urban clothing design + ancient textiles = modern style from MoreTrees

greenfashiongirl urban clothing design + ancient textiles = modern style from MoreTrees

If you are sick of folks saying they don’t buy more green fashions because of the cost, then promptly direct them to the MoreTrees website. Though the site itself isn’t very fancy, that is part of the appeal: San Francisco grassroots fashion that’s stylish, eco-friendly, and affordable. Fashions are available for men and women, made from 100% organic cotton, hemp, and recycled plastic (PET). Prices starts at $30 for t-shirts and go up from there. Everything from tops, pants, skirts, bags, and accessories can be bought on their website and at the Whole Foods lifestyle stores in southern California.

Why “moreTrees?” :: Trees provide the earth and humans with oxygen to breathe. Recreating an economy based on hemp and other bio-resources will end our dependence on timber and synthetics. SAVE OUR PLANET from more devastation. Support hemp, so we can breathe.

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Cultivate Your Green Toe

greentoeshoes Cultivate Your Green Toe

While I love the swagger and confidence that wearing heels gives me, my feet thank me for not sporting them every day. Running errands and exploring calls for something much more comfortable and functional; you can find both with Green Toe from Simple. Their initial collection for men and women included just four or five basic styles, but Spring 2007 brings the release of new options and a new line all together, called Green Piggies for, you guessed it, kids.

The variety of sustainable materials that they use is just as impressive as the comfort factor that their line offers. Crepe, cork, jute, wool felt, bamboo, cotton, water-based glues, and car tires; all wrapped up in 100% post-consumer recycled boxes. Some of the promotional materials that they had in their Green Festival booth were serious and humorous at the same time.

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Recycled Sweaters to the Rescue!

girlsweaterfmis Recycled Sweaters to the Rescue!

With one day left of November, it is clear that the cold season is upon us. You could spend your time browsing through oodles of thrift stores, trying to find just the right wool sweater to keep you warm this year, but who has time for that!? Instead, try buying from ekologic and Mod to Modern; both of them make all of their items from recycled sweaters.

From hats and scarves to mittens and sweaters, every item ekologic makes is unique (part of the joy of using recycled garments). “We hunt for treasures and dismantle each garment; taking time to recognize its unique character and individual beauty. The material is then transformed by joining it with other pieces. Separate elements finding harmony together. There is a little magic and a lot of love in each piece we construct. We use what we find. We deliberate over each coloration and custom create a diverse collection of clothing and accessories.” One of the most popular sellers for the fashion-forward set is the women’s cuff and collar duo (in the picture at left). Depending on the weather (or your outfit), you can wear the collar around your neck or as a snazzy hair band.

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Antioxidants 101

20060530 110402 FD31 rec3 Antioxidants 101
(image via: denverpost.com)

We’ve all heard of free radical damage and the power of antioxidants, right?
Well, if not, here is the perfect time to learn a little bit about how antioxidants affect your health, your beauty, longevity, and more. If so, well, you can refresh yourself on the subject.

Free radicals (the antagonist) are the by-product of our bodies turning oxygen into energy. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are the toxic-free radicals that are responsible for cellular damage. Their highly-reactive nature is what makes them so dangerous and potentially responsible for chronic disease and also thought to be the driving force of human aging. We all have free radicals in our bodies and are exposed to them daily in the form of heated fats and oils, or as a result of atmospheric radiation, and environmental pollutants.

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Latest events

November started with the New York City Marathon. I wasn’t able to run it, unfortunately, since I tried to enter about four months ago and it had already sold out. However, we did have a Vega booth at the Health and Fitness Expo. It spanned three days and saw 70, 000 plus visitors, many of which came by the Vega booth.

It was there that I met Adam Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief of The Final Sprint, an on-line endurance sport magazine. He wrote-up Vega.

While in NYC I was able to eat at Pure Food and Wine one evening. It’s an up-scale raw restaurant that really must be experienced. It was amazing. I had eaten dessert there once before, but this time I had a full meal. In fact it was the first sit-down meal that I had eaten in about two months. Normally I just graze and keep moving, but this was a good reason to stop and take in some really special food. Sarma is the chef. She also has an excellent line of raw products that can be found on-line or in some Whole Foods Markets on the East coast.

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Nature-inspired Elegance from Xylem

fashion0012 Nature inspired Elegance from Xylem

During my two very enjoyable days at the Green Festival in SF, I found myself spending a fair amount of time in the eco-fashion area (go figure). One booth that I was continually drawn to was that of Xylem Clothing. Their basic and flattering cuts were accentuated with the sustainable fabrics that they use: organic cotton, soy, and hemp. Many of their pieces, such as the Modern Twist top (shown in the picture) can easily work for a night on the town as well as a day of running errands. Thanks to the quality of the fabrics they use, you can wear each of their items alone on a warm day or layered with others as the temperature continues to drop. The Tea Dress is a great choice for meeting your partner’s parents for the first time; the Xylem Dress would be an ideal pick for your next night out with the girls. A variety of skirts and a yoga collection in the cards affirm that just about ever G woman can find something for her wardrobe.

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Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel

img 8139 Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel

This is a raw, fresh apple pie with a low carb flourless crust. The crust seen in the photo above is not the same crust as the recipe below. To me it was a disaster and took away from the delicious filling inside. It was just too thick and too dense and chewy with all the dates in it. It makes great cookies with dates and nuts mixed together, but I like my crusts a little drier. I use unsoaked almonds for that reason, but you can use soaked.

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Blue Canoe: On & Off the (Yoga) Mat

fashion0121 Blue Canoe: On & Off the (Yoga) Mat

Whether you are a mat-friendly yogi or not, Blue Canoe has some of the best organic cotton comfort clothing that you can find. Here is a little blurb from their website to give you a better idea:

Nestled in the heart of the Redwood Forests of Northern California, a young company called Blue Canoe is busy making close-to-the-body wear with a difference. Blue Canoe was founded in 1991 by CEO Laurie Dunlap and is at present the only company in the country exclusively producing body wear from organically grown cotton. Our business practices are based on a lifestyle committed to living lightly on the earth, following good sense rather than trends, supporting sustainability, recycling and non-chemical alternatives. We are a part of the Co-op America Business Network whose members pledge to conduct business in a way that addresses the needs of consumers, employees, our communities and the environment.

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Clean Air – Always in Fashion

fashion0023 Clean Air   Always in Fashion

Project Runways Andrae Gonzalo wasn’t the only one who showed up at the Wilshire Ebel Club in LA to support the Coalition for Clean Air’s Eco-fashion show. We had Ed Begley Jr., Pat Morrison, and around 20 of California’s Top public officials – including wacky ‘runway model’ Burbank Mayor Todd Campbell.

Eco-fashion was auctioned off the backs of all the runway models (aka public officials) to raise money for the coalitions goal: restoring clean air to California. Designers included Carol Young of Undesgined, Debbie Brosenne of Taxi CDC, Stewart + Brown, Indigenous Designs, and more.

Below, two dresses from Project Runway’s “waste not, want not” episode which were also auctioned off for the G-cause.

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Sweet Styles Against Your Skin

sweetskins Sweet Styles Against Your Skin

Fresh from the Green Festival in San Francisco, I’ve got a healthy collection of great eco-fashion brands to tell you about. Described as “fresh fashion inspired by love”, Sweet Skins out of Oregon will be at the Chicago Green Festival in April of 2007 as well. Their collection is simple and understated, but full of fundamental and comfortable wardrobe pieces. All of their tops would look great with a pair of jeans and hemp shoes. Their eco-fleece hoodies, made from recycled plastic bottles, require no special care and make a perfect layer for the coming cold season. Their long pants, made of hemp knit, would enhance any gym or yoga workout. I personally find it tough to resist their pocket boy-cut panties, made from a hemp and cotton blend and available in adorable colors.

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Turk+Taylor: Homegrown With Love And Sweat

f00021 Turk+Taylor: Homegrown With Love And Sweat

The response to this little San Francisco-based business has been so supportive that, for their third collection, Turk+Taylor are expanding their line to include tailored pieces to accompany their line of hand-dyed organic cotton shirts. The new collection for ladies includes a trench jacket, skirt, and shorts in organic linen; along with office-worthy cuffed pants in organic cotton twill. The fellas get their own tasty pieces as well: hemp/organic cotton long shorts and pants. I first spotted this design-based eco-line at a local craft fair. Resisting these tops was nearly impossible, and I ended up leaving with a tasty new long sleeve top that I continue to love. Each season features a new set of graphic designs and colors, keeping us G lovers on our toes.

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Stylish Undies Are A Woman’s Best Friend

greenknickers01 Stylish Undies Are A Womans Best Friend

Like most women, I happen to carry myself a bit differently when I know that I’m wearing sexy underpinnings. Considering those bits of fabric are sitting so closely to “delicate” areas, shouldn’t they be stylish and G? The burgeoning UK eco-biz GreenKnickers is on the verge of making a big impact on the slowly-developed G lingerie market. Started just last year, founders Sarah and Rose have gotten a lot of press coverage, as well as having their items featured in Paris Fashion Week.

From fair trade supplies to eco-friendly fabrics and production methods, GK has all the G options covered. Unfortunately, due to being a small business, they haven’t even had any products to sell to the general public – until now! Their first set of limited-edition hand made “knickers” are available for sale on their site. You’ve got two styles to choose from, each pair costing 25 UK pounds (about $48) each. It may sound like a lot, but you are buying fair trade, hand made, and organic all at the same time! You can read about and see pictures from the making of their first publicly-sold set on their blog.

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