The Mission One Electric Motorcycle By Designers Yves Behar and Forrest North at TED

Yves Behar and Forrest North unveil Mission One, a sleek, powerful electric motorcycle. They share slides from distant (yet similar) childhoods that show how collaboration kick-started their friendship — and shared dreams. Yves Behar has produced some of the new millennium’s most coveted objects, like the Leaf lamp, the Jawbone headset, and the XO laptop for One Laptop per Child.

one mission electric motorcycle 01 The Mission One Electric Motorcycle By Designers Yves Behar and Forrest North at TED

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Nature Art | The Ultimate Garden Design

art nature patrick dougherty 04 Nature Art | The Ultimate Garden Design

What happens when a carpenter / artist learns about primitive techniques of building and experiments with tree saplings as a construction material? Natural organic forms of art on a grand scale.

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Patrick Dougherty is known for large-scale installations that incorporate tree saplings. Working only with these saplings, the North Carolina based artist twists and wraps his medium to create large, organic sculptures. The surrounding environment and its given materials play a significant role in shaping his sculptures. Dougherty often uses saplings gathered near the installation site, adjusting his designs to the different ways local materials bend and respond in his hands.

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aum Biscuit House

biscuit house 01 aum Biscuit House

The Biscuit House, designed by aum is located just outside a small village near the French town of Lyon. The house is a 23m x 7m parallelepiped, made of concrete, steel and glass, embedded in the slope of the terrain. It is composed of two floors which both have direct access to the garden. The structure is made both in concrete and steel. All the materials are natural and untreated for them to keep their original aspect. Concrete is used for the envelope and the floors; steel is used for the pillars and for the window frames ; and untreated exotic wood (iroko) is used for the external curtain.

Description from architect Pierre Minassian

The building of the house was very complex for various reasons:

– It was very difficult to get the authorization to build contemporary architecture on that location

– Building was difficult also because there was no way to access the lower part of the building site so that it was necessary to find a compromise with the neighbour for him to allow the building of a path going along his own terrain.

– I made the external wood curtain myself which required more than 200 hours of work.

biscuit house 02 aum Biscuit House

biscuit house 03 aum Biscuit House

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Christmas Gift Idea For Modern Bird Lovers / The Solar LED Birdhouse

solar home for birds Christmas Gift Idea For Modern Bird Lovers / The Solar LED Birdhouse

For about $100 you too, can have a Vegas inspired birdhouse. Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology? Studio OOOMS designed a birdhouse with a solar panel on it’s roof. During the day sunlight feeds the solar panel , charging a small battery inside. At twilight the transparent stick will light up and cast a tiny light on your garden.

This light attracts an easy nighttime snack for the bird; all she has to do is stick her beak out of the hole and wait for the buzz. You can buy the birdhouse at Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Running Raw | Climb California – Aon Center Skyscraper Stair Race Los Angeles

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim heads back to LA to compete in the 62 storey Climb California race up the Aon Center. The top stair climbers in the country were on hand for this challenging event and the message of a clean and simple diet was loud and clear. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Organic Christmas Trees

tree farm 0rganic 01 Organic Christmas Trees

Nothing invokes the warm spirit of Christmas like the eye candy of a glowing, ornamented pine tree in the living room. 25 million homes in the U.S. have one each year. The fresh natural scent of real pine permeating the room can instantly transport the imagination to lush, snow covered forests.

But just how pure and fresh are the Christmas trees? I always imagined, seeing how they’re just trees, that they grow effortlessly and without intervention on tree farms. So, you could imagine my shock when I looked into how they’re grown and discovered what a chemical-intensive crop it really is. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser

bikedispenser 01 Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser

Move over Lance Armstrong, and forget the Tour de France. Prepare instead for the Tour de… Amsterdam? Well, not quite, but it is the hope of a small firm from Amsterdam, Bikedispenser, to help facilitate bike rentals in urban areas by installing bicycle dispensing machines. These machines would be located in various urban transportation hubs, such as train stations and parking garages, where people could quickly and safely rent a bicycle from the fully automated dispensing system. This would thus assist in integrating the use of bicycles into people’s daily commute. Along with the obvious physical benefits of cycling (exercise), this green, “G” idea would help cut down the carbon signature we so readily sign across the environment on a daily basis as we head to and from work.

Intrigued? Well, here’s the straight skinny (like we’ll be, once we start biking to work every day):

With the use of a chip card, the fully automated Bikedispenser rental station will give commuters access to new, state of the art bikes quickly. Within 15 seconds, the bike rental process will be underway and the commuter will be off to his or her destination. When the bicycle is returned, the system will once again recognize the commuter and finish the transaction. The bicycles will be placed in the clearly indicated depository and stored in a safe, indoor location.

bikedispenser 03 Bicycle Vending Machines? | Bikedispenser
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G Living Takes The Lexus Greenish Flagship For A Test Drive | The LS 600h

Got $105,000 in loose change and a malleable idea of green? Then Lexus has just the vehicle for you. Also, want to hang out?

Primped and primed just in time for the holiday season, the LS 600h L is the most expensive Lexus ever built. Expect only a few valet parked at the Malibu Green Drinks. Only 2,000 are planned to be sold in North America.

The 600h is meant to target buyers of luxury sedan flagships from Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But perhaps sensing that a different approach is in order in an era where hypocrisy gets noticed, the Japanese automaker is approaching the arena with its own geeky swagger.

lexusls600h 01 G Living Takes The Lexus Greenish Flagship For A Test Drive | The LS 600h

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The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

millennium airship 01 The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

Who can forget the pictures of the Hindenburg bursting into flames as it was landing at a New Jersey airfield in 1937? Millennium Airship, Inc. is bringing back zeppelin-style, lighter-than-air technology with its new SkyFreighter Aircraft.

The Skyfreighter looks more like a flying ergonomic computer mouse than a lighter-than-air aircraft (it took me a while to figure out that is a “blimp”), and if you’re worried about another fiery crash, the Skyfreighter uses helium rather than hydrogen for its floating power. What’s important is that this thing may just change the way markets think about transporting goods to markets.

Here’s why… Millennium boasts that the “SkyFreighter will create a paradigm shift in the aviation and trans-oceanic freight industry with the ability to transport most any product almost anywhere on the globe safely and quickly and most importantly, at very low cost.” It also has a large enough cargo hold to carry large, pre-assembled items that would otherwise need to be disassembled before transport and reassembled elsewhere. Perhaps more important is that these Airships can travel 6000 miles without refueling, using hybrid technology (Millennium doesn’t describe exactly what kind of hybrid) to power its engines.

millennium airship 02 The SkyFreighter From Millennium Airship

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Bluff Farm House

blufffarmhouse 01 Bluff Farm House

Australian architect Richard Cole designed the Bluff Farm House. In the tradition of isolated rural buildings, the house is conceived as a singular gesture responding to the strength of the site: a grassy terrace overlooking a meandering river facing north up a spectacular valley, next to an old eucalypt. The essential concept of the house reflects the way in which the owner has always used this place: setting up a table on the grass under the shade of the tree.

The sleeping areas are contained within encasing precast concrete walls. The lightweight steel framed roof shelters a generous living space opening to the terrace and view. A palette of raw materials; concrete, galvanised steel, sandstone, recycled timber and plywood add texture and warmth to the interior. The character of the building deliberately avoids artifice.

blufffarmhouse 02 Bluff Farm House

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Running Raw with Wild Crazy New Yorkers In High Chair Run Up

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Josh Merlis of the Albany Running Exchange invites Tim down to a very steep mountain race in the Catskills of NY. The race begins at the home of Legendary Ultra Marathoner Dick Vincent. Many of the top Ultra runners in the east are in attendence. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

G Living Takes The Lexus GS 450h For A Test Drive| An Environmental Codpiece?

The big brains at Lexus have evidently stumbled upon a fundamental truth of the American car market: instead of trying simply just make cars run more efficiently, it’s more lucrative to make cars run fast more efficiently.

Take the Lexus GS 450h.

Coming into its second year on the market, the 450h is the second of Lexus’s now three vehicles to feature the Lexus Hybrid Drive (in reality just a relabeled second-generation Toyota Synergy Drive). Along with the RX 400h sport utility and brand-new LS 600h flagship sedan, Lexus is attempting to corner the market on performance hybrids, just as Toyota has with efficiency hybrids.

Its 3.5-liter V-6 engine puts out 292 horsepower, while the electric motor-generator ups its power is equivalent to a 4.5-liter V-8. The generator produces some 197 horsepower, but because the peaks don’t match up, 292 and 197 add up to 339. Don’t ask me how.

lexus450h 01 G Living Takes The Lexus GS 450h For A Test Drive|  An Environmental Codpiece?

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