Cod Is Making A Comeback Maybe

cod fish comeback 02 Cod Is Making A Comeback Maybe

According to Jessica Aldred with the Guardian Unlimited, Cod levels in the North Sea are on the rise, yet restrictions need to be in place in order for the continuation of their growth. For the first time in six years, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has not placed a ban on North Sea fishing.

Martin Pastoors, chairman for the advisory committee on fishery management (ACFM), has reviewed ICES’s findings and feels that although the number of young fish has increased, it is still only half of the long term average. The key to growth lies in the hands… er, fins… of the young fish. ICES has asked governments to place a limit on the number of catches to 50% of the 2006 catches in areas where cod are still threatened. They have also asked that in the area of Kattegat, the Irish Sea and waters west of Scotland that the catches be limited to zero because of the exceptionally low levels of cod present there.

cod fish comeback 01 Cod Is Making A Comeback Maybe

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Blue-Eyed Son Talks Trash and Digital Music

Blue-Eyed Son’s Andrew Heilprin is the former front man for 40 Watt Domain (the group that created the sonic surf smoke punk genre) whose album “West of Lincoln” shows off the singer/songwriter’s stripped down, acoustic side. An avid surfer and outdoorsman, Andrew recently stopped by to perform an exclusive 2-song set on The Real G and chat about his environmental concerns.

I caught up with Andrew this afternoon via telephone to find out what he’d been up to since his “great” (his word) experience on The Real G. He said he’d gone “to Mexico and scored some insane surf,” which he’s editing footage of right now for possible use on his website

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Green Architect Michelle Kaufmann Recycled Garden Chandelier Project

Architect Michelle Kaufmann is at it again, making things out of stuff she has hanging around her house. This time she is making a garden table chandelier, using some chains and glass jars. This is part of Michelle’s Green It Yourself Projects. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

handbags ecoist gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

I am a handbag enthusiast. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always walked around with one. My look had to be just right and the handbag was the final touch. As I became older and more green, my handbag choices seemed to unfairly dwindle. The early organic handbags were always boring colors and unstylish.

Designers are now taking that into consideration and creating great looking bags that adhere to green standards. They’re coming up with ideas on how to use recycled materials to create products that are not only stylish, but functional and durable.

Dutch designer, Doreen Westphal received a bag full of inner tubes as a joke for Christmas. Instead of getting rid of them, she decided to play around and came up with an inner tube handbag.

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Modern Cliff Side Home | Spain’s Casa 205

casa 205 01 Modern Cliff Side Home | Spains Casa 205

Casa 205 on a hillside in Vacarisses, Spain. designed by H Arquitectes.

The setting of the project is a plot with steep slopes and a great amount of trees and bushes. The aim is building a house without causing any serious impacts on the land. The house will be built on a natural rocky platform. This platform will also be used as either the exit or the garden of the house. The architects and the property developers have agreed on minimizing land movements in order to build the artificial landscaped platforms. The target is to make good use of the existing land shelves. This will allow us to preserve the natural physiognomy of the wood. The only uneven area will be the path ramp, which will cross the piece of land diagonally. This artificial ramp will communicate the street with the different plot levels.

The inner layout of the house is based on a lineal sequence of rooms of different proportions linked to the structure. There are great sliding opened areas, which will provide both harmony and versatility. The house can work as an open-plan space or as individual, closed spaces.

casa 205 02 Modern Cliff Side Home | Spains Casa 205

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Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

sust 01 Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

Photography by Stefan Arni and his directing partner SIggi Kinski

This week we are lucky to have an exclusive interview with the founders of the fashion house SUST. With the seeds of their company planted in California, these two women, Marion McKee and Tristan Gribbin, have set out to make a mainstream fashion brand, with a green core. They are committed to designing desirable clothing, which looks and feels great, using only the finest 100% organicly grown cottons. They have even committed to having all their garments made in Northern California to ensure all workers are fairly treated, while receiving sustainable wages. Not your typical fashion company business model by a long shot. I guess they didn’t get the insiders handbook to creating a global brand on the cheap. You know the standard chemical / near slave labor production cycle. Isn’t that the right path to creating a main stream brand?

q question interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTG Monkie: Tristan / Marion, your company is fairly new, only starting in 2008. When you jumped in to create this new fashion brand, what previous experience did you and how did you know what you wanted. to create?

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTMarion McKee, Co-Founder: I have fourteen years experience as an accessory designer with my own line Marion McKee Designs, which sells in specialty stores and boutiques across the nation. I also owned a skateboard/snowboard shop of street wear trends in the 1990’s in the heart of San Francisco’s Haight Street District. All my experience has stemmed from my love of fashion when I was in school and the merchandising and design classes I took in college.

a answer interview Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUSTTristan Gribbin, Co-Founder: I have a background in theater and entertainment and have seen eye to eye with Marion on style since we’ve been friends in the seventh grade. When we were in junior high we were always sketching punk and new wave designs and passing them around in class! And then, when we were in high school we were Mods and that is still a heavy influence in our style and our designs for SUST today.

sust 02 Exclusive Interview With G/Fashion Designers of SUST

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Running Raw | Forest Running and Deer Ticks

In this episode the the Running Raw Project: As lyme disease is spreading to more and more parts of the country, it is becoming crucial that you educate yourself about the disease and the ticks that carry it. Make a post run tick check part of your daily routine to avoid this life altering disease. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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A Micro House To Love The ZeroHouse

zerohouse micro prefab house 01 A Micro House To Love The ZeroHouse

“zeroHouse” I gotta say, the name doesn’t thrill me. In this age of crappy no-calorie sodas that taste like metal or underfed actresses with no curves who can fit into a size smaller than 1, the word “zero” connotates that something vital is missing or that the product is somehow subpar. And who wants Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

summer rayne oaks 02 Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

Seeing a model posing for “G” a.k.a. eco-jeans or walking the runway for Ethical Fashion Show is admirable and sexy, but Summer Rayne Oakes is more than just a pretty face making commendable fashion statements. She’s a smart beauty who has figured out how to combine her image with her real interests and has become an earnest activist and entrepreneur. Heading up SRO (after her initials), a consulting company focused on sustainable business strategies, Oakes is using her background in science and her cause related modeling, and now travels the world helping companies tie in style with sustainability.

It’s one thing to read that Oakes graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Entomology, but it’s another to hear her speak her mind on environmental issues. She is, of course, still a pretty face, but the beauty falls to the wayside and you’re left listening to a confident, comfortable, and very intelligent female communicate with passion on a subject that has been close to her heart since youth the environment.

summer rayne oaks 01 Summer Rayne Oakes | Much More Than A Pretty Face

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The Hotel For The Real Treehuggers Amongst Us, Welcome To The Dasparkhotel

dasparkhotel pipe hotel 01 The Hotel For The Real Treehuggers Amongst Us, Welcome To The Dasparkhotel

Here’s a new definition of ghetto fabulous. Have you ever fantasized about sleeping in a park like a stowaway with no running water, electricity or a bathroom? Well, if you’re a visitor to the Austrian city of Linz, your dreams can come true. You can spend a night (or more) at Dasparkhotel, where you’ll sleep in a recycled concrete cylinder set in the middle of a beautiful flora-filled park on the banks of the Danube river.

Each individual hotel room pipe comes with a bed, linens, a light and a side table as well as an eye-catching mural by local artist Andreas Strauss, who helped transform these concrete pods into functional accommodations. A restaurant and communal bathrooms are nearby.

dasparkhotel pipe hotel 02 The Hotel For The Real Treehuggers Amongst Us, Welcome To The Dasparkhotel

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Netherlands House M

house m 01 Netherlands House M

House M is a contemporary response to a changing cultural environment in the Netherlands which is characterized by a growing demand for monumentality, solidity and enclosure as dominant aesthetic values to be expressed in the architecture of the private house. In response to this, we positioned the house as it were a wall between front and back garden, separating the introverted street facade from an extroverted garden facade.

The kitchen, dining room, living room and office space are located on the ground floor in a continuous space which opens-up towards the sunny back garden. On the street side, the house appears rather closed and monolithic. Two volumes reach out from this mass in an expressive way, providing the entrance and the garage space, defining the sculptural monumental image of the house as seen from the street, creating an interesting visual dialogue with the neighbouring houses built in neo-classical style.

Architect: Marc Koehler Architects

house m 02 Netherlands House M

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Media Watch | Natural Kingdom Series Presents The Arctic Meltdown

<a href="">Arctic Meltdown</a>

The world is changing from Global Warming, but how does this effect the communities and populations on the edges of the oceans and arctic ice sheets. How will the rising seas effect all of us?

According to the world’€™s scientists, sea level rise is arguably one of the world’€™s most important potential impacts of global climate change€™. This documentary explores two remote regions of the world, the Marshall Islands and the Arctic. It investigates the problems of climate change from the perspective of these two environmentally threatened cultures.

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