Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

chrysler electric car line 03 Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

Back in September of 2008 Chrysler seemed to have the muscle to take over the electric car market. They called in all the press and television networks to show off not one but a whole line of electric cars. They rolled out an electric car for every possible customer, By converting their existing line of cars to electric motors and battery systems. They even tried to one up the only existing electric car company with a highway capable car, Tesla Motors, by rolling out a Lotus electric car as well.

Here is what the line up of electric vehicles was suppose to be, plug-in hybrid Jeeps and Town & Country van and Dodge Circuit EV. Now that the company is in bankruptcy, we will have to wait and see which of these electric cars pop out on the other end, if any.

chrysler electric car line 05 Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

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Super Star Cameron Diaz Thinks We Might Just Be F*cked

cameron diaz marie claire july2009 Super Star Cameron Diaz Thinks We Might Just Be F*cked

Calling Cameron Diaz just a celebrity is selling her way too short. I mean, lumping her in with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and that Spencer Pratt guy, is just wrong. Yes, she is part of the Hollywood buzzing engine, and yes, she is the highest paid actress in town, but she doesn’t act like it. She acts more like a Green Peace volunteer than a super celeb. When the magazine Marie Claire, asked Cameron to be their Cover Girl for the upcoming July issue, she turned the tables and asked them to come along with her as she filmed a documentary about what people are willing to do to save themselves, the planet and just maybe our future.

As Cameron hit the streets to talk with the average person, she quickly came to some sad conclusions, we really might just be screwed. “I want to leave you with this thought,” Diaz says to the woman. “After all you’ve told me . . . what would it take for you to do something to change your environment?” The woman, speechless, looks like she’s going to cry.

“I’m sad,” Diaz says later, in the car on the way to a Mexican joint for dinner. “It’s just sad.” She drains a plastic water bottle and tosses it on the floor of the car. “And I’m unhappy about the waste I just produced.” Diaz and Dylan, sitting next to her in the backseat, conclude that we as a people are summarily, environmentally “fucked.” In fact, that quickly becomes the leitmotif of the trip, and it cracks them up every time. Diaz, out of the blue: “You know what we are?” Dylan: “Let me guess—fucked?” More after the jump.

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New York City Highline Park Comes To Life

highline park new york city 01 New York City Highline Park Comes To Life Photos by Dawn Sorace

If you didn’t know where to look or hadn’t heard the buzz of late… “High Line“, then you might just miss it.  As you can see (from the picture below), other than some trees- it’s not really noticeable from street level.

But there is a big buzz about the High Line, because it is truly a wonderful and amazing thing to see, experience, and enjoy.  It is even more special for residents of New York City, where public “green” spaces are quite limited.  This and other movements toward the re-greening of NYC are very exciting…  I know I am not alone in thinking we can more harmoniously mesh concrete living with more greenery and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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highline park new york city 04 New York City Highline Park Comes To Life

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Media Watch | FrontLine Shows Us The Lives Kiva Changes

All of us here at G Living are big fans and supporters of the non-profit group Kiva enables everyday people like us, to lend money to people in need around the world. Through their website, you are able to learn about people in need of small loans to start or expand business in 3rd world countries. Most of the loans are around one to two thousand, which individuals can group together to raise. Most of the time, each person gives around $25.

The really amazing part about the Kiva site is, you can watch almost in real time as 10 to 20 other people loan their $25 dollars and the loan is complete. Now the person in need will receive the your loan and fulfill their business plan. The loans are paid back over a relatively short period of time and you can either take your money back or choose another person in need.

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Media Watch | Good Morning America Show Us The Pacific Garbage Patch

America and the world are finally waking up to the massive trashing of the oceans. About a year ago, we posted our first story on the problem and since that time, it has been picked up everywhere. First on Oprah and now on Good Morning America. Lets hope all this exposure will mean something. We know we can see the actual surge of traffic to, as the shows are seen in each new country.

Good Morning America: The world’s largest trash dump doesn’t sit on some barren field outside an urban center. It resides thousands of miles from any land  in the Pacific Ocean.

Bottle caps, soap bottles, laundry baskets and shards of plastic are just a few things that float in the ocean’s vastness. Known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the “dump” is composed mainly of plastic, which isn’t biodegradable.

Instead, the plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces in the patch that extends thousands of miles, from California’s coast to China. Charles Moore, who discovered the trash heap by accident in 1997 when he was sailing the Pacific, collects samples of the growing garbage bin. Some of his samples have contained six times more plastic than plankton.

“It is like a minestrone and … a lot of the vegetables are plastic,” said Moore, who stages regular trips to the garbage patch for research.

Video after the jump

good morning america 01 Media Watch | Good Morning America Show Us The Pacific Garbage Patch

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HOME | A Film Made For All Of Us, To Inspire Us To Save Ourselves

home themovie about the earth 08 HOME | A Film Made For All Of Us, To Inspire Us To Save Ourselves

Watch The Full Documentary in HD on Youtube | Home Project

I just finished watching this amazing film about our home, the planet earth. I would have to say this is one of the most engaging, powerful and inspiring films I have ever seen. The film makers where able to connect all the dots. From the moment the Earth took shape, to the rise of plant life and eventually on to us. What took billions of of years to create, we humans are managing to destroy in just 100 years.

I am asking everyone to please take two hours out of your life, and just watch this film. When your done, tell someone about it. And then, sign up for the G Living Monkie Mail, so you can start living G and be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. Thank you for caring and Living G!. G Monkie

About the film: In 200,000 years on Earth, humanity has upset the balance of the planet, established by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it’s too late to be a pessimist: humanity has barely ten years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoliation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption.

More than a movie, HOME will be a major event all over the globe : for the first time ever, a film will be released on the same day in over 50 countries and on every format : movie theatres, TV, DVD and Internet. Watch It Now Online – Click Here

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A Warehouse Called Home | Sander Architects, Building The Briard House

sander architects briardhouse 01 A Warehouse Called Home | Sander Architects, Building The Briard House

Residence for a Briard came out of conversations with the owners who found an old bungalow in Culver City and initially considered a renovation. After discussions with architect Whitney Sander they realized that they could take advantage of his Hybrid House to build a ground-up duplex for only slightly more than the proposed reno budget.

The gauntlet they threw down: to build the greenest house that had ever come out of the Sander practice.

    Learn more about the buildings design and the people who brought the Briard House to life, in our previous post here on G Living.
    Introduction | Mr Whitney Sander, Architect
    Introduction | Catherine Holliss | Interior Designer
    When the rain has passed
    Introduction | Home Buyer Thomas Small
    Introduction | Home Buyer Joanna Brody

The challenge: a very tight budget.

The third issue was Hobbes, the Briard for whom the home is named: not only a huge dog but a huge factor that influenced everything from stair design to finishing materials. This is an instance when it was important that a design “go to the dogs.”

Hybrid House was one of the things that attracted the clients to the Sander. The firm’s strong design reputation was important too as the client is one of the founders of the Architectural Foundation of Los Angeles.

The short list: very modern, very green, very dog friendly.

Residence for a Briard is the greenest Hybrid House ever built. Strategies and materials include: greywater systems, passive heating and cooling strategies, cistern to capture rainwater for watering landscaping, recycled blue jean insulation, sunflower seed wall board, bamboo flooring, marmoleum, structural steel frames from recycled steel, and more.
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French Bikers Oh So Sexy, Montreal Bixi City Bikes Are Here

bixi 04 French Bikers Oh So Sexy, Montreal Bixi City Bikes Are Herevia Tamy’s Blog on Montréal

Get some exercise, explore the city and meet locals . . . by bike! It all started on May 12, 2009. Montréal has a brand new public bike system that will make it that much easier for tourists – and Montrealers – to take a spin around town. For only $5 a day, you can pick up a bike at any one of the 300 BIXI stations scattered about town. It’s easy. Just swipe your credit card in the solar-powered station and type in the code to unlock your BIXI bike. When you’re done with the bike, simply return it to the station closest to your destination. This is great news, considering Montréal is one of North America’s most cyclist-friendly cities. I took a BIXI bike for a ride on Monday and put together a little video of my favourite bike routes in Montreal! A definite must-see!

Videos After The Jump

bixi 01 French Bikers Oh So Sexy, Montreal Bixi City Bikes Are Here

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Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

olsenhaus shoe 01 Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

I was out searching for new bloggers to join G Living this morning and I came across the Girliegirl Army Blog and to my surprise, there was my friend Rory Friedman doing an interview with the blogs creator, Chloé. So, I started looking around the site and found this video of Chloé and Joshua Katcher, interviewing the founder of Olsen Haus. A highend very “G” vegan shoe line for women just like Chloé and Rory. The shoes are I guess in the mid-price range for high end women shoes. The prices I saw on the site ranged from $99 to just over $200 a pair.

The video is posted below and below the video are some details about Olsen Haus.

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American’s Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

wolves targets again 01 Americans Unwanted Nature / Time For Gray Wolves To Become The Prey Once Again

A few weeks ago we posted about South Africa not wanting their Elephants and allowing them to be killed once again in mass. Well, now it’s our turn. The United State has officially removed the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species Act in Idaho and Montana. Which is a very low key way of saying to the world, come shoot them. Yes, once again, you can kill yourself one of those big bad wolves. Jennifer Buonatony, a G Living writer wrote about this possibility last year, when the Bush Administration started the process to make the de-listing a reality. Lucky enough for the Wolves, President Bush was un-successful before leaving office earlier this year and when President Obama took office, one of his first acts was to suspend the plan to remove them from the Endangered list. By taking this action, President Obama protected an estimated two-thirds of the gray wolf population which would have been affected by the plan—meaning that 1,000 out of almost 1,500 wolves where saved. Now that is all gone and those wolves are once again walking targets. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

george clooney bono interview Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

Bono, is trying out a new career as a journalist and has landed a gig interviewing his friend George Clooney on the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. Bono reveals in the beginning of this in-depth conversation style interview, that he has recently started working for the New York Times in a featured editorial section and can see the power of journalism. Bono said “Journalist are protectors of our democracies”. It’s amazing to see these guys, with everything in life, going out and making a difference. I look forward to more Bono segments.

The major theme of the conversation revolved around both Clooney’s and Bono’s work in and for Africa. The full video is here on G Living, just after the jump.

george clooney bono interview 2 Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

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San Francisco Gets the Grease

kitchen oil 02 San Francisco Gets the Grease

San Francisco launched project Greasecycle just before Thanksgiving, a free citywide effort to collect and recycle fryer grease from the city’s restaurants. The city will collect the grease, turn it into biodiesel and power the city’s vehicles with it – including buses and firetrucks. The benefits for the city are twofold: they get an almost-free fuel source that burns cleaner than traditional fuels and they solve the illegal grease-dumping problem. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, illegal grease dumping costs the city about $3.5 million annually by causing “heart attacks” in the sewer system – congealed grease clogging up the works. The city also plans to start picking up household cooking grease in the near future, reminiscent of WWII era bacon grease collection (but back then it was used to make bombs).

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