GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your “G” Family!

juli novotny puremamas 01 GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your G Family!

Attention “G” Moms / Dads, Juli Novotny, one of our very own GreenChefs, is busy building her own “G” space on the internet called Puremamas. Her site is completely focuses on “G” children and families. Part her blog is focused on decor, where she features new families and their eco modern interior designs! You know, she basically is doing a mini dwell thing. Seeking out cool design ideas people put together as their families grow. Is your babies room vogue / dwell worthy? Great, Juli would love to see all your hard work.

If you would like your nursery, children’s room or play room to be a part of it, she’d LOVE to feature you. So much so, in fact that she will also send you free Kookie Karma (which are soooo good by the way) products if she uses your images and story on her blog. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Eco-Friendly Entertaining

eco entertaining 03 Eco Friendly Entertaining

Creative and Clever Ways to Throw a Smashing Eco-Chic Party Entertaining is a theatrical experience that should dazzle the senses. The experience should be clever and well thought out, no matter what your budget. Here are a few sustainable tips to get your next shin dig off the ground. Go one step further and send out a digital invite instead – eliminating paper all together.

Get off on the right foot - First thing’s first: the invites. Make sure you use invites made from recycled paper. Contrary to ecologically-challenged perceptions, recycled paper can look and feel just like high grade paper, but minus the guilty conscience. If ordering them from a professional, ask whether they use recycled paper.

Centerpieces – Gone are the days of deplorable fake flowers you could spot a mile away – usually collecting dust in some over-crowded knick-knack filled nook and cranny in your grandmother’s house. These days, if you know where to look, fake flowers can pass for the real thing.

Aside from standard silk flowers (which are still using silk worms), there’s the option of clay flowers. Deco Clay flowers are absolutely gorgeous and look just like the real thing – except that they cost a fraction of the price, are environmentally safe, and last forever.

The even better upside is they’re reusable so you’ll save money in the long run, plus you’re not contributing to flower butchery nor the very unsustainable flower industry, which has to shower flowers with pesticides – a factor that’s damaging to both you and the environment.

However, if faux is not your thing, then get flowers from the local farmers market. You can even get great arrangements and settings out of potted plants and flowers. A personal favorite is the clever use of moss as decorative center pieces. Moss is not only cheap, sustainable, and uber chic, but it can also be planted afterwards with next to no effort.

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The World Of Selby Fills My Eyes With Pleasure

Todd Selby 01 The World Of Selby Fills My Eyes With PleasurePhotographer: Todd Selby

Are you a creative soul living within the walls of a wacky crazy world of your own creation? Or are you just another beige dwelling number crunching McSomething sucking drone monster? Okay there are other options, you may just be the most awesome flesh monkie on the planet, living in a master piece of design and style. That last one wasn’t you? Hmmm, I am running out of descriptions. Let me get to my point. Do you ever wonder how that first group actually lives. The creative wacky world type. Well, wonder no more. Welcome to the world of The Selby.

Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. The Selby began in June 2008 as a website,, where Todd posted photo shoots he did of his friends in their homes. Requests quickly began coming in daily from viewers all over the world who wanted their homes to be featured on the site. The Selby’s website became so popular—with up to 35,000 unique visitors daily—that within months, top companies from around the world began asking to collaborate.

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Next Year Think About Going Natural: Making Your Own Fruit Christmas Ornaments

citris cranberry christmas orniments 04 Next Year Think About Going Natural: Making Your Own Fruit Christmas OrnamentsPhotographer V Blak

It’s the same story every year. December just seems to creep up on me. What it’s Christmas again? How did that happen and where the hell are all the Christmas lights and ornaments? Yeah, this year, somehow I have lost everything and instead of buying glass ornaments from Target, (made in China of course) we decided to go fruity. Thats right, we reached into the fruit bowl and pulled out a little Christmas cheer.

My special Christmas guest and myself, created our fruity natural theme using Oranges, Limes, a dehydrator and some fresh Cranberries. Think about it, when you slice an orange, the fruit wedges have a glass like look. The light passes right on through. When you hang them on the tree with Christmas lights, the effect is very pretty. We even took the process one step further, by dying the limes in a beet juice soup. We ended up with Orange colored orange slices and red lime slices.

This project was simple and actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. If you have an oven or a dehydrator, you too can go fruity next year. Here is what we did. (instructions after the jump)

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Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House

numen container house dwell magazine 01 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container HousePhotography by Dwell photograhers: Miyoko Ohtake, Jack Thompson

A while back we featured a small but well designed house in Houston Texas of all places, made out of mostly shipping containers. This version of a container house was different that most because it actually feels good. I don’t know what I mean by that other than a lot of container house are how do you say… hard, bare… build without design in mind. I mean the images of this place stand up to any well designed home and I am sure that is what the Dwell Magazine editors saw too and decided not only to do a story but to feature this special home on the cover (featured story on

Yes, the magazine issue came out back in 2009 but I just saw it. I know sad. But better let than never is what I say. So here it is, a little snippet of the dwell article, a few photos and yes a link back to our post On the Cordell Shipping Container House.

numen container house dwell magazine 02 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House
numen container house dwell magazine 03 Dwell Features The Cordell Shipping Container House

Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

wall design eco ideas 01 Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

As great as winter is, one of the definite pitfalls is the inevitable amount of time that gets spent indoors. But with a few clever eco-friendly ideas, you can thwart cabin fever by keeping your walls visually interesting.

Recycled Cardboard Deer Trophy

To appease the hunter in you, opt for an interesting 100% recycled cardboard deer trophy. While not normally into heads of animals adorning my walls, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the artistic element they offer. The anomalous form that offers a shape but no features is strangely futuristic, and definitely a conversation starter.


Fast forward your thinking of time with an bare bones no fuss eco-friendly time keeper. This rubberized clock is made from bicycle chain ring, a tire rubber face, and a bicycle cog pendulum. The clever clock is the brainchild of cyclist Graham Bergh, who in 1991 used a flat tire tube to hang speakers – sparking ideas that continue to heat up new recycled creations. A few other creations, specifically the “Hybrid Wall Clock”, pairs recycled bicycle parts with reused computer hard drives.

Recycled Traffic Signs

Speed limits, stop signs and other warnings are easy to overlook in your daily drive, but when twisted around and recycled, make very eye-catching track stopping pieces. Ideas around reused signs include light switch plates, house numbers, holiday wreathes, hanging plates, coasters, trays, and more. Most of these pieces are created by metalsmith Boris Bally, whose work is featured at the New York’s Museum of Art and Design among other notable venues. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Modern “G” Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 01 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

When it comes to buying furniture and living “G” the options are pretty bleak. I think I have seen the same recycled crate seats again and again on website after website. Look, yes recycling is cool, but really I don’t want to furnish my house with recycled milk crates. It’s just not “G”. Are you feeling me. Well, lucky for the G Living staff, there was this company just down the street called Viesso, founded by two brothers, which makes lushes modern cleanly designed furnisher from all “G” materials. Viesso was the company which made all of the couches you see on the Real G shows and our outdoor benches. Our couches are made from sustainable harvested wood, natural latex and recycled synthetic micro suede. They feel amazing.

But todays post isn’t about our couches, its about Viesso’s new line of Pool / Patio furniture (on sale). We now have a need for some modern outdoor furniture, since we just moved out to Palm Desert and we have these very large decks wrapping around our new saltwater pool. Okay, not our saltwater pool, my saltwater pool. And when you look at the decks, they are just screaming for some cool furniture. Right now I just have these semi-tacky very cheap target type patio tables. Normally I would have to look at a store like Design within Reach, which sells the right style of furniture, but I don’t think there is anything green about the materials from which they are made. But with Viesso, and this is why I love these guys, they not only nail the modern design, they made sure by default everything is made “G”. Look at this stuff. Just so clean.

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 02 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso
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Akemi Tanaka | A Moveable Feast

sustainable bench 01 Akemi Tanaka | A Moveable Feast

I’m a veritable addict for collapsible, multi-functional furniture. Panels that slide to reveal unexpected compartments and seemingly unlimited possibilities. So it’s no surprise I fell fell hook, line and sinker with designer Akemi Tanaka ‘s collection of “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t” tables. The Tagei Table slides playfully into a bench for two with end tables to match. With this kind of versatile style and function any of us can live large in a small space.

“The convertibility factor makes it ideal for small spaces,” says Brooklyn-based Tanaka. “A lot of the time, for small spaces, you have to bring in kitchen chairs or stools when you have people visiting, and it doesn’t really fit the environment of people getting together and hanging out in the living room. But this encourages relaxation and communication.” If storage is more important to you than seating, remove the seat cushion and you’ve got a hideaway for your remote controls, magazines and other coffee table clutter. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Hot Water On The Cheap Using An Inflatable Solar Collector

solarstore hotwater heater 01 Hot Water On The Cheap Using An Inflatable Solar Collector

This is pretty cool basic idea for anyone in need of hot water without all the expense. The product caught my eye because there are so many situations you might need something light enough to use as a temporary solution but the camping hot water bags wont cut it. I am thinking about when we buy our land outside of Portland, something like this would be cool during construction.

Think about how we use hot water everyday to take showers, to do laundry and even to cook our food. Now add up all the cost to make that happen. Over a period of 10 years, you are paying thousands of dollars in energy cost and the up front cost for the system in your house. Now what if you could replace it all for under $150 and carry it in your backpack. Well, that is exactly what this product from SolarStore can do.

Constructed of a heavy duty polymer, the patent pending Solarstore is both robust and flexible, and can be used in a variety of different settings. When deflated, it is small enough to pack into a rucksack, yet can inflate to nearly 2 square meters for maximum solar energy absorption. Used primarily for domestic outdoor applications, solarstore can provide up to 3 full tanks per day attemperatures nearing 80 degrees celcius. This is the equivalent of enough water to wash a car 18 times over, at a temperature hotter than most domestic hot water systems.

solarstore hotwater heater 02 Hot Water On The Cheap Using An Inflatable Solar Collector

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Green Hawaii | The Good Home in Maui

hawaii green home Green Hawaii | The Good Home in Maui

To answer the obvious question, The Good Home in Maui is good because it is the greenest home in Hawaii. It’s successful in meeting three of the most demanding green building standards: the Hawaiian BuiltGreen rating (three star), the National Association of Home Builders (gold) and it’s the only home built in Hawaii under the LEED for Homes Pilot Program, where they’re expecting a gold rating. Those are some Good ratings.

The Good Home is designed to be environmentally friendly in every way. Even during construction, they only used a portion of the site for construction activities and took care to separate and recycle materials. Drought tolerant plants are used for landscaping to reduce water use. Trees and shrubs are used as natural air conditioners to cool the air around the house.

I don’t care how green you are, if you’re going to live in Wailuku, you have to have a view of the water. Unfortunately, with the east and south facing windows, there is come significant solar heat gain. In The Good Home, you don’t have to sacrifice; the designers at Zilber, Ltd. just threw on some hanging lanais and deep overhangs, and the problem was significantly minimized.

greenhome hawaii Green Hawaii | The Good Home in Maui

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Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

moss graffiti 03 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

When I think of big city life, I think of tall buildings, lots of noise and a ton of traffic. I certainly don’t think of green gardens or fields of flowers. As the song says, Green Acres is the place to be. When living the big city life, there isn’t much greenery to enjoy. Those who put up with an often cold, hard existence lose the peaceful feelings of calmer pastures. We also lose touch with animal and plant life — things that are important to have in our lives.

But thanks to Hungarian-born street artist Edina Tokodi, big city green is making an appearance. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Todoki has created a way for city-dwellers to enjoy both city life and the green normally found outside the urban atmosphere. Tokodi uses moss to create animal silhouettes and camouflage designs which can be touched as they touch the lives of those who look at and feel them — a subtle reminder for city dwellers of the importance of our environment.

moss graffiti 01 Calm Urban Pastures | Green Graffiti

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Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

vessel one tea kettle 01 Beauty Fused with Function | The Perfect Kettle For The Modern GreenChef

If you love design in your life, you just might fall in love with this simple high tech water kettle.

Vessel the company who makes this kettle, which they are calling ONE, made a design and function choice to skip the standard steam whistle on most stove top kettles and go with a visual indicator. This is the interesting part. The visual indicator is just freaking hot. Images appear to bleed into the white surface as it heats up. Images like Space Invader Ships, Hello Kitty, and others.

But they didn’t stop there, the kettle also cuts out the middle man. You can go directly from the stove to the table and to the cup. Detail photos after the jump.

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