Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall

judita introduction 01 Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall Written by V Blak

Remember a few weeks back when I wrote it was a time of change? Well, you may have noticed those changes are happening. Yes, new site, new exclusive interviews and now… drum roll…. new G Living Monkied Blogs. I know what your saying — no way, monkied blogs, I have been waiting all my life for monkied blogs to come along! I feel you, because I have too. I imagined them to be much more highly designed, but all good things take time and are best done in baby steps. Right.

On that note, I would like to introduce our very first G Living Member Monkied Blogger and GreenChef, Judita Wignall. That is why today’s interview is so special. It’s a beginning of a new trend here. Very personal in-depth, hands on, straight forward, honest, fun, direct posts from the coolest people on the planet. Yes, G people, or as we like to call them here, Monkies.

Just a quick note, to catch everyone up on the Monkie thing. See, the characters all over the site with the glowing eyes, those thing are Monkies. Not Monkeys, but Monkies, and anyone who is as cool as they are, are also, Monkies. People who walk around with a fridge buzz going on and just do things because they don’t have a clue, are called Drones. Trust me you don’t want to be a drone. But there is hope, even for the drones, because the more exposure drones have to Monkies, the more chance they have to transform from being a grey dull drone, into a beautiful ultra cool Monkie. Isn’t life cool. Okay back to our very very special Monkied Number One, Judita.

Who is Judita? Well you could say, most of you already know her. Yes, she may even live in your house. You see, Judita is many things, a GreenChef, an Actress, Rock Star and a Guitar Hero. No not like your a Guitar Hero, but an actual Guitar Hero, she is the hot punk rocker chick Judy Nails character in the game. So, next time you pick up your plastic guitar and go at it, remember, Judy Nails is a Twisted Dark Green Juice Guzzling Space Monkie now. So strum on that.

rawjudita costarica photos 03 Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall

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Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

sust 01 Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

Photography by Stefan Arni and his directing partner SIggi Kinski

This week we are lucky to have an exclusive interview with the founders of the fashion house SUST. With the seeds of their company planted in California, these two women, Marion McKee and Tristan Gribbin, have set out to make a mainstream fashion brand, with a green core. They are committed to designing desirable clothing, which looks and feels great, using only the finest 100% organicly grown cottons. They have even committed to having all their garments made in Northern California to ensure all workers are fairly treated, while receiving sustainable wages. Not your typical fashion company business model by a long shot. I guess they didn’t get the insiders handbook to creating a global brand on the cheap. You know the standard chemical / near slave labor production cycle. Isn’t that the right path to creating a main stream brand?

q question interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTG Monkie: Tristan / Marion, your company is fairly new, only starting in 2008. When you jumped in to create this new fashion brand, what previous experience did you and how did you know what you wanted. to create?

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTMarion McKee, Co-Founder: I have fourteen years experience as an accessory designer with my own line Marion McKee Designs, which sells in specialty stores and boutiques across the nation. I also owned a skateboard/snowboard shop of street wear trends in the 1990’s in the heart of San Francisco’s Haight Street District. All my experience has stemmed from my love of fashion when I was in school and the merchandising and design classes I took in college.

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTTristan Gribbin, Co-Founder: I have a background in theater and entertainment and have seen eye to eye with Marion on style since we’ve been friends in the seventh grade. When we were in junior high we were always sketching punk and new wave designs and passing them around in class! And then, when we were in high school we were Mods and that is still a heavy influence in our style and our designs for SUST today.

sust 02 Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

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Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designer Sara Kirsner of Doie

doie 021 Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designer Sara Kirsner of Doie

Last week I posted about how it is time to get off the Carbon Copy Wagon, in which vast majority of the green new and old media are on. It’s time to make things a little more personal and about the things we directly are part of or are inspired by. So, to begin down that path of change, we are starting a series of exclusive interviews with some of the most inspiring green architects, designers, chefs and other professionals who have drawn a line in the sand and are not looking back. Yes, they believe in a "G" future and they intend to make it happen on their terms.

Our first interview is with G/Fashion designer Sara Kirsner, principle designer and founder of the company Doie. According to Sara’s website, she named the company after her grandmother, a fashion icon, in Sara’s eyes. Her sense of style ran the gamut from vintage Calvin Klein coats to tee-shirts by the Gap. Doie is always put together in a chic, individual way. Stylish, sociable and comfortable in her clothes and in her own skin.

q question interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designer Sara Kirsner of DoieG Monkie: Sara, after seeing your line of clothing and how playful it was, I was wondering a few things. Before becoming a designer, what was your background and when did you get started?

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designer Sara Kirsner of DoieSara: After graduating from the University of Vermont and working in advertising, I decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I had always had a strong interest in fashion (ie making barbie clothes and giving fashion makeovers to friends when I was younger) but I wasn’t sure how to get started. I then went to Parsons School of Design (in NYC). After graduating, I interned at Marc Jacobs and DKNY and then got a contract job with Ann Taylor (corporate). I left Ann Taylor in 2004 and started Doie shortly after.

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Time of Change | Getting Off The Carbon Copy Bandwagon

gmonkie greybackground Time of Change | Getting Off The Carbon Copy Bandwagon

As lead Monkie here at G Living, I have decided it’s time to take the company in a new direction. It’s time to take a fresh new look at what we have created and where we’re going. We started G Living way back in 2004 with the idea of being the media company for the emerging modern green lifestyle. We wanted to cover it all. The news, recipes, raw food movement, fashion, vehicles, celebrities and a zillion other things. Providing a cool platform for the not so cool idea (back then) of living green.  In fact, back in 2004, the average person I would share the idea of green living with, would not only not get what I was talking about, but they saw little value in it.  Things have really changed, haven’t they.

We started building version one of a site we called GreenZones, which eventually evolved into the G Living site you see now.  There was little to no coverage happening in the mainstream publications or within the blog space.  Zoom forward 4 years and not only is everyone covering something about living green, but most of them are all covering exactly the same things.  Everything is just a poor carbon copy of each other.  No first hand experiences, or knowledge, just a bunch of people surfing the web and reposting what they found. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

matthew kenney interview green chef 01 Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

Photographer: G Monkie

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I just finished watching a version of the movie 1984 (The Love of Big Brother) by director Michael Radford, which I had never seen. The film, which is based on George Orwells novel 1984, came out ironically enough, in … 1984. I was only 16 at the time, and I somehow missed it. I guess the big brains here in Hollywood, thought this was a nice bit of marketing genius and a scary look backwards at what could have been, if the world had actually gone Red. We would all be living in a world which required us to chant things like “We love big brother” and “Drill Baby Drill”. The population would have also freely given up their personal rights to keep themselves safe from the Axis of Evil in East Asia. And of course we would trust completely in our leader the decider! Good thing that never happened.

I am only bringing this up because for years I have owned both the DVD of the film 1984 and a CD by the Eurythmics called 1984. The CD’s 9 songs are based on the book and have been hardwired in my mind as sort of a personal soundtrack, along with songs by the Clash of course. In all this time, I had no clue why the music was never part of the film. The music in the film is this dull grey sounding stuff which it turns out the director wanted and the financiers didn’t. The company funding the movie turned out to be the Virgin Group and I guess they got their way for the theater release and the director got his way for the DVD. So for all these years, I had no idea a Eurythmics version of the film even existed. Kind of strange, since in the book, the main theme is about not knowing what existed or what will be. The government had total control of all memories, by constantly altering the history of what was. I have always thought that was spooky and a little too close to reality, because who is to say we really know what happened at any given time. Our only knowledge is what we are told. For the most part, we have very little first hand knowledge of any major events in the world that happen during our lives.

matthew kenney interview green chef 041 Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

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Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

mike adams interview Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

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Our guest today is Mike Adams. Mike is the founder of Truth Publishing, The Consumer Wellness Center and the very popular, Natural News.

Through the vehicle of web and the honesty of his heart, Mike has built a following of millions of health enthusiasts online.

Today we talk to Mike about how his health journey started, the evolution of his online community, his latest hip hop project and his upcoming Health Revolutions Tour. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Follow-Up | Opportunity Green at UCLA

oppertunity green kevin wall 01 Follow Up | Opportunity Green at UCLA

On Saturday, G Living attended the Opportunity Green conference at UCLA. The event’s purpose was to empower people to create new businesses (or alter existing ones) towards a business model that is both green and profitable. All this toward the ultimate goal of making the world a better place. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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