was never part of the film. The music in the film is this dull grey sounding stuff which it turns out the director wanted and the financiers didn’t. The company funding the movie turned out to be the Virgin Group and I guess they got their way for the theater release and the director got his way for the DVD. So for all these years, I had no idea a Eurythmics version of the film even existed. Kind of strange, since in the book, the main theme is about not knowing what existed or what will be. The government had total control of all memories, by constantly altering the history of what was. I have always thought that was spooky and a little too close to reality, because who is to say we really know what happened at any given time. Our only knowledge is what we are told. For the most part, we have very little first hand knowledge of any major events in the world that happen during our lives.

    matthew kenney interview green chef 041 GreenChef Matthew Kenney G Living Interview

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    G To-Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

    g togo lunchbox container 01 G To Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

    With all this talk about what foods are best to transport and portable to eat on the go, there is still the question left of what to transport those foods in. Throw away containers like plastic disposable tupperware and plastic bags, disposable utensils etc. are not the most sustainable options, even if they are recycled or made of corn. Ideal is to find the best quality and G designed reusable containers and bags. So nothing gets thrown away, except for the organic food scraps unless you’re a lucky bastard and have a compost pile to toss them in.

    So anyways, on the search for the best to-go ware products, I found a ton of stuff. I had no idea there were so many cool options out there. There is a solution for everything apparently, you just have to search for it. A lot of sites had all kinds of great bags and boxes and bottles etc. but this one I found was dedicated to nothing but this stuff and had the most variety and options available. In this 3 part series I’ll highlight some of the ones that caught my eye the most. Of course you can just go directly to their site as well and browse around to see what you like. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

    Valentine Red Rose Petal Martini

    red rose petal martini 001 Valentine Red Rose Petal Martini

    This is a Pure Martini Red Rose Petal Fusion that I demonstrated on Fox 29 “Good Morning Show” in Philly for Valentine’s Day. The reduction process occurs overnight. Which is “Herve This” method. Also, I use ZYR Vodka because after trial and error with other Vodka’s I found the Rose Petal fusion actually promotes the flavor of the vodka . Which is exactly what these fusions are designed for to promote the spirit not to cover-up or overwhelm the the flavor of the spirit. ZYR Vodka also goes through a 9 step distillation process which makes ZYR the most pure vodka I have found on the market.
    – Stephan Gary

    Red Rose Petal Martini
    (by Stephen Gary, Artisan Molecular Mixologist)

    For the Red Rose Fusion Design

    3 cups Distilled Water

    3 Red Roses with petal removed. Trim any top edges of rose which tends to add bitterness

    15 ea. Red Cherries with pits removed. Cut in Half

    1 pinch of Fresh Basil. Equals about 1 leaf

    1/2 TBSP of Fresh Agave nectar

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    Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

    Don’t be jealous! Ever since I watched a green-haired Todd Oldham on “House of Style” back in the nineties, I knew that I had to get crafty with him one day. So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, Todd and I got together at his downtown NYC studio to show you how to make some heart-shaped gifts that come from the heart. We both agree that this holiday is all about affordable, DIY craftiness.

    From his features in ReadyMade & Dwell, to crafting Amy Sedaris’ interactive vaginal diagram on the Chelsea Lately Show, and with a line of vases for FTD, a classic menswear-inspired carpet collection, and design book series called Place Space, Todd is a royal of the creative world. To top that, he is a photographer, filmmaker, interior designer, fashion designer, and can see through walls …well, maybe not the last part.

    todd oldham heart cake Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

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