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fashion02232 Daily Specials from Pangaya.com

Though we love to make a difference by buying eco-friendly fashions, the price can be a testy turn-off. It looks like Pangaya.com has that all figured out, and just in time for the holidays.

The Daily Special is a new feature exclusive to our blog readers. Now through mid-December, we will periodically offer one day specials on various pieces of merchandise on our web site. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or looking for a gift, this is a great opportunity to save a few bucks. In addition to the discount, shipping is always free on orders $75+.
So what’s the catch?

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Organic Candy Holiday Treats

Throughout these holidays, candies and treats will be everywhere. Kids and adults alike will likely find their sweet tooth aching for some. Of course it is always best to choose fresh, whole organic fruits, but sometimes we want something a little more naughty. Here are some organic and healthier natural options to consider for kids and parties. Most of them can be found in many health food stores and Whole Foods Markets. Also be sure to check out the GreenChefs Desert Recipes.

Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate Treats

dark large Organic Candy Holiday Treats

The Endangered Species Company makes a bite-size chocolate bar. It is organic and fair trade with no refined sugars. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to protect endangered animals. Some of their organic mini-options include Bug Bites Organic Dark Chocolate and Organic Chimp Mints.

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Minis

 Organic Candy Holiday Treats

I love Equal Exchange Dark Chocolates. They make some of the best chocolates and they are fair trade and organic with no refined sugars. Now they’ve come out with these new mini versions for a bite-size snack, and perfect for kids.

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Back to Vancouver for a Week

brendan 009 Back to Vancouver for a Week

I’m back in Vancouver this week after an action-packed six and a half weeks on the road. This week I’ll be giving four talks in the Vancouver area, then off to NYC for the Marathon Health and Fitness Expo – Nov 2nd – 4th. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Stewart + Brown: Eco-Powerhouse

stewartbrown 01 Stewart + Brown: Eco Powerhouse

Founded in 2002, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown’s clothing line has become one of the main faces of the eco-movement. Right after the birth of their daughter Hazel, Karen’s experience as a painter and Howard’s graphic design talents were combined to create Stewart+Brown. “We wanted to prove to the world that you could be socially and environmentally responsible without compromising quality and style, and still be profitable,” Howard told me recently. Recently featured in Wired’s Green Issue, Plenty, and a favorite of the now-defunct Organic Style Magazine, S+B’s creations naturally garner attention.

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VURU – Personalized Supplements

home hand2 VURU   Personalized Supplements

(article/review written by Juli Novotny)

Introducing VURU, the customized, made-to-order daily supplement pack. What a great idea! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?
From an entrepreneurial perspective, I give many kudos to a great site, idea and branding: it’s fun, creative, personal and interactive. Read the Founder’s story. From a nutritional perspective I like the incorporation of herbs, enzymes and phytonutrients. However, it does not solve an ongoing dilemma: how do we know what we NEED?

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Still On The Road

After doing staff trainings in Whole Foods in San Francisco and surrounding area for a week, I attended and spoke at World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park. It was bigger than last year and also spanned two days instead of one. Then it was on to the east coast. Natural Products Expo East was in Baltimore this year, switching for Washington, DC the year before. It was a good event. Lots of knowledgeable people who really knew what they wanted. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Adventures of the Urban Nomad

fashion carolyoung Adventures of the Urban Nomad

Carol Young designs for the “urban nomad.” Definition: The urbanite greenie professional who looks fabulous while taking to the road, bus, bike, public trans, or all of the above. Carol definitely makes it happen, especially with her Bamboo Denim Trouser.

Sure, they look good, but are they really that functional? Well, just ask your friendly neighborhood eco-fashionista (um, me).

I tried on my first pair of Bamboo Trousers last week during the GLiving shoot and I’ve barely taken them off since. Below, a few things I’ve done the past two weeks while wearing Carol’s denim trousers:

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Because Sweatshops Suck!

fashion vintage222 Because Sweatshops Suck!

So maybe we are not all attracted to vintage goodies – finding something that fits is a pain in the booty. Then why not take the time to make things ourselves? Keyword: TIME. Thankfully, Stephanie Syjuco of San Francisco has it all figured out for you with her clothing line Anti Factory. I recently interviewed her for a feature piece for Pearl Necklace Zine‘s most recent issue, released this past week. Happy to call herself an environmentalist, she is also a registered member of SF’s Green Party and a college art professor.

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eBay’s Vintage Treasure Trove

fashion2333 eBays Vintage Treasure Trove

The most common complaint you will hear about eco-conscious clothing is the cost. As sustainable fabrics become more popular, the cost will go down; until then, for those of us who want to lead planet-friendly lives, we have options. One of your best choices is to buy vintage items. This alternative requires no new resources to be manufactured or processed, saving tons of chemicals and pollution. Not interested in picking through the racks at your local donation center? Then you need eBay!

If you have not yet joined this infamous website, then you are missing out on a lot of great deals. Personally, I do a lot of my own wardrobe shopping here, from dresses and sweaters to boots and skirts. Over the years, I have found my own favorite sellers who consistently have well-kept items that are fashionable. Though I may end up in a bidding war, for the sake of saving money and helping the environment, here are the folks I’ve found are worth adding to your list – they are dependable, have easy payment options, fast shipping, helpful with questions, and restock often:

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Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice Cream

ice Tomberlies RAW Vegan Ice CreamBelieve it or not, this is a real image taken of Tomberlies RAW ice cream. Decadent and beautiful, Tom and Kimberlie (the minds behind Tomberlies, hence the name) are geniuses. Some of the most amazing desserts you’ve ever tasted and I know this first hand. Take a look at the cake I received for my birthday—my very own Tomberlies masterpiece (that we devoured in 2 days).

Tomerblies makes custom ice cream cakes and ice cream pints. With over 25 flavors, cake combinations are endless.

All cakes and ice cream are made with a blend of organic, 100% RAW ingredients: young thai coconut, raw cashews, raw agave syrup, whole vanilla bean, raw cocoa powder, raw cocoa butter and fresh seasonal fruit. Can you believe how simple and healthy these desserts are?
UNBELIEVABLE. Keep the ice cream on hand in the freezer or order a cake for your next party. Prices are competitive with gourmet vegan cakes and ice cream–$60 for this cake and only $5 for a pint of ice cream.

visit the web site for updates.
email them to place an order today.

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Spinach Outbreak Source is The Livestock Industry

spinach large Spinach Outbreak Source is The Livestock Industry
(via: LATimes.com)
“E. Coli Pervades Harvest Area

Salinas Valley waterways are known to carry the bacteria that poisoned at least 145 people and killed one who ate tainted spinach.
The bacterium that has sickened people across the nation and forced growers to destroy spinach crops is so pervasive in the Salinas Valley that virtually every waterway there violates national standards.

“There are many sources of water coming into the watershed, and I guarantee you that they all have generic E. coli,” and many carry the deadly E. coli strain linked to food poisonings, said Christopher Rose, an environmental scientist at the state’s Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, which tests the region’s waterways.”

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California Sues 6 Automakers Over Global Warming

21auto600 California Sues 6 Automakers Over Global Warming

(via: NYTimes.com)
California’s attorney general says the products of the six biggest auto companies are responsible for nearly a third of the state’s emissions.

Published: September 21, 2006

California, which has battled the automotive industry over new global warming regulations for years, sued the world’s six-largest automakers yesterday, demanding that they pay for environmental damage caused by the emissions of their vehicles.

“Global warming is causing significant harm to California’s environment, economy, agriculture and public health,� said the state’s attorney general, Bill Lockyer.

“Vehicle emissions are the single most rapidly growing source of the carbon emissions contributing to global warming, yet the federal government and automakers have refused to act.�

The suit, filed in United States District Court in Northern California, is the first such attempt to hold automakers accountable for the greenhouse gases that vehicles produce. It accuses General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrysler and Nissan of creating a public nuisance by building millions of vehicles that collectively discharge 289 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

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