Keep The Bike Stealing Drones From Pimping Off Your Precious One

newyork kryptonite lock 02 Keep The Bike Stealing Drones From Pimping Off Your Precious One

Now that your a Good Monkie and you ride your new shiny cooler than a rover bike, you need to make sure to protect it. If you don’t, there is a line of Drones out there looking to take it from you. When they see your bike, they don’t see a thing of beauty, no they see a quick buck. They will flip your precious two wheel friend like a $2 hooker to the first skanky john they can find. The thought just makes me sick to my stomach. I know this sucks and in my opinion is the worst part of being a good bike owner.

We all know a good bike, is one that cuts all the unnecessary weight, right? In fact the lighter they are, the more expensive and prized they become. So, when a good monkie has to turn around and buy 20 pounds of locks to protect their 5 pound bike, really really sucks. But that is life in the big city. So, until you move to some small country town or your own private island, you need to get your head into the keeping it lock up game.

Here is the problem. Most locks that seem to secure you bike really don’t. The bike thieving drones are ready to tackle most locks, cables and chains. So, what is a good bike monkie to do? Buy the best lock you can and use it properly. After the jump lock options and video to teach you how to lock your bike up.

newyork kryptonite lock 03 Keep The Bike Stealing Drones From Pimping Off Your Precious One

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Ocean Exploring Robots To Reveal The Oceans Secrets

robot sea monitors 01 Ocean Exploring Robots To Reveal The Oceans Secrets

Seems simple to me, if the world is ninety percent water, a crucial part of preserving our environment should be the monitoring and maintaining of our oceans. However, due to the massive volume of water and inclement weather conditions, it’s almost nearly impossible to do this year round. But a possible solution may be in sight.

Enter the robotic floats that collect argo data from the ocean’s heat. First used in the Indian Ocean by Australia in ’99, there are now about 2,100 currently in use, with another 900 or so ready to dive in.

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the floats are less-compressible than seawater and therefore drift at depth. By pumping fluid from inside the float to an external bladder, they’re able to rise to the surface. When the float needs to dive, the fluid is drawn back inside, making the gadget denser than the seawater surrounding it. These floats can be deployed from ships or aircraft.

robot sea monitors 02 Ocean Exploring Robots To Reveal The Oceans Secrets

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Green Architect Michelle Kaufmann Sun Shade Door Project

Architect Michelle Kaufmann shows us how to make beautiful energy saving wooden sun shades that slide along bard door tracks. These are the type of wood slat doors, you see on many modern green homes. This simple project cuts down on the amount of light which comes into the house and still allows the fresh breeze to come in. This is part of Michelle’s Green It Yourself Projects. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Alkaline-Forming Foods pH Balance the Body on a Thrive Diet

brendan brazier black 01 Alkaline Forming Foods pH Balance the Body on a Thrive Diet Photographer:V Blak (CC)

G Living’s Brendan Brazier is one the world’s few professional athletes whose diet is 100 percent plant based. He’s a professional Ironman triathlete, bestselling author on performance nutrition, and the creator of an award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called Vega.

The following is our fifth excerpt from Brendan’s book “The Thrive Diet”, on sale now.

The balance of acid and alkaline within the body is referred to as pH (meaning “potential of hydrogen”), and measured on a scale ranging from pH 1 (the most acidic) to pH 14 (the most alkaline). A neutral or good pH balance is 7.35; maintaining this balance is vital. If the body’s pH drops, meaning our body has become too acidic, the likelihood of ailments rises sharply. An acidic environment within the body negatively affects health at the cellular level. It is not possible to be truly healthy when the body is in a constant state of acidosis (characterized by excessively high acid levels).

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Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

Don’t be jealous! Ever since I watched a green-haired Todd Oldham on “House of Style” back in the nineties, I knew that I had to get crafty with him one day. So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, Todd and I got together at his downtown NYC studio to show you how to make some heart-shaped gifts that come from the heart. We both agree that this holiday is all about affordable, DIY craftiness.

From his features in ReadyMade & Dwell, to crafting Amy Sedaris’ interactive vaginal diagram on the Chelsea Lately Show, and with a line of vases for FTD, a classic menswear-inspired carpet collection, and design book series called Place Space, Todd is a royal of the creative world. To top that, he is a photographer, filmmaker, interior designer, fashion designer, and can see through walls …well, maybe not the last part.

todd oldham heart cake Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

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Polar Bears and Conservation

polar bear underwater 01 Polar Bears and Conservation

Today is Polar Bear day at G Living. Enjoy the photos and the information about this truly amazing earthling. The following information is by : Polar Bears International

Polar Bear Status Report. Polar bears are a potentially threatened species living in the circumpolar north. They are animals which know no boundaries.They pad across the ice from Russia to Alaska, from Canada to Greenland and onto Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. No adequate census exists on which to base a worldwide population estimate, but biologists use a working figure of 20,000 to 25,000 bears with about sixty percent of those living in Canada.

In areas where long-term studies are available, populations are showing signs of stress. Canada’s Western Hudson Bay population has dropped 22% since the early 1980s. The declines have been directly linked to an earlier ice break-up on Hudson Bay. A long-term study of the Southern Beaufort Sea population, which spans the northern coast of Alaska and western Canada, has revealed a decline in cub survival rates and in the weight and skull size of adult males. Such declines were observed in Western Hudson Bay bears prior to the population drop there. Another population listed as declining is Baffin Bay. According to the most recent report from the Polar Bear Specialist Group, the harvest levels from Nunavut when combined with those from Greenland (which were thought to be much lower than they actually are) has resulted in this shared population being in a non-sustainable harvest situation, meaning the population is at great risk of a serious decline. The harvest is thought to be several times above what is sustainable.

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Tom’s Shoes | Style That Gives Back

tomsshoes 01 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

Espadrilles are so ‘80s… what, with their fussy wedges and the ties. Why not get your hands (or, shall we say, feet) on an aughty’s equivalent -– Tom’s Shoes, which are inspired by traditional Argentine footwear. They’re unisex, minimalist and most importantly, ethical. It’s simple concept really: you buy a pair of Tom’s, and Tom’s donates a pair on your behalf to a child in need.

Designer Blake Mycoskie stumbled upon the idea while traveling around Argentina. While he instantly fell in love with the culture and people, he was deeply affected by the poverty. He visited many villages without running water and where the children went without shoes, often leading to infection, disease and even death.

tomsshoes 03 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

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Running Raw | Cranmore Hill Climb Running Race

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: The toughest trail race east of the rockies gets a face-lift for 2008 and still strikes fear into the hearts of anyone brave enough to challenge it’s steep ups and downs. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

ecoSkin | What Other Kind Is There?

eco skin 003 ecoSkin | What Other Kind Is There?

Skin is important. It insulates us, protects us from pathogens, provides sensation and holds together all our muscles, organs and other icky bits, which — let’s face it — are called our innards for a reason. So, let’s honor our skin and caress it with the finest organics fabrics available.

Here’s one way to do that. Drape yourself in ecoSkin, an LA-based high fashion label that launched in spring 2008.

Designer Sandy Skinner’s vision is “to continually raise women’s awareness of their options. We can combine eco-friendly fabrics with a high design aesthetic.”

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, Skinner jumped at the chance to make a difference in the world with her profession. Her debut collection was aimed at “fashion-forward sophisticated women who want to look great but care about the world and the environment they live in”.

eco skin 001 ecoSkin | What Other Kind Is There?

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Media Watch | Discovering The Canadian Coastal Wolves

<a href="">The Natural Kingdom Collection-Secrets of the Coast Wolf</a>

Another enlightening documentary about Wolves. In the towering rain forests along the northern shores of the Pacific, scientists recently discovered a new subspecies of the gray wolf. Unlike its genetic kin anywhere else in the world, this wolf swims, fishes for salmon and roams great distances from island to inlet across both water and rough terrain. Secrets of the Coast Wolf blends modern science and traditional knowledge to create a fascinating portrait of a unique wolf subspecies and the pristine, fragile world they inhabit.

wolves targets again 02 Media Watch | Discovering The Canadian Coastal Wolves

A Bike With The Lock Built In, The City Bike

giant citybike 01 A Bike With The Lock Built In, The City Bike

This was the bicycle that featured in Basten Leijh’s Design Academy project. It’s a city bike which deals with all the problems bikes face today, and was bought by the international bicycle corporation ‘Giant.’ After appearing in a lot of exhibitions, and winning several prizes, it was called an icon of Dutch Design.

Giant Bicycles

giant citybike 02 A Bike With The Lock Built In, The City Bike

giant citybike 03 A Bike With The Lock Built In, The City Bike

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Exclusive Interview With House Of Organic / Ekovaruhuset

houseoforganics 01 Exclusive Interview With House Of Organic / Ekovaruhuset

In my never ending quest to be the hottest darkest green bitch in London, I find myself seeking out the under exposed G/Fashion brands and stores. This is how I came to learn about Ekovaruhuset (House of Organic). After a night of clubbing and one too many organic vodka on ice with a twist of lime, I curled up on my sofa, cracked open my macbook and started to search. My closet was screaming for something new, something fresh. My exact search was, organic fashion for women with balls, but nothing came up. I decided to checkout one of my semi favorite stops online New York Magazine and with my slight buzz I had some difficulty focusing my eyes on the screen. But within a few clicks I had landed on a screen which said, Ekovaruhuset, House of Organic NYC. A gem of a shop, which was not only in New York City but also, had locations in Stockhom and Paris. No London, so popping in for a look is off the table, but from the description this is feeling like a true fashion house. My heart started pounding and my sweaty organic cotton tights were getting uncomfortable from all this excitement.

Un-able to contain my enthusiasm, I shot an email off to G Monkie, to get his darknesses take on this place. I stroked his ego a little, and promised him some banana cake, if he would allow me to cover this designer and her shops. Lucky for all of us, he was in a better mood than usual and sent a series of questions to me and Johanna Hofring, the owner / designer. His questions where the same dull Monkie dribble he is always asking, so I altered them a bit, to fit, what we women really want to know. You know how dull that freaking Monkie can be. “Yes we know you have an electric bike, you told us.”

Before we start with the questions, let me tell you a little about this little gem of a green fashion house/ shop. First, this isn’t your typical web online based green womens store. They actually have three physical locations, which I stated earlier. They almost cover all the fashion capitals, New York, Paris and Stockholm. I know, Stockholm doesn’t count as a fashion capital and no G Monkie, L.A. doesn’t need to be on the list. They do need a london store, which I am sure will be coming soon, (hint). At Ekovaruhuset all the clothes you will find are made the natural way, using all organic materials. This means the fibers that the fabrics are made of have been grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and made into fabric, then dyed in facilities that are environmentally responsible. Johanna likes to say ” It’s all about having fun and looking fabulous while saving the world”. That is something I can totally get down with. Lets do another round of organic shots, and get into this interview.

q question interview Exclusive Interview With House Of Organic / EkovaruhusetJulia Ocean: You have chosen to open your stores in very international cities like New York Stockholm, and Paris, why is that?

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With House Of Organic / EkovaruhusetJohanna: The first one I opened in Stockholm because that is where I was living at the time, the second one in New York because we believed it to be the best place to spread eco-fashion awareness internationally and the third one is opened by a wonderful french woman named Helene Sananikone on a franchise basis. So we chare our concept and collaborate in many ways but it is her store.

houseoforganics 04 Exclusive Interview With House Of Organic / Ekovaruhuset

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