Texans Eating G | Plant-Based Restaurants in Austin

dhabajoy 01 Texans Eating G | Plant Based Restaurants in Austin

Looking for a happening city to visit but worried about having to stray from your healthy, ethical diet?

First, you worry too much. Second, check out Austin. The capital of Texas is the third fastest growing large city in the nation and was labeled MSN’s “Greenest City in America”. And what would America’s greenest city be without plant-based eateries that are as delicious as they are ethical?

“Watch out for the surprises,” one very helpful employee at Dhaba Joy said to me as I perused the vibrant bakery and coffee shop. Not sure what he meant by that, but I was nonetheless intrigued. Named from the Hindi term for eateries that serve local cuisine at convenient hours, Austin’s Dhaba Joy is quite the place, attached as it is to Toy Joy, a unique boutique teeming with modern, kitchsy remnants from your childhood.

But the food? Fabulous. The Oatscreme is soft-serve made entirely from oat flour, and it has a slightly nutty taste that goes well with their organic chocolate syrup. An awesome must-sample is the double Mocha Pushpa, made with their organic, 100% fair-trade coffee and organic chocolate syrup. The key ingredient is lavender-infused soymilk, which is made in-house. It lends a subtle fragrant puff of lavender that makes a next-sip automatic. And regardless of whether or not we allow ourselves to indulge, I think it’s fair to say most everyone likes chocolate chip cookies. About 4 inches or so in diameter and made with Dagoba organic chocolate, theirs are as good as the ones grandma used to make, only better because they’re made without eggs.

dhabajoy 02 Texans Eating G | Plant Based Restaurants in Austin

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Adrère Amellal Ecolodge | Berber Digs In Egypt

sustainable historic hotel 01 Adrère Amellal Ecolodge | Berber Digs In Egypt

Take it from Herbert Ypes, the creative force behind the The Hip Hotels series. He ranks Egypt’s Adrère Amellal Oasis in his all-time top 20. This from a man who out jet-sets Paris Hilton. And with one glance, you can clearly see why.

The Adrère Amellal Oasis is the destination for those looking for a luxurious getaway in a unique, ecological and cultural setting. Situated in Western Egypt, the resort is “Nestled at the foot of a majestic mountain overlooking ancient olive and palm groves, Siwa’s largest salt lake and the dunes of the Great Sand Sea.”

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Nihiwatu | Socially Responsible Tourism

luxury eco resorts 01 Nihiwatu | Socially Responsible Tourism

Traveling to developing countries need not be a bittersweet affair; it is possible to get some R&R AND make a difference in the lives of others who are desperately in need.

Indonesia is a country close to my heart — it’s a place I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on several occasions. The thing that strikes you about the country, apart from its inherent natural beauty, is the people. You’re blown away by their kindness and generosity of spirit. Sadly, despite their winning smiles, many are not able to afford basic human necessities like medicine, education or even fresh water.

So, while I applaud efforts towards eco-tourism, when it comes to developing countries, ecological and socially responsible tourism are the order of the day.

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Restaurant Review | Lean & Green

leanandgreen cafe 021 Restaurant Review | Lean & Green

Looking for a meal in the San Diego area that’s healthy for you and the planet? Check out Lean & Green.

By anyone’s measure, this La Jolla, CA eatery is small in size. But one look at the Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Staglin Family Makes “G” Wine

stagfamily wine Staglin Family Makes G Wine

I love the Staglin Family. Not just because they produce some of the best wine in the world, but they are honestly people to admire. The Staglins are a tight knit family of 4 who all share the same intense fascination for wine, amazing work ethic, and passion for travel and life. They do what they love and do it well!

Why is Staglin Family Wine Green? First of all, for the record, wine produced in the US cannot be Certified Organic if it contains sulfites. This is why many Organic wines don’t taste as good as their non-organic counterparts. Wines from Europe however can be considered Organic despite their sulfite content.

The Staglins grow their own grapes using Organic farming practices and actually make their wine on their private vineyard.

According to their web site:
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Chicago | Rickshaw Me Away!

rickshawchicago01 Chicago | Rickshaw Me Away!

Looking for new green way to get around Chicago? Well, if your into fresh air and a relaxed pace, then you should try out the cities Rickshaw services. Okay your saying what the hell is a rickshaw, well your saying that if you have never traveled to places like India.

To tell you the truth, this is my first rickshaw experience in Chicago, and I was just a bit hesitent. But I was in Chicago among friends and my host for the night was G Living’s very own Green Chef Vanessa Sherwood. She hooked me and my friends up with a ride to theGreen Zebra restaurant, where we where all meeting up.

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SIGG | What The Cool People Are Sipping

sigg bottles 01 SIGG | What The Cool People Are Sipping

Your brand of water is definitely a status symbol, with the current top dog being Fiji. Watch the way the über-trendy clutch it with the same intensity as they would a Gucci tote. In at number two, fresh from the French Alps, is the perennial favorite Evian, followed closely by the smart design of Smart Water. Next tier down, Arrowhead – which, if you live in Los Angeles, should really be higher up on the water chain, given that it’s local. Then comes Dasani and Aquafina, which is basically tap water, and finally, Kirkland. (The Costco brand may be well priced, but it just doesn’t cut it with the cooler kids.)

But if all this branded water hierarchy is giving you a headache, there’s another way to go: fashionable water bottles from SIGG. This Swiss company has been around for 100 years, but in the past few years its popularity has surged. These stylish bottles come in 140 designs with 22 interchangeable caps. You can even design your own, choosing from over 1,000 possible configurations. (My personal favorite is the SIGG Jungle.)

sigg bottles 03 SIGG | What The Cool People Are Sipping

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Three Crowns | Wyoming’s Green Golf Course

gulfcourse011 Three Crowns | Wyomings Green Golf Course

I am not an avid golfer. In fact, the last time I played golf I was probably putting a colorful ball through a giant windmill and praying it would land in the hole on the other side.

You don’t have to play golf, though, to know it’s a sport that embodies green fairways, blue lakes, white sand pits, and perfectly gardened flowers and trees. But if you do play, Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Central NY | Home Sweet Home

cortlandny Central NY | Home Sweet Home

Last weekend, I flew to the Empire State to visit my home town of Cortland, New York, and no, I didn’t carbon offset my airfare. (Call the Ecorazzi!) I did see my grandmother, all 94 years and 6 months of her. In between hugs, kisses and yelling four inches Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Abbot Kinney’s Green Street Festival

abbot kinney festival 2007 01 Abbot Kinneys Green Street Festival

What does it take to make me work on a Sunday? I’ll tell you.
Everyone knows the white man gave the Native Americans $24 in trinkets for Manhattan Island. In today’s real estate market The Big Apple would go for $25 trillion. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Race To Be America’s Greenest City

sacramento greencity 01 The Race To Be Americas Greenest City

Backed by the state of California, Sacramento, has set some pretty high aspirations. They want to be America’s Greenest city. With an entire state behind you, I don’t see how that could fail. Just don’t tell Chicago…

The California Environmental Protection Agency, which is located in Sacramento, was the nation’s first EPA to receive a platinum rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council. According to a story in the Sacramento Bee, the Governator himself has mandated that new state office buildings receive at least silver in LEED ratings. As of now, Sacramento has 4.3 million square feet of LEED-certified office space, with Chicago just ahead at 5.2 million.

The California EPA has indoor bike parking, waterless urinals and boxes of worms underneath employee desks. Yes, worms. They digest the scraps of food leftovers, which make for some pretty valuable compost.

Sacramento had its Greenhouse gas emissions certified by the state of California’s Climate Action Registry. In 2005, their emission was 63,000 metric tons, which was a 16 % increase of the 1990 levels. The goal is to lower the emissions 25% below the 1990 number by the year 2030, with Governor Schwarzenegger wanting local governments’ emissions to be 80% below by 2050. Keith Roberts, who is the senior engineer at Sacramento’s General Services Department, is developing a “climate plan” to achieve this goal – a plan that he figures will cost about $850,000 a year.

chicago greencity 01 The Race To Be Americas Greenest City

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