Handcrafted Chocolate Bars By The Brooklyns Mast Brothers

Video by The Scout

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Yes I know I am repeating myself. When I see the words handcrafted pure chocolate bars, my mind just goes into this loop, like a scratched 45 (i am that old). I get stuck on the idea of that chocolate entering my mouth, melting slowly and sending me straight to… well I would say heaven but I am agnostic, so how about straight to a monkie moshpit.

Posted here on this page, is pure magic, chocolate magic. Yes, not one but two videos (second video after the jump) about the beloved Mast Brothers of Brooklyn New York. They own a little shop were they make some of the best chocolate on the planet. Pure, chocolate, from scratch, from the raw bean. The second video shows the actual process. Amazing. Enjoy….

The life of a mariner is one given over to wanderlust—the quest for adventure, crossing unseen horizons to secure precious goods—only to bring them back to their home port. This same love of adventure and curiosity defines the brotherhood of Rick and Michael Mast. They share a fiercely independent spirit, leaping into the unknown and trusting that they’ll find the answer through endurance and dedication to their craft. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Smoothie Bowl by GreenChef Marni Wasserman

smoothie bowl marni wasserman 01 Smoothie Bowl by GreenChef Marni WassermanPhotographer Marni Wasserman

I love to eat my smoothies with a spoon. I make them thick enough to pour into bowl so that I can top them with granola. To me this is heaven, the best way to have a bowl of granola and a smoothie all in one.

You may think that there is no real trick to making a smoothie that tastes like pudding. Well I beg to differ. To make a REALLY smooth and consistent smoothie, it takes some practice or just knowing what to pair together. You have to use the right ingredients in perfect amounts – to get that creamy consistency, texture and flavour. You can use more or less frozen fruit to make it thicker or less thick. Oh and of course you need a good blender, that can make or break the deal alone!

I have definitely made and had bad smoothies in the past. There is nothing worse than a watered down smoothie or one that just doesn’t have that mouth feel that you crave even when you’ve finished your smoothie. That’s what happens to me, I always want more even when it’s all gone. I truly can’t get enough of smoothies! They give me energy, fill me up and make me so happy! I get excited every time I make a new one, honest! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

No, I’m Not A Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foodist, or… Anything-ist

sarma melngailis oneluckyduck i am not a vegan 01 No, Im Not A Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foodist, or... Anything istPhotographer Sarma Melngailis

My favorite quote on the issue of being vegetarian, or not.  Exactly why I don’t call myself a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, environmentalist, or anything-ist.

“I think that people have framed this conversation in absolutes. Either you are or you aren’t. The word vegetarian, I think, does a disservice because there are a lot of people who care but maybe don’t care, or can’t care in an ultimate way. If you think about environmentalism, nobody would ask, “Are you an environmentalist or not?” The question doesn’t make any sense. And the notion that the first time you drive in a car or fly in a plane that you should throw your hands up in the air and say, “Okay, well I give up. I’m not going to try at all anymore,” is crazy. If people thought about food more like how we think about the environment, a lot of people would be eating differently and the whole system would look a lot different.”

Jonathan Safran Foer, from an interview about his book Eating Animals, with Kiera Butler for motherjones.com. To see the whole interview click here. To see his book on Amazon… here.

I get asked a lot if I’m vegetarian, or vegan. I don’t call myself or think of myself that way, even though I eat that way most of the time. Just not 100% of the time. And I don’t like rules. Some people are absolutist about it which is actually admirable, but it’s not what works for me. And I don’t think pushing absolutism onto others is what will change the world. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Just Who The Kale Is This GreenChef Marni Wasserman?

who is marni wasserman 01 Just Who The Kale Is This GreenChef Marni Wasserman?Photographer: Marni

Hello G World. I know you are wondering, just who the “kale” is this new GreenChef, right? Well if your not, you should be.  Really you should be, and here is why,  because I am not just your average, GreenChef, oh no, I am your average Nutritionist, Foodie, Yoga loving,  Canadian GreenChef.  See, completely different. But of course, the why’s dont stop there, no not even close.  I will start by telling you, I am honestly living my passion.  Yes my passion, called food. I am surrounded by this most precious element of life and I love it.

I grew up with a keen interest for anything that was related to “healthy” food. Whatever that meant – some of this included low fat yogurt, boxed granola and snack-well cookies but hey, at least I was trying!

This was the start of my path. I then ventured into the world of fitness and nutrition and very quickly became fascinated with the impact that food had on the body. I loved how what you ate affected everything you did, how you felt and how you looked. I wanted to help people make choices around food that would contribute to how they looked and felt everyday. So I went to school and became a certified nutritionist and started to do exactly that – and this made me very happy at the time – but it wasn’t enough.

who is marni wasserman 03 Just Who The Kale Is This GreenChef Marni Wasserman? Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Simple & Sweet Summertime Apricot Torte By GreenChef Barbara

summertime apricot torte greenchef barbara radojlovic 01 The Simple & Sweet Summertime Apricot Torte By GreenChef BarbaraPhotographer Barbara Radojlovic

So I’m thinking.., “I deserve a treat…a cake….and a big one too.” Food is my biggest reward. My admiration and desire for colors and tastes is too great and impossible to neglect. I have no doubt that if I were to give up gourmet foods, the resulting hunger would spiral me into an irreversible depression. This is why I take culinary moments, especially involving cake, and turn them into physical and emotional celebrations.

Browsing through my memory on what used to be my priorities in life and comparing them to my current lifestyle, I quickly find even more reasons for celebration. My life used to be all about getting the right job, surrounding myself with successful people and being at every important event there was. Despite being successful in all of the above endeavors I found myself driving with my car back home thinking, “Why do I still feel so empty?”. My curious and somewhat stubborn personality wouldn’t rest until I fully explored the questions of what would truly make me happy. It took some time but I found the answers, all of those being in healthy lifestyle with vegan and raw foods. Despite being where I am right now, I still believe my youth was necessary for me to grow and looking back I would have not changed a thing. However, searching for happiness in nightlife, clubbing and attaching importance to ego-based matters did not fulfill my needs for internal happiness. It certainly gave me a focus on myself which prompted me to explore my needs in great depth. This doesn’t mean I became isolated, it just means I now know how to take time for myself and truly spend it in peace and tranquility. I learned how to appreciate nature, observe and enjoy the scents of cherries, mangoes, peaches, apricots, passion fruit and all other wonderful fruits of nature. They empower me to feel youthful, confident, wholly and most importantly they keep me healthy. I now take time when driving with my car to observe nature, fields of greens, valleys of grasses which calms me and leaves me with feeling of content and allows me to see the true essence of nature’s beauty. With my passion for healthy vegan and raw food I have touched and changed some people’s lives, as well as my own. I spend a good portion of time in day thinking about new gourmet – stylish looking recipes that would bring intrigue and interest in people’s lives so they would too join me on the journey of the eco and animal friendly lifestyle of healthy foods.

summertime apricot torte greenchef barbara radojlovic 02 The Simple & Sweet Summertime Apricot Torte By GreenChef Barbara Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

0 Pure Food & Wine Featured on Infatuation TV

Pure Food and Wine, Sarma’s baby was featured on Infatuation TV. A New York City based site designed around the idea of a solid circle of friends telling each other where to grub down. Prepare to have some fun because I know I did watching this video. Every dish looks so good, they even break down how to make the Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Raw Lasagna, so get out your pens or head over to GreenChefs, we have that recipe. When oh when, will there be a Pure Food and Wine London, please someone tell me?

In episode two of Infatuation TV, Minneapolis Hip-Hop artist P.O.S visits Pure Food & Wine with Immaculate Infatuation and shows the world it’s possible to make a dope beat with what you find in the kitchen. Check P.O.S enjoying some raw food, learning how to make Pure’s famous Zucchini-and-Green-Zebra- Tomato Lasagna and performing a live version of his single “Optimist” in their kitchen. Check out more NYC restaurant reviews and original content at immaculateinfatuation.com

Last Day Of Cooking School | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

lastdayofschool Aria italian journey 01 Last Day Of Cooking School | Aria Alperts, Italian JournalsPhotographer: Aria Alpert

Last day of cooking school. If I was rocking more sleep (4 hrs last night) these days I would be feeling a bit better but I have not been able to get my beauty sleep this past week. And I am not one to have trouble sleeping soundly. Normally I am out like a light within minutes from my head touching that pillow. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case here. It must be a combination of the haunted B&B I am staying at, the fact that the air conditioning unit in my room is right above my bed so the condensation from the heat f-ing drips on my head when I finally do fall asleep waking my ass back up, the insane amount of mosquito bites all around my right angle, the espressos (yes that is plural!), eating late and drinking like a f-ing alky. Ha! I wouldn’t change a thing though. It’s been wonderfully imbalanced and oh so wonderfully perfect. It’s important to shake things up a bit.

And so today we, of course, are ending this glorious week with a….FISH LUNCH! Oh yeah. Bring back those ‘shit’ eaters. I’m ready…Huh.

We go to the fish market and get the fish. Sticky. Fish markets are very very very stinky! But Silverstro reassures me that the fish were just caught and killed within the hour. ‘Great’, I say with a smile, ‘I’m gonna wait outside’.

lastdayofschool Aria italian journey 02 Last Day Of Cooking School | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Chilled Cream of Beet Soup by GreenChef Julie Morris

beetsoup juliemorris 01 Chilled Cream of Beet Soup by GreenChef Julie Morris

Sweet beets combine with creamy avocados for this alluring, satisfying, and not to mention stunningly-colored soup.

Serves 4

For the Soup

4 Medium beets

1 Avocado, chopped

1 Lime, juiced

2 Cups water

3 Tbsp hemp seeds

1 Tbsp ground coriander

¼ tsp sea salt

Fresh cilantro leaves & black pepper for garnish (optional)

1. Roast: Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Trim the beets and remove stems and end. Individually wrap each beet in tin foil. Roast for 1 hour and allow to cool completely. Using a paper towel, rub off the beet skins. Chop coarsely.
2. Blend: Place the beets, avocado, lime juice, water, hemp seeds, coriander and sea salt in a blender. Blend until completely smooth.
3. Chill: Place soup into refrigerator, and allow to chill for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Serve: Pour into serving bowls and sprinkle with cilantro and black pepper if desired.

Healthy benefits: vegan, gluten-free, cholesterol-free

GreenChef David Anderson | French Apple Tart

Today’s GreenChef’s video features L.A. based GreenChef David Anderson. He joins us again to make a traditional French Apple Tart. David specializes in a traditional French Menu, with a vegan twist. He is the owner/ chef of Madeleine Bistro, which was voted as one of the best eats in L.A.

Chef David and Boise take us all along for this caramelized pie journey. Yes you will need to pull out your flame torch, but beyond that, this is a simple quick recipe which may just become your favorite pie for the holidays. (recipe and photos after the jump)

tartsmoking GreenChef David Anderson | French Apple Tart Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

0 Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

Who knew Vegnews now is producing recipe videos. Well maybe you guys did, but it was a surprise to me, so I am posting one very cute video by Chloe Cascarelli. Who turns out to be the Food Networks winner of the Cupcake Wars. Yeah me too, I have no idea what that is. She whips up two quick, vegan dessert recipes for this past 4th of July. The first one is a Berry Cobbler, made with Strawberries and Blueberries. The second one is a Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich.

All of us here are big fans of VegNews Magazine, so head over there or pickup the latest issue at Whole Foods.

Via Vegnews

chloe coscarelli berry cobbler 01 Vegan Treats By Chloe Cascarelli for VegNews

Authentic Italian Cooking In Lecce | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

Aria italian journey cooking school 03 Authentic Italian Cooking In Lecce | Aria Alperts, Italian JournalsPhotographer: Aria Alpert

If ever you have dreamed, as I have, about doing what I am doing, I could not recommend this school enough. I have begun my delightfully authentic incredibly charming cooking school here in Lecce, which is named with utter perfection, The Awaiting Table.

First you must, read all about them on their website awaitingtable.com and then, if the school moves you as much as it did me, get your ass on a plane and come here. It’s time. If not now, when. This has been my motto as of late and that is exactly why I am here. Happy and beautifully blissed out in Italia!

Silverstro, the charming creator and chef and wine extraordinaire, welcomed me with the open arms of an old friend I haven’t seen in years because he decided to move to Italy. He’s passionate and fun and loves, not only a lot of amazing food and incredible wine, but also his authentic appreciation for the Italian culture is contagious and I find myself feeling like a local, integrated into this lovely town of Lecce.
Aria italian journey cooking school 04 Authentic Italian Cooking In Lecce | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Sun Seed Nori Rolls In The Raw By GreenChef Marni Wasserman

raw nori greenchef marni wasserman 01 Sun Seed Nori Rolls In The Raw By GreenChef Marni Wasserman

I have never been one for sushi. I mean the l kind with white rice and raw fish. I won’t go into all the reasons why. To me, a real nori roll is one that is filled with veggies, kept raw and full of colour. It is one of my favourite things to eat. It is so simple to prepare and makes an amazing snack, lunch or dinner. I don’t know about you, but I like things full – by that I mean complete. I love my food bursting with flavour, colour and texture and there has to be more than one ingredient in my rolls – no matter what. How boring is “kappa maki” – just cucumber all alone in that roll. So sad. There are an abundance of other amazing veggies that would give anything to be inside a luscious roll of nori goodness.

So the key to raw nori making is to use raw nori sheets. It doesn’t work if you buy the toasted kind. So make sure to buy it raw. Then for the filling, you can go crazy with anything from sprouted quinoa, to chopped jicama (an incredible root veggie from Mexico), to shredded cauliflower. But I went on a totally new tangent. I soaked and sprouted some sunflower seeds and almonds– which are loaded with healthy fats and nutty texture. Then I blended them into my version of a mock tuna salad. I threw in some fresh herbs from my garden like dill, oregano and sage, added some dulse (a sea veggie – to give it that true vegan “sea” taste) and other condiments to just make it burst with unique flavour.

Once you spread that on your raw nori sheet, you are good to go and add loads of veggies. I would start with carrots, beets, cucumber, spinach, mango sprouts, avocado. This is a pretty good start and will fill your rolls rather nicely. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised how delicious and filling these are. Take them to your next party or just enjoy them on your own – they don’t even need to be dipped! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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