Mike Adams Interview | Ruth’s Hemp Foods


I love hemp! Here is a short interview with another hero in the hemp industry who fought to keep it legal to at least ‘consume’ hemp foods in the United States. Ruth along with Dr. Bronner and the founder of Nutiva, John Roulac, sued the DEA for trying to ban the sell of hemp in the US and won. You can find Ruth Hemp Foods at your local organic grocer or online at http://ruthshempfoods.com

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Spinach Outbreak Source is The Livestock Industry

spinach large Spinach Outbreak Source is The Livestock Industry
(via: LATimes.com)
“E. Coli Pervades Harvest Area

Salinas Valley waterways are known to carry the bacteria that poisoned at least 145 people and killed one who ate tainted spinach.
By Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer
September 21, 2006

The bacterium that has sickened people across the nation and forced growers to destroy spinach crops is so pervasive in the Salinas Valley that virtually every waterway there violates national standards.

“There are many sources of water coming into the watershed, and I guarantee you that they all have generic E. coli,” and many carry the deadly E. coli strain linked to food poisonings, said Christopher Rose, an environmental scientist at the state’s Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, which tests the region’s waterways.”

“E. coli is a national problem, but it is especially severe in livestock areas. A single cow can shed as much as 100 billion fecal bacteria per day. The food-poisoning outbreak could pit vegetable growers against livestock owners, both economic powerhouses in the state.

Monterey County’s spinach fields are downstream of the Gabilan Mountains, where beef cattle, dairy cows and horses graze. En route to the Salinas River, many tributaries flow through the livestock areas, picking up bacteria. The water then flows through the low-lying valley where vegetables are grown.

Cattle and other livestock graze near the banks of the creeks, and their manure can easily contaminate the water with millions of E. coli organisms. “In some areas, grazing has resulted in manure lining the banks of channels of tributaries to the Salinas River,” a June report by the Central Coast water board stated.

How much of the region’s water contamination comes from cattle is unknown. “What is certain is that livestock are a source of E. coli, including E. coli O157:H7,” in several creeks that flow into the Salinas River, the board’s report concluded. It also found that “the most frequent occurrence of E. coli O157:H7 occurs at sites flanking areas used for grazing purposes.””

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Mike Adams Interview | David Wolfe

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The latest add-on to lure buyers of high-end condos? Trees.

It’s not quite Central Park, with its 26,000 trees and 136 acres of woodland, but a 0.8-acre mini “floating forest” of 101 pines will add a dash of green to New York City.

The urban wood isn’t a new public space, but a real estate marketing tactic. It’s being used to sell a new downtown condo at 101 Warren Street in trendy Tribeca–and even in a slowing market, it see.

By the time the building opens at the end of 2007, the 30-foot-tall trees will be set on mounds of soil next to a meandering path five floors above street level, on the roof of a Whole Foods (nasdaq: WFMI – news – people ) store. A 30-story limestone and glass condo tower designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill will rise behind the trees.

The bottom line: The forest added $3 million to the cost of a $600 million project. That’s the price of the cheapest three-bedroom condo in the building (prices range from $1.2 million to $16 million). The payoff: Out of the 228 units up for sale at 101 Warren, 112 sold in the first eight weeks.

101 Warren is one of several condo projects across the country that mark the–ahem–greening of rooftops in residential developments. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals | 375-million-year-old Fish

05cnd fossil650 Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals | 375 million year old Fish

Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animal

Published: April 6, 2006

Scientists have discovered fossils of a 375-million-year-old fish, a large scaly creature not seen before, that they say is a long-sought missing link in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life walking on four limbs on land.

In two reports today in the journal Nature, a team of scientists led by Neil H. Shubin of the University of Chicago say they have uncovered several well-preserved skeletons of the fossil fish in sediments of former streambeds in the Canadian Arctic, 600 miles from the North Pole.

The skeletons have the fins, scales and other attributes of a giant fish, four to nine feet long. But on closer examination, the scientists found telling anatomical traits of a transitional creature, a fish that is still a fish but has changes that anticipate the emergence of land animals � and is thus a predecessor of amphibians, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals and eventually humans.

In the fishes’ forward fins, the scientists found evidence of limbs in the making. There are the beginnings of digits, proto-wrists, elbows and shoulders. The fish also had a flat skull resembling a crocodile’s, a neck, ribs and other parts that were similar to four-legged land animals known as tetrapods.

Continue reading the rest of this article on The New York Times

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New GreenChef | Sarma Melngailis

cover sarma New GreenChef | Sarma Melngailis

Sarma’s Pure Food GreenChef section has finally launched tonight with 9 amazing gourmet dishes from her restaurant Pure Food and Wine in NY. We are excited to have Sarma Melngailis join GreenChefs and want to extend our warm welcome to her. Sarma will also be joining us on the show in the coming weeks and will be part of the New G Living Magazine.

A new front cover and more recipes are coming in the next few days. You can get to her front cover from the GreenChefs Menu or through this direct link: http://gliving.tv/greenchefs/sarma

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Mike Adams Interview | Navitas Naturals

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Green Knitting and Crocheting

fashion yarn001 Green Knitting and Crocheting

Our great “green movement” has reached into yet another area of our lives: knitting and crocheting. These creative and soothing activities have gained a huge following in the past 10 years or so. No longer are these pasttimes for retired grandmothers (though we love them too); teenyboppers, Wall Street workers, and everyone in between is taking a stab at these arts (no pun intended).

As with any activity, we hope to be able to find an eco-conscious way of following our interests. Select yarn companies are just as concerned about the planet as we are, offering up a delicious selection of colors and textures to choose from. Vermont Organic Fiber recently released a 100% organic wool collection, called o~wool. Other than hand-knitting yarn, they also offer fabric and blankets made from this 100% Certified Organic wool, which is processed in accordance with the Organic Trade Association’s Fiber Processing standards. In the same vein, Garthenor sells the very first Soil Association Certified 100% woolen yarns, made from traditional and rare breeds of Organic British sheep. With their seal and license number proudly displayed on their site, you’ll have no worries about ordering from Garthenor.

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Wild Bees Face Extinction

honeybee 04 Wild Bees Face Extinction

(via nationalgeographic)
Due to Mite infestation of honeybees in the wild, and in beekeeper’s fields – nearly all wild honeybees are facing extinction. Except for honeybee farms and the relentless search for a control of these prolific mites, honeybees are doomed to be a protected species, raised and tended to by man. I doubt that we could keep them going another 200 million years.

“Claire Kremen, a conservation biologist at Princeton University in New Jersey, thinks native wild bees can take some of the sting from the honeybee decline. These wild bees buzzed North America for thousands of years before the domesticated European variety arrived.

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Dagoba Cacao Nibs

picture 1 Dagoba Cacao NibsMy latest favorite treaty treat is Dagoba Cacao Nibs on top of soy yogurt. We’re talking about cacao beans–100% organic, kosher and fair trade certified unsweetened, lightly toasted and crushed. Can we say yummmm AND rich in anti-oxidants? What??!! Also available in Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs and Xocolati Nibs (that is chocolate covered and kissed with chilis and spices like the Aztecs used to do). Dagoba’s award-winning chocolate products are made with “Full Circle Sustainability” that blends quality, ecology, equity and community. Available in stores nationwide or at www.dagobachocolate.com

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Quality Makes A Difference

One of the most common questions I get asked is about the ability to maintain strength and muscle tissue once eating a plant-based diet. Following is a typical question and my response. I’ve recently switched to a plant-based diet am having trouble maintaining muscle mass even though I am constantly eating. What’s wrong?

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, we are inundated with nutrient-lacking foods. Consumed mostly for convenience sake, processed and refined foods have led us to a decline in health and have elevated medical costs. Having to consume more of them to “fill up” due to their absence of usable nutrients, yet high sugar and calorie counts, we have become an obese, energy-depleted society. Back a few years in my more conventional-thinking days, I would try to gauge my caloric intake requirements based on my activity level and body weight. Eating about 8000 calories on heavy training days, as determined by my calculations, I would usually need a rest day soon after. I realize now, a large part of my need for the extra rest day was not just to recover from the energy expended during training, but primarily from the energy expended digesting all that food!
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Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, actor George Clooney to address U.N. Security Council on Darfur

weiselclooney main Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, actor George Clooney to address U.N. Security Council on Darfur

(via:un.org) “Nobel Laureate and United Nations Messenger of Peace Elie Wiesel, along with actor George Clooney will address the Security Council on the crisis in Darfur during a closed-door session on Thursday”, officials with the world body announced today.

On Monday, Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned the Security Council that the situation in Darfur has reached a critical moment. It is vital that we all speak candidly about what is happening, and about what it will take to bring an end to the suffering of so many millions of people, he said, appealing for the Sudanese Government to accept a UN force, but the Khartoum Government remains opposed. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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