Natalie Portman’s “G” Turn

fashion natport Natalie Portmans G Turn

Finally stylish evening “G” shoes are coming to market. A-lister Natalie Portman has been spotted wearing a pair of wedges by Charmone (pronounced SHAR-monay), the “it” brand attracting fashion-conscious women since its launch in Fall 2006. Charmone prides itself on utilizing the highest quality synthetics and fabrics to deliver stylish shoes that are also animal-safe (non-leather), “G” friendly and sweatshop-free. Made in Italy, Charmone targets the globally conscious consumer looking for accessible luxury and fashion-forward European design and quality–an under-served segment of the shoe industry until now.

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Wizards of Oz Present Peak Oil to the Public

oilrig Wizards of Oz Present Peak Oil to the PublicAustralia’s top investigative journalist Jonathan Holmes hosted a special TV documentary on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) on Peak Oil on July 10. This is a very well-executed multimedia presentation representing some key voices on the topic. Highly-recommended, and you can see it here if you have Flash 8.

What is Peak Oil, or Hubbert’s Peak? Here is the official explanation. It has been covered elsewhere on this site and many others, including at length, but in case you are new to the idea it involves the peak of a bell-shaped curve that defines global oil production by the late Shell Oil geologist M. King Hubbert who predicted peak of U.S. oil production decades before it happened in the 70s as well as a prediction for global peak oil production which may be true as well. Peak oil is the point on the curve where you reach maximum oil production before the supply begins to fall. The costs of extracting oil as it passes it’s peak gets increasingly expensive, goingskyward long before the actual supply runs out. “This does not mean that the world is running out of oil: it means that we are running out of the cheap pumpable oil that has fueled the economic development of the 20th Century,” – Hubbert’s website.
Although the U.S. Department of Energy’s Robert L. Hirsch has acknowledged the serious nature and ramifications of Peak Oil here in 2005 (“The peaking of world oil production presents the U.S. and the world with an unprecedented risk management problem…”), the Bush Administration publicly remains optimistic about the exploration and supply of oil and in fact has been promoting new drilling proposals, including the recent House of Representatives resolution to end the 25-year ban on offshore drilling.

Other great links on Peak Oil information and resources include Post Carbon, Colin Campbell, and the award-winning documentary End of Suburbia among many others I hope to list later. Please add more in comments.

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G Living’s LIVE: A New Weekly Format Bursting with Green Talent

Things are definitely winding up in a good way at G Living. The crew and guests on our LIVE show had such a blast Sunday and Monday, learning, sharing stories and information, finding inspiration in each other – not your typical tv production environment – a modern home in Venice Canals, a minimal crew, our talented hosts…including Boise Thomas and Tara McNamara…for those wondering what’s been happening, we are reformatting the show- and will be back online next week. Meanwhile, yeah, shooting has been superfun.

Vanessa Sherwood, our Green Chef from Chicago, turned us on to a mind-blowing 10-dish medley of raw exotic summer recipes – so amazing I can only say stand back and stay tuned. Vietnamese spring rolls, Summer’s Bounty exotic summer salad, raw chocolate ice cream, ginger limeade, jerk-marinated vegetable skewers, lemon-strawberry trifle and more…

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Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14-acre L.A. Urban Farm

south central farm los angeles 02 Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14 acre L.A. Urban Farm

As the United States heads into a deep economic depression, G Living looks back at what happened to a community urban farm in a depressed industrial part of Los Angeles. The farm was called South Central Farm and was the pride and joy of thousands low income families living in this area.

July 2006

Julia Hill, Alicia Silverstone and Daryle Hannah all are trying to save the farm.

Julia “Butterfly” Hill is sitting in a tree to try and save the trees and the 14 acre L.A. urban farm from the bulldozers.

The tree-sit has reached Day 11, and Julia Butterfly Hill is on a significant 18th day of her water-only fast. Daryl Hannah has been on the farm 24 hours a day and continues in her commitment to the farmers and the South Central Farm”s survival.

Back in 1997 Julia climbed into a 55-meter (180 foot) tall California Coast Redwood tree. Her aim was to prevent the destruction of the tree and of the forest where it had lived for a millennium. Her action epitomized the tradition of Mahatma Ghandi. She put her own life on the line to save the life of a forest that was under immediate threat of destruction.

south central farm los angeles 01 Julia Butterfly Hill | Sits in a Tree to save the 14 acre L.A. Urban Farm

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Global Warming Killing The Oceans Coral Reefs

A film by the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation shows a remote prestine reef system completely destroyed in just a few years from over warming of the oceans. This is a clip from Current TV.

Watch the Clip. Click to Watch
The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF) was founded in 1991 to address the coral reef crisis. Since its inception, PCRF has pursued an unprecedented global mission to preserve coral reefs through innovative programs in science, technology and education.

PCRF’s research vessel, the RV Heraclitus, is now completing year twelve of an ongoing expedition to map and monitor the world’s coral reefs. To date, the RV Heraclitus is the only ship continually at sea studying coral reefs on a planetary basis.

To create the first-ever comprehensive baseline map of living coral reefs, PCRF is pioneering a Coral Reef Satellite Mission in cooperation with scientists at College of Charleston, MIT, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, SeaSpace, Stevens Institute of Technology and USC.

View the site:

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Royal Dutch Shell wont sale food crop biofuel ‘morally inappropriate’

Today Eric Holthusen one of Shells fuels technology mananger for the Asia-Pacific region, said, Shell is developing bio fuels from wood chips and plant waste and considers using food crops for fuel, morally inappropriate.

“If we have the choice today, then we will not use this route,” Malaysia-based Holthusen said at a seminar in Singapore.

“We think morally it is inappropriate because what we are doing here is using food and turning it into fuel. If you look at Africa, there are still countries that have a lack of food, people are starving, and because we are more wealthy, we use food and turn it into fuel. This is not what we would like to see. But sometimes economics force you to do it.”

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From activism to energy-efficiency: Al Gore’s top tips for saving the planet

algore From activism to energy efficiency: Al Gores top tips for saving the planet

1. Insist that politicians in all parties make this planetary emergency their top priority; this is crucial

2. Think about conservation and efficiency in the way you use resources in your own life, eg:

· drive less (every mile not driven saves one pound of CO2)

· fly less

· recycle more

· keep your tyres properly inflated

· use less hot water

· use a clothesline instead of a tumble-dryer

· insulate your home

· avoid products with a lot of packaging

· turn down the thermostat by 2C

· plant a tree (one tree absorbs one tonne of CO2 over its lifetime)

· turn off electronic devices when they are not in use

3. Be a conscious consumer with regard to everything you buy, both in the marketplace and in the investments you make, eg:

· switch to green power

· buy locally grown food, and organic where possible

· buy fresh food over frozen

· buy less meat

· offset your impact on the planet’s resources by investing in renewable energy projects For more information go to

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12 amazing days in NYC

I was there for the launch of Vega in Manhattan. I’m pleased to say that it is now available in several health food stores in the area including the huge Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market and the Union Square Whole Foods Market. As you might imagine, New York is a major hub for raw and healthy food. There are several raw restaurants in Manhattan however, grazing fits my lifestyle better than actually sitting Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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Al Gore Shines a Light on Global Warming

an inconvenient truth movie Al Gore Shines a Light on Global Warming

HOTTEST YEAR EVER, 2005. Our former Vice President and almost President (the one we all voted for and elected) has focused on a new mission in life. Bringing alternative media to the world. His first act was to start a new network called current tv, and his second is a new movie about Global Warming. The movie is called An Inconvenient Truth, and looks like it maybe an incredible tool to allow people to actually see global warming.

Al Gore lays out the bare facts and the science behind global warming, but I am guessing the visuals will have the biggest impact. The movie compares a series of historical photos of the planet from the past 30 years, to the present day, with shocking results. Ice covered mountains now bare, massive rivers now dry, lush fields now vast deserts. Everyone should see this film… And you can start by watching the trailer.

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Toronto Area Talks

Starting on Saturday June 10th, I’ll be giving a series of talks in the Toronto area.
Each one will be based on my book Thrive: A guide to optimal health and performance through plant-based whole foods. All talks are free and will last about 1 hour.
Here’s the schedule:
Loblaws Wonderland June 10 – 2pm
3040 Wonderland Road South
KW/ Guelph and Cambridge
Zehrs Laurentian June 11- 6:30pm
750 Ottawa Street
Hamilton and Burlington
Fortinos Main Street June 12 – 6:30pm
1579 Main Street West
Loblaws Erin Drive June 13 – 6:00pm
5010 Glen Erin Drive
Loblaws June 14 6:30pm
396 St Clair Ave W
Loblaws Aurora June 15 6:30
15900 Bayview Avenue
Hope some of you can make it,

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New Book Coming – March 2007

I’m pleased to say that my next book will be published by Penguin Group (Canada). Set for a March 2007 launch date, it will be based on the theory in my book THRIVE: A guide to optimal heath and performance through plant-based whole foods. However, it will be a full scale ‘diet’ book to compete with others such as The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, The GI Diet, etc. It will include about 75 plant-based whole food recipes and a 12 week meal plan.

I’m currently in slow-paced Victoria BC, trying get as much work done on it now. In two weeks I’ll embark on a month long, eastern US speaking / promotional tour for VEGA.

More to come soon,


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Brendan Brazier Advise | Considerations When Selecting Protein Sources

brendan brazier sea weed 02 Brendan Brazier Advise | Considerations When Selecting Protein Sources

This weekend I’ve been attending the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Expo West in Vancouver. It’s the largest health food trade show in Western Canada. I’ve been at the Vega booth, talking with Canadian health food store owners and visiting with friends.

As promised, here are some factors I take into account when selection protein sources. I used these principals when formulation Vega, but off course anyone can apply them.
By synergistically combining protein sources, I found that my ability to recover dramatically improved. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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