Tim VanOrden Pro Vegan Raw Mountain Runner

0 Tim VanOrden Pro Vegan Raw Mountain Runner

Tim VanOrden was a Triathlete as a teenager and had to give up his sport and passion when he was 18, due to injuries and exercise induced asthma. Tim sits down with G Living’s host, Boise Thomas, for an exclusive interview explaining how at the age of 38 he healed all of his past injuries and his asthma and is back running, now up mountains beating his own past records. With more energy and endurance then he’s ever had in his life, Tim is racing against people half his age and training for the U.S. Olympic team in 2008. His secret? Raw food.

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The Thrive Diet Book Coming Soon – Pre Orders Now

thrive diet book brendan brazier The Thrive Diet Book Coming Soon   Pre Orders Now

My new book called the Thrive Diet will be published in Canada in March by Penguin Canada. It will be published in the US in October. However, it may now be pre-ordered on Amazon.ca

In the book I make the case that excess stress is the root cause for most all disease, cravings, poor sleep quality, fatigue, signs of premature aging and even obesity. Its reduction can have a profound affect on vitality as a whole. Eating mostly raw plant-based whole foods in place of standard refined ones can help reduce biological workload and therefore decrease stress and its debilitating affects.

It’s classified as a “diet” book, but is really a lifestyle program. It includes 75 balanced whole food, plant-based recipes as well as recipes for sport drinks, energy gels and post exercise recovery smoothies.

Unlike most “diet” books the Thrive Diet includes a chapter that addresses the huge environmental strain of food production and delivery. In fact, food production and its transportation is the number-one draw on fossil fuel, more so than any other industry. Therefore it is the greatest contributor to artificial global warming. “The Thrive Diet for a Healthy Environment” chapter explains how we can significantly reduce our personal appetite for fossil fuel by shifting to a plant-based diet. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Fuel for the Road

brendan brazier coolguy Fuel for the Road Photographer: G Monkie (CC), The Thrive Diet was created by Brendan Brazier

I just got back home to Vancouver from 3 ½ weeks on the road. One week in Toronto and 2 ½ in LA. It was a great trip. During my time in Toronto I spoke at the Holistic World Expo. Held at the convention center, as expected it produced a good turn out. Then, on to Anaheim for the official US launch of VEGA. Expo West is the largest natural products expo in the world, held in Anaheim each year. The rest of the trip was spent in the LA area, visiting friends, working on projects and helping to get VEGA established. I did a few demos at Erewhon, a large well-know health food store in LA. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Sorry For The Blogging Hiatus, I Am Back to Blogging

brendan brazier t shirt 01 Sorry For The Blogging Hiatus, I Am Back to Blogging

Photographer: G Monkie (CC)

As you may have noticed I took a bit of a hiatus from Bloging. Busy times. But, now I’m back! Really.

The last few months have been spent finishing up my book, The Thrive Diet. It launches in Canada on March 24th. As far as the US and UK, those publishing rights are being shopped around by my Canadian publisher, Penguin. Once I know US and UK launch dates, I’ll pass them on.

The Thieve Diet “place holder” site is now up. www.thrivediet.com. Full version to come in March.

Over the course of my next few entries, I’ll provide specific details for each of my talks and appearances. For now, here’s a rough guide:

2007 is shaping up to be a busy, perhaps even monumental year. Not just for me but for G Living and the “G” movement in general. For us all.

For me, it starts with the event that will launch my Canadian book tour in Montreal. I’ll be speaking at Youth Action: A YOUTH SUMMIT ON CLIMATE CHANGE. The Thrive Diet includes a chapter called The Thrive Diet and a Healthy Environment. It details the connection that food, its production, processing and delivery has to the environment. It explains how The Thrive Diet (a plant-based one) is environmentally superior to animal-product-rich ones. Since the food business and industries directly linked to it use more energy, and therefore oil, than any other industry, switching to a plant-based diet is the greatest thing each of us as individuals can do to help slow global warning. This is what my talk will be about. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Latest events

November started with the New York City Marathon. I wasn’t able to run it, unfortunately, since I tried to enter about four months ago and it had already sold out. However, we did have a Vega booth at the Health and Fitness Expo. It spanned three days and saw 70, 000 plus visitors, many of which came by the Vega booth.

It was there that I met Adam Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief of The Final Sprint, an on-line endurance sport magazine. He wrote-up Vega.

While in NYC I was able to eat at Pure Food and Wine one evening. It’s an up-scale raw restaurant that really must be experienced. It was amazing. I had eaten dessert there once before, but this time I had a full meal. In fact it was the first sit-down meal that I had eaten in about two months. Normally I just graze and keep moving, but this was a good reason to stop and take in some really special food. Sarma is the chef. She also has an excellent line of raw products that can be found on-line or in some Whole Foods Markets on the East coast.

Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Quality Makes A Difference

One of the most common questions I get asked is about the ability to maintain strength and muscle tissue once eating a plant-based diet. Following is a typical question and my response. I’ve recently switched to a plant-based diet am having trouble maintaining muscle mass even though I am constantly eating. What’s wrong?

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, we are inundated with nutrient-lacking foods. Consumed mostly for convenience sake, processed and refined foods have led us to a decline in health and have elevated medical costs. Having to consume more of them to “fill up” due to their absence of usable nutrients, yet high sugar and calorie counts, we have become an obese, energy-depleted society. Back a few years in my more conventional-thinking days, I would try to gauge my caloric intake requirements based on my activity level and body weight. Eating about 8000 calories on heavy training days, as determined by my calculations, I would usually need a rest day soon after. I realize now, a large part of my need for the extra rest day was not just to recover from the energy expended during training, but primarily from the energy expended digesting all that food!
Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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I Am Taking One Month Break from The Road…

brendan brazier running 01 I Am Taking One Month Break from The Road...

Photographer: G Monkie (CC)

I’m back to Vancouver for the summer, it’s nice to be home. My focus up until September will be finishing my new book. It will be based on the theory of THRIVE, but will be a full-scale diet book to compete with The Zone, GI Diet, South Beach Diet, etc. It will include 75 recipes and a 12-week meal plan. It will be published in March of 2007 by Penguin. The title will be The THRIVE Diet; the subtitle has yet to be determined.

In September I’ll be back on tour. I have rough dates now, but will confirm them later.

I’ll be speaking at the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s food fair at 3pm on September 9th and 10th. I’ll then have speaking dates in the Ottawa area as well as Montreal and Quebec City. From there I’ll be speaking at events in the San Francisco area including World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park on September 30th. From there I’ll be attending a large natural food trade show in Baltimore called Expo East, then will speak at events in the New England area. Like I say, I’ll get back to you with the details.

In the mean time, here’s an article about raw food, a topic I’m being asked more and more frequently.

Raw food article
As a society, we are inundated with an abundance of nutrient deficient foods. Eaten primarily for convenience, processed and refined foods have resulted in an overall decline in health and elevated medical costs. Processed foods are usually high in refined carbohydrates and calories yet we have to consume so much more of them to fill up due to their absence of usable nutrients.

Due to our insatiable desire for quick, convenient energy on the go, our streets are crammed with coffee, donut, and fast food establishments. This solves the convenience problem and does provide a short term energy solution through stimulation. However, it offers nothing to curb the payment that the body will inevitably endure if this route is regularly taken. Consumption of stimulating, nutrient deficient food can only occur for so long before the body becomes either exhausted or sick and where the body goes, the mind is sure to follow. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Brendan Brazier Advise | Considerations When Selecting Protein Sources

brendan brazier sea weed 02 Brendan Brazier Advise | Considerations When Selecting Protein Sources

This weekend I’ve been attending the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Expo West in Vancouver. It’s the largest health food trade show in Western Canada. I’ve been at the Vega booth, talking with Canadian health food store owners and visiting with friends.

As promised, here are some factors I take into account when selection protein sources. I used these principals when formulation Vega, but off course anyone can apply them.
By synergistically combining protein sources, I found that my ability to recover dramatically improved. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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