The RawReform 5-Day Juice Plan for Detox and Weight Loss

juice feast carrots 01 The RawReform 5 Day Juice Plan for Detox and Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a simple, practical way to spring-clean your system, how about trying a 5-day juice FEAST? Taking a break from solid foods and instead fueling your body on only fresh, raw, nutrient-rich juices is a great way to cleanse. The body gets a rest from digesting and can use that energy instead to clear out old accumulated waste. You will also be getting a break from any refined sugars, processed starches, animal products, other cooked foods or stimulants you may normally ingest. This makes a HUGE difference for most people. You’ll lose weight, feel lighter and cleaner and best of all, can use this break as a spring-board into a healthier lifestyle afterwards.

Fasting vs. FEAST-ing

Juice fasting has a very long history as a detox method, but can seem intimidating and inaccessible to many, who may fear feeling ‘deprived’. Indeed, while juice fasting, people often consume very small amounts of calories and end up feeling weak, dizzy and fatigued. It’s just not that practical for anyone living a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. That’s where juice FEAST-ing is different. Juice feasting is about getting all the calories you need in a day (e.g. 1500 for an average woman) directly from juices. You still lose weight and detox, as your body has space to work on things other than digesting solid foods, but there is no feeling of ‘lack’. It is a fast, effective and highly beneficial way to cleanse, rehydrate, alkalise and re-build your body.

juice feast apple celery1 The RawReform 5 Day Juice Plan for Detox and Weight Loss

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Juice Feasting | 92 Days of Nothing but Juice

angela stokes 01 Juice Feasting | 92 Days of Nothing but Juice

(Re-featured - Angele Stokes Amazing Courage and Spirit For Positive Change – Posted in 2007)

They say that fiber is a big key to a healthy diet, and it’s true, fiber is very important.However, sometimes it’s the lack of fiber that helps cleanse and flush out the toxins and access fat. And I’m not talking about a fast food diet of white bread and coke. Rather it is a unique nutritional approach that is similar to a fast accept that you are giving your body all the same calories and nutrition it needs, just minus the fiber. Angela Stokes calls it a Juice Feast Diet, and she has just come off of doing the diet for 92 days. For the past 3 months, Angela has not consumed a single piece of solid food or fiber. Her diet consisted of 1500 calories a day of vegetable and fruit juices, water, coconut water and some oils. Angela Stokes, prior to going on this juice diet, had been on an all raw diet for several years. Before she went on the raw diet she weighed 279 lbs. After going on the diet she got down to 138lbs. She lost 18 lbs. after the 92 days.

Here is a video blog of Angela on the day she broke her 92 day juice fast explaining what her amazing experience and transformation was like and what is like to eat a piece of solid food again after so long.

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Snow Running In Cleats Demonstrated By Green Juice Guzzling Super G Athlete Tim VanOrden

Story by G Monkie

Our super G athlete friend Tim VanOrden (the running raw guy) could be described as obsessive, energetic, and extremely dedicated. But I would say the best description would be “Giver”. Yes Tim can’t help himself, he gives and then goes out and gives some more. Here’s an example, Tim doesn’t just worry about getting himself psyched about tackling a difficult run in the fridgid snowy woods of Vermont. Nooo, not Tim, he is also worried about your two fat storage tubes you call legs. Yes, I mean you, sitting there in front of your computer. He wants to help you become a snow running, raw food chomping, super “G” athlete too. So, what does Tim do? He figured out how to bring all of us along with him. Yes, some how packing all of us into his pocket ($10 Jacket), he heads out to the snow packed trails and begins to entertain and teach us a thing or two about how fun and good for us, running really is. Even in a snow covered wonderland like Vermont.

So, I want to thank Tim, personally for hauling all of us along, I have been enjoying the rides.

In this Running Raw video, Tim teaches us the value of a good pair of cheap ($4) snow cleats which fit on your running shoes. Plus, he clues us in on just how beneficial cross country skiing really is. So, get your right hand on your mouse and your left hand around a green smoothy and click play. Tim is about to whip us out and teach us a lesson.

tim vanorden snow running Snow Running In Cleats  Demonstrated By Green Juice Guzzling Super G Athlete Tim VanOrden

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A My Way Feature | Lori Painter

myway lori painter A My Way Feature | Lori Painter

A featured post

This week’s My Way feature comes to us from health and wellness practitioner Lori Painter. Lori is the author of the very educational and extremely entertaining blog, Inspire 2 Act. In addition to her health enthusiasm, Lori is passionate about the eco living, working out and raising her two lovely kids, Alex and Megan. Lori and her family live in Southern California.

My Way: Lori Painter

Just my luck that Dhrumil asked my to be featured in “My Way” when it is winter, rainy and cold (which is rare) in Southern California. It only makes eating 100% raw more of a challenge. However, instead of eating totally raw, I have decided in the winter months to focus on hydration, greens and eating fruits and veggies versus too many gourmet recipes. I’m still working on using food to feed my emotional needs. Since I belong to an organic produce buying club, my meals tend to be very simple and repetitive. It depends on what is in season. Each week it is a little different. This is how I do things My Way.


Off to the gym to earn my breakfast. I shower from the inside out in the sauna and visualize my dream day! Today’s menu consists of simple monofoods: breakfast is 2 apples and a banana, Lunch is a green salad with an avocado based dressing. I am sure to get my daily 4 quarts of water in too. I check online messages and correspond accordingly, watch some YouTube subscriptions and post a little twitter. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

rawmodel weightloss muscle gain before after 04 The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

Photographer: Ron Cadiz

You sometimes must experience what you are not in order to become what you are.

This was a while ago for me, but I remember it well. I struggled immensely with emotional eating. I was living alone, my family was 1500 miles away, and I was in a long distance relationship. That, and the fact that I allowed my diet to exclude me from most social situations left me pretty solitary for many, many months. Sometimes it would just be too much, and I would start to stuff the emotions with junk food. This would make me tired, and so I would cease going to the gym as well. Double negative.

The pictures below were from September 06. I had a bad spell, which lasted about 3 weeks. My body couldn’t handle the barrage at all. I slipped into a mild depression.

Everyone has a breaking point though. I gained about 15 lbs, and that was enough for me.

rawmodel weightloss muscle gain before after 01 The Raw Models 43 Day Full Body Transformation

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Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

mike adams interview Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

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Our guest today is Mike Adams. Mike is the founder of Truth Publishing, The Consumer Wellness Center and the very popular, Natural News.

Through the vehicle of web and the honesty of his heart, Mike has built a following of millions of health enthusiasts online.

Today we talk to Mike about how his health journey started, the evolution of his online community, his latest hip hop project and his upcoming Health Revolutions Tour. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Toxic Body And Your Defense

skin 01 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

With the possible exception of David Beckham, I reckon we all have issues with our bodies. But extra poundage, thinning hair and wrinkles around the eyes seem like small potatoes compared to what researchers call the “Body Burden”.

Even those with little or no known exposure to industrial chemicals may be surprised to learn that their bodies are potentially contaminated with dangerous compounds they never thought possible. The San Francisco Chronicle cites the case of the president/founder of an environmental research institute who, after giving blood and urine samples, found his body “polluted with 101 industrial toxins and penetrated by elevated levels of arsenic and mercury”.

But his is not an isolated case. In the study of nine seemingly healthy people, led by New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the Environmental Working Group and the nonprofit health and environmental research institute Commonweal, “researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals” in the bodies of people who neither work with chemicals nor live near a facility that produces them.

Several of the compounds found in the study were known to cause cancer, birth defects, abnormal human development and damage to the brain and nervous system. The findings were best summed up by a woman who participated in the study: regardless of how safe you imagine your personal environment to be, “we all live in the same chemical neighborhood.”

skin 02 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

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A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

fitness model 01 A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

Photographer: (cc)

If you live in a country that has four seasons, you have probably realized that your body goes through major changes during these transitions. In winter you probably crave more fatty foods and in spring you probably crave lighter foods such as salads and fruits. During this change, a reduced intake of fats alters the body metabolism and allows the cleansing organs like the liver and the kidneys to do their job. When you eat less, these cleansing organs are able to perform their cleansing tasks very well due to a decrease in the consumption of fats and the organs are free to flush out the harmful toxins like pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and preservatives from our body. A non-detoxified fatter body is prone to constipation, anemia, diarrhea, depression, hormonal imbalances and the worst of them all: a weak immune system.

A detoxified body is free from harmful toxins and leads to fat-burning and a reduction in the body weight which is a prerequisite for a healthier and a longer life. Winter is a season of laziness and slumber, spring is the time when nature becomes active. Therefore, it is also a time for the body to become more dynamic and expel the accumulated waste. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Laughter Yoga | Laugh Your Way To Health and Happiness

laughing yoga Laughter Yoga | Laugh Your Way To Health and Happiness

Courtesy of Yoga Journal

As I lie on a wooden floor stretched out in Savasana, my mind is calm after an hour of vigorous exercise and deep breathing. The people around me are still and the room is quiet, save for the sounds of slow, gentle inhalation and exhalation. It could be the final moments of any yoga class. But then the man next to me suddenly lets out a thunderous guffaw. Across the room, a woman giggles in response. Soon the entire room is alive with sound — chortles and chuckles, hearty laughs and howling hoots.

The whole evening has been filled with such eruptions of laughter, some spontaneous, some scripted. In fact, Madan Kataria, the leader of this class, has promised to make us all laugh harder, more deeply, and more fully than we’ve ever laughed before.

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MOOD | There’s a reason why it rhymes with FOOD

sarma mood MOOD | Theres a reason why it rhymes with FOOD

Look back at Sarma’s Jan 2008 Post

SO January 1st, back to reality, the day that so many of us out there (probably mostly girls too) swear that we’re going to be ‘good’ and loose that stubborn 5 to 10 pounds, or whatever it is. How hard can it be? Eat less, exercise more? The problem is, it’s not about that. It’s all wrapped up in personal history, emotion and mood, with a big wad of anxiety tossed in.

When I made the rather sudden switch to raw foods, the shift in my relationship with food that came with it felt like a huge relief. I was a typical over-achieving girl in high-school and college (loooong time ago!) who turned to ‘disorderly’ eating as a distraction from the real issues that otherwise would have been bothersome to have to dwell on. Better to beat myself up over something else, of course! But now this was the first time in my life that food in fact became something more meaningful, but in a good way… it’s not just about me anymore, and my own loopy obsessions and tastes, it’s also about the future… hopefully a sustainable one. For the first time, eating to feel good became the focus… an idea that seems obvious, yet most of us don’t get it. Eat crap = feel like crap. Eat fruit = feel fresh and yummy. Eat chemicals = get weird diseases. Eat natural = be naturally healthy, like we’re supposed to be. Eat raw = live long. And feel happy. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

diet coke killing people Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

In my ongoing attempt to live a cleaner life, I’ve managed to drop several unhealthy habits from my behavior (and no, I’m not listing them for you). But the one thing I can’t seem to shake is the diet soda. There’s something about that ice cold metallic taste that has me hooked.

But now there’s hope, as scare tactics are usually effective. New findings from researchers (via an article in the New York Times) says that diet soda is thought to cause metabolic syndrome. Sounds scary, but what does that mean exactly? It means your body might have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And under those umbrella maladies come such nastiness as high cholesterol and blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and abdominal obesity. Yuck.

A nine-year study of almost 10,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 64 revealed that those eating the standard “Western diet” of red meat, fried foods and refried grains were at an 18 percent higher risk for metabolic syndrome than those whose meals consisted of fish, fruits and vegetables. This news isn’t shocking. I’ll bet I would have correctly guessed that, had it been put to me as a true/false question.

diet coke killing people 01 Diet Soda Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

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To Cook or Not To Cook Your Veggies

raw vs cooked vegetables 002 To Cook or Not To Cook Your Veggies

After successfully completing my 30-day plant-based experiment, the masochist inside me was whispering: “go Raw”. Sure, there’s nothing like a crunchy sugar snap, ripe avocado or a bowl full of arugula drizzled with olive oil balsamic. How hard could it be?

On the hard side, if you ask me.

I know I’d miss steamed Brussels sprouts, lightly blanched asparagus, roasted pumpkin — or in fact, any warm vegetable. So, imagine my delight when recent studies supported my gut instinct (or lack of guts, depending how you look at it): that there are health advantages to eating a combination of raw and cooked vegetables.

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