Paul Newman Expands Food Line to Include Organic Wine

paulnewman gives220million1 Paul Newman Expands Food Line to Include Organic Wine

First Francis Ford Coppola, then Martha Stewart and now Paul Newman. After 25 hugely successful years with his Newman’s Own line of salad dressings, lemonade, salsa and pasta sauces, the blue-eyed actor with the enormous charitable side has joined the vintner club Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Greenland Follow-up | Bringing Back Green

greenland warming 01 Greenland Follow up | Bringing Back Green

Greenland, a misnomer for an island covered in ice, once saw a time when its climate sustained vegetation and forests. A cooling period called the Little Ice Age, which occurred between the 14th and 19th centuries, made Greenland dependant on foreign resources for produce. But according to a recent article in the New York Times, warmer temperatures caused by global warming are creating a climate that can once again sustain plant life.

In fact, this island’s once craggy hills and mountains are sprouting vegetation and warm-water loving cod are making their way to its southern shores. For those debating the validity of global warming, Greenland provides a rare glimpse at the speed with which the climate is changing.

On this island, an increase in temperature of a degree or two becomes a catalyst, changing centuries-old routines and livelihoods. As the Greenland ice sheet thaws due to longer summers and shorter winters, families who once relied on Iceland for vegetables are beginning to grow their own on experimental farms. Trees once thought dormant are showing signs of new growth. The Greenlanders very way of life is changing. And rapidly.

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Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

hayden dolphin rescue 01 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

She may play an indestructible cheerleader on the hit NBC show “Heroes”, but in real life Hayden Panettiere is just as fragile as the rest of us. And right now her heart’s broken over the slaughter of Japanese dolphins. You have to hand it to Hayden, who could be spending her valuable free time going to Starbucks with Britney or shopping with Paris. Instead she’s flying to Osaka, Japan and getting in the middle of a violent fracas with Japanese fisherman.

In Osaka to disrupt the city’s annual dolphin slaughter, the 18-year-old actress put her life on the line by jumping into the water and paddling out toward a pod of soon-to-be-eliminated dolphins. According to MSNBC, Hayden fought back tears when describing the event to “Access Hollywood”:

“I think a lot of us went out there with the thought that we were going to be very scared. And we knew that it was very possible to get hurt and it was very possible for us to get detained by police,” she said. “But we paddled out there and the fear just completely went away.”

hayden dolphin save 02 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

hayden dolphin save 03 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

Paddling on surfboards through water bloodied by already slaughtered animals, the actress, along with a group of American and Australian surfers, was attempting to form a memorial circle around a group of dolphins trapped in nets.

(via MSNBC) “They were so pretty. They were teddy bears in the water,” explained Panettiere. “They slowed down and started gathering in the net towards us. This little baby popped its head out and looked at us, and all of us just wanted to cut them out of the nets and set them free. I’d probably be in jail in Japan right now if I did.”

The group was quickly intercepted by a boat filled with angry fisherman who jabbed at them with hooks and tried to scare them away with the boat’s propeller. Hayden told “Access Hollywood” that, in a way, she wanted them to hit her because that would have increased the story’s impact.

But luckily for everyone but the dolphins, the protesters were safely returned to shore where a sobbing Panettiere was driven away,

Now THAT’s what I call a hero.

hayden dolphin save 04 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

G Living Honored with Veggie Award From VegNews

gliving cover 011 G Living Honored with Veggie Award From VegNews

If you haven’t picked up the latest issue of VegNews, you’re missing out on the latest up-to-the-minute vegetarian lifestyle information. You’re also missing the results of the 2007 Veggie Awards, which G Living is thrilled to be a recipient of (via VegNews):

“Coolest Excuse for Logging On After Midnight: The G Living Network

Imagine having a cadre of esteemed herbivores and environmental experts on call, 24 hours a day, to answer all your questions. Now, imagine all their smart, accessible friends standing by just waiting to offer you late-breaking, veg-related and environmentally-conscious news from around the world. Enter The G Living Network, an online hub proffering tips, advice and feature stories relating to style, health and fitness, technology, entertainment, travel, and architecture with a cruelty-free twist. With the likes of raw foodist and Ironman tri-athlete Brendan Brazier and SmartMonkey Foods’ Ani Phyo as your hosts, you’ll waste no time building an expansive stockpile of mouth-watering veg recipes and health tips, while best-selling Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman ups the network’s credo with interviews with the movers and shakers of the veg arena. Connect with like-minded individuals via its forums, blogs, or live chat. Or scour the streamlining videos, podcasts, and photo essays for a dose of cruelty-free eye-candy after each mouse click.”

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Author Claims Global Warming Is A Myth

globalwarming myth Author Claims Global Warming Is A Myth

Author Bjorn Lomborg’s latest project proves to be as controversial as his former offerings. His new book, Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, takes on climate change, which in his opinion is a myth perpetrated by environmentalists with their own agendas and perpetuated by the wrongly informed, overly emotional populace. He denounces the predicted effects of global warming, labeling them “vastly exaggerated and emotional claims that are simply not founded in data”.

For example, he states that the experts’ predictions that Greenland’s melting ice threatens a catastrophic sea-level rise, is, in his opinion, grandiose hype.

Lomborg’s in-your-face manner may not be the bedside suave we prefer when being jolted by alternate point of view. However, there may be some validity beneath his bluster. What I would like to see out of this controversy isn’t a town-hall debate between both factions on the topic of, is global warming fact or fiction?

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Man-Made Chemicals Causing Gender Imbalance?

inuit 002 Man Made Chemicals Causing Gender Imbalance?

If you’re like me, the first thing you think of when someone mentions toxins in the water stream is the three-eyed fish on The Simpsons. Okay, maybe not. It might be oil or farming or Africa. It might even be Erin Brockovich. But with so many random chemicals finding their way into large bodies of water, it’s not surprising that animals — and the people who eat them — are experiencing irreversible affects.

In the northern regions of Russia, Greenland, and Canada, the historically nomadic Inuit tribes are producing more girls than boys, at a ratio of 2:1, according to scientists from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP). And they believe the water is to blame.

While the effects of man-made chemicals in the water may sound small, they could possibly have a profound effect on the existence of this indigenous culture. With an approximate population of 150,000 Inuit people worldwide, it’s crucial to take into account the fact that in villages near Thule, Greenland the women are only producing girl babies.

inuit 003 Man Made Chemicals Causing Gender Imbalance?

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Airbus A380 & Boeing Dreamliner | Jolly Green Giants

a380airbus02 Airbus A380 & Boeing Dreamliner | Jolly Green Giants

While airplanes can hardly be considered green, both Airbus and Boeing have made strides toward environmentally improved air travel.

Airbus’s super jumbo-sized A380 claims to have “impeccable environmental credentials”, saying it has the lowest Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

don cheadle01 Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

Actor/Producer Don Cheadle has found a unique way to inform people – especially the younger crowd – about the atrocities happening in Darfur. By posting an exclusive trailer for his new film Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Baltimore’s Trash Interceptor

According to the Container Recycling Institute, 60-80 billion bottles are discarded annually in the U.S. alone. But once thrown away, these bottles (along with candy bar wrappers, takeout containers and other garbage) don’t disappear they go into landfills or into our bodies of water via storm drains.

At the urging of Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association members, nets were installed in the city’s creeks and other small waterways to catch floating debris before it reached the harbor. The nets were intended to hold the trash until workers were able to remove it. However, the sight of all the refuse clogging the mouth of Jones Falls so disgusted local resident John Kellett that he decided to take the concept a step further.

Inspired by a hay baler and devised on a cocktail napkin, the trash interceptor is a 12-foot water wheel powered by the current that acts as a mill to scoop the trash from the water and place it onto a conveyor belt, on which it’s moved to a nearby trash bin.

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Anderson Cooper’s “Planet in Peril”

anderson cooper01 Anderson Coopers Planet in Peril

What happens when you combine the talents of a hard-hitting news reporter, a passionate lifelong conservationist and a brilliant neurosurgeon, all of whom count Emmys among their impressive lists of accomplishments? You get “Planet in Peril”, a two part, four hour documentary exploring the Earth’s most pressing environmental issues Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Whole Foods Does Damage Control

0 Whole Foods Does Damage Control

Whole Foods does not appreciate being called “The Wal-Mart of Organics”. Nor does it appreciate what the grocery giant’s founder and CEO John Mackey referred to as “open season on Whole Foods”,which began with the publication of Michael Pollan’s bestselling agricultural exposé The Omnivore’s Dilemma. In the book, Pollan criticized the market chain and lumped its products into categories he labeled “Industrialized Organic” and “Big Organic” – those produced haphazardly by large institutions that he says are unconcerned with animal welfare and ecological sustainability.

Mackey responded with an open letter to Pollan, in which he stated that “credible information about the sources of our food…is limited to non-existent”.

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Newtown Creek | New News on U.S.’s Biggest Oil Spill

newtown creek oilspill2 Newtown Creek | New News on U.S.s Biggest Oil Spill

While the Exxon Valdez disaster is certainly the most well known oil spill in U.S. history, it’s not the biggest. Not by a long shot. Unfortunately. In 1950, Newtown Creek – a New York city waterway that separates Brooklyn and Queens – was unknowingly polluted after an underground explosion leaked oil from refinery tanks owned by Standard Oil (now Exxon Mobil) into the water and nearby soil. The damage went unnoticed for twenty-eight years until a Coast Guard helicopter noticed a plume that led to the discovery of huge pool of oil at the bottom of the creek. At the time, the amount of the spill was estimated at 17 million gallons. Cleanup began in 1979 and continues to this day – a far less effective and less immediate effort than was awarded the Exxon Valdez’s spill of 11 million gallons.

A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency now estimates the amount of oil spilled in Newton to be around 30 million gallons, nearly three times the amount in the Valdez disaster.

newtown creek oilspill Newtown Creek | New News on U.S.s Biggest Oil Spill

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