Flight Concept Bathroom by Isabelle Hauser

supercompact bathroom01 Flight Concept Bathroom by Isabelle Hauser

Looking for a way to save space in your small apartment? Want to change the way you think about your daily cleansing ritual? Check out this super-compact bathroom from Yanko Design Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Veggie Plastic Bio Cutlery For Your Future Picnic

spudware 01 Veggie Plastic Bio Cutlery For Your Future Picnic

With Halloween only a week away, the holiday season is officially here. Before you know it, you’ll be planning the thanksgiving feast you’re cooking for your nearest and dearest and fielding hundreds of Christmas party invitations. After that is New Year’s.

A whole lot of parties, a whole lot of plastic cutlery.

Cutlery? Not exactly what you’re focused on this time of year, but when you consider all the events on all the calendars around the world and all the guests that will probably nosh on various holiday goodies (a party without food is not a party worth attending), it adds up to a lot of disposable silverware. The plastic kind, while convenient – you buy it, use it, then throw it away – is disastrous for our planet. Once it goes into the earth in the form of a landfill, it stays there for hundreds of years.

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The Amazing Table Chairs

joel hesselgren chairs 01 The Amazing Table Chairs

Sometimes you feel like a chair… sometimes you don’t… I love options. Especially when it comes to home furnishings. Indecision is the key to flexibility vis-à-vis the arranging and rearranging of a room. Things evolve as your needs change. At least that’s how it should be.

Which is what makes this design so perfect.

From Joel Hesselgren, the designer who brought us salt and pepper shakers made from old Legos, comes the amazing table chair – two modern, great looking chairs that become a table simply by pushing them together and sliding one into the other via specially designed notches. As chairs, it seats two; as a coffee table it seats four to six. How many pieces of furniture can you say that about?

joel hesselgren chairs 02 The Amazing Table Chairs Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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