Escaping New York / L.A. & Shacking Up With Some Chicks

escaping new york raising chickens 01 Escaping New York / L.A. & Shacking Up With Some ChicksPhotographer V Blak

The title of this post is really my own little person fantasy. As of now, I have just baby stepped out of L.A. and I am about to baby step into New York City and I already have one chick, but she isn’t the egg laying type. She is the egg eating type, if you know what I mean. In the near future, I would love love love to take a big step out of NYC / L.A. and land somewhere in the world, where having a bevy of chicks calling my name wouldn’t seem that unusual to the local folk.

For all those chick/canning dreamers out there, I present to you, two books sent to me out of the blue. Keeping Chickens and Canning Preserving with Ashley England. Two very well written and designed books about you guessed it, raising chickens and canning your own food for the urban dweller who thinks about escaping to a simpler life.

The author Ashley turns out to be a recent escapee. She is on her own adventure figuring this modern homesteading type of life out for herself and the books are a way of sharing that adventure. She even has a blog (small measures) and a few videos if your not the reading type. Her series of books which go for $14 each, would make a great gift. I thought the books were really well done. I give them two monkie stubs up…

escaping new york raising chickens 04 Escaping New York / L.A. & Shacking Up With Some Chicks
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Fin Oslo / An Organic Fashion Brand Or A Dream? You Decide

I am in the process of deciding on the look and feel of a documentary I am making. I have been spending countless hours researching and watching anything that might inspire me. Anything that might help me create a stunning dramatic film. Well to my surprise, I just stumbled upon something pretty awesome, which also just happens to be from an organic fashion brand. (something I can post on G Living YEAH!) A short film by Fin Oslo called FIN Feline. Beautiful dramatic visuals of a model, a cat, a horse and some water. Oh and yes organic clothing.

Is the fashion line a must have? I don’t know yet, but the video stopped me in my tracks and definitely makes me want to know more. How about you? What do you think? Aria said… too slow.

Behind The Scenes – FIN Feline shot on Phantom HD Gold

What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My Detox

kookie karma cookies raw What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My DetoxPhotographer JoulesVintage

I chose this pic because it made me happy today when coming across it by accident. some girl took the photo and posted it online. i often forget i make kookies?

Where do I begin? These past few months have been so interesting from a detox perspective. I have been going through some seriously crazy health milestones. My body is changing. My mind is transforming. I’m finding MYSELF again. I’m talking my 24 year old self. The girl I was back when I started my business. You know those days, when you feel like you’re on top of the world and like you can do ANYTHING as long as you put your mind to it. You work and work and don’t stop, just because you’re passionate?

I lost that for awhile. I think partly due to my pregnancy, birth of my firstborn and knowledge of being pregnant again with my second only 3 months later.

Life was so hard and stressful. My diet was OK, but not as powerful as it is these days. I was sort of homebound and unable to get out much so work suffered which made things even more difficult.

Then, 9 months later, things only got worse healthwise and mentally.

I was suffering from some serious sleep deprivation induced postpardum issues. I had terrible anxiety. Nervousness. Mild depression. Being stressed with my business and faced with a newborn plus a 1 year old at home was just beyond my comprehension. And without much family to help out, it was almost too much for me to withstand.

kookie karma detox What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My Detox
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uniceftapproject glass water bottles 01 TAP WATER {GLASS} BOTTLES! By Juli NovotnyPhotographer Juli Novotny

My latest find was actually a Christmas gift to myself and my family: Tap Water Bottles for the unicef tap project. These bottles are glass refillable alternatives to the standard plastic water bottles – which are not reusable, made of plastic and go in our landfill!

We have been loving them because they are also easy to clean, super durable and they don’t look bad either. You, of course, don’t have to put tap water in them, you can put spring water, green drinks, smoothies, kombucha, tea and the list goes on.

In fact, as shown in the photo above, you can freeze them empty and use it when you want to instantly chill any beverage. Instead of using ice.

More info about the Tap Water Project

In 2007, the UNICEF Tap Project was born in New York City based on a simple concept: restaurants would ask their patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and all funds raised would support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world.

Growing from just 300 New York City restaurants in 2007 to thousands across the country today, the UNICEF Tap Project has quickly become a powerful national movement.

Read more from Juli at her blog Puremamas.

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Kathy’s NYC Walking “G” Tour Of The Lower East Side

vegan shopping lower east side nyc 01 Kathys NYC Walking G Tour Of The Lower East SidePhotography Kathy Patalsky

One of my favorite “G”-friendly neighborhoods in New York City is the lower east side, LES. Whenever I get the chance, I stroll through the gritty, cobblestone streets, peruse the quaint shops and get some tasty treats. ..that like totally rhymed.

Here is my vegan tour of the LES – I’ll let you in on a few of my favorite vegan-friendly spots . Where to eat, where to drink and where to meet the cutest shop-kitties around..

There’s a lot to discover on the vegan-friendly lower east side. Vegan cupcakes, music, fashion, drinks, and even adorable kitties in vegan shoe boxes (more on this in #2!)..

My Hood. It’s true what they say about NYC. When you live here, you tend to stick to your own hood. Months will pass where I won’t visit the upper west or east sides. Or Tribeca. Or sadly, even Central Park! But that is why it is pretty much essential to force yourself to get out of your own neighborhood and visit some fave spots.

And if you are an NYC tourist – well you definitely have an excuse to spread out and see all this town has to offer. Including the LES.

For a few years I lived right in the heart of the lower east side neighborhood. So I was spoiled: Babycakes at least once a week, soy chai from Teany, MooShoes perusing whenever I pleased. And of course now that we moved to a new neighborhood, I miss having easy access to those spots. So next time you are in NYC I hope you will check out my lower east side faves and think of me.

Kathy’s Vegan Faves: Lower East Side, NYC

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Next Year Think About Going Natural: Making Your Own Fruit Christmas Ornaments

citris cranberry christmas orniments 04 Next Year Think About Going Natural: Making Your Own Fruit Christmas OrnamentsPhotographer V Blak

It’s the same story every year. December just seems to creep up on me. What it’s Christmas again? How did that happen and where the hell are all the Christmas lights and ornaments? Yeah, this year, somehow I have lost everything and instead of buying glass ornaments from Target, (made in China of course) we decided to go fruity. Thats right, we reached into the fruit bowl and pulled out a little Christmas cheer.

My special Christmas guest and myself, created our fruity natural theme using Oranges, Limes, a dehydrator and some fresh Cranberries. Think about it, when you slice an orange, the fruit wedges have a glass like look. The light passes right on through. When you hang them on the tree with Christmas lights, the effect is very pretty. We even took the process one step further, by dying the limes in a beet juice soup. We ended up with Orange colored orange slices and red lime slices.

This project was simple and actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. If you have an oven or a dehydrator, you too can go fruity next year. Here is what we did. (instructions after the jump)

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Law & Order ‘SVU’ Tackles Alcohol & Sexual Abuse On College Campuses, Guest Starring GreenChef Aria Alpert

aria alpert nbc law and order svu 01 Law & Order ‘SVU’ Tackles Alcohol & Sexual Abuse On College Campuses, Guest Starring GreenChef Aria Alpert Photographer: V Blak

Finally a reason to have a tv. Our own GreenChef Aria Alpert guest stars on one of NBC highest rated shows, Law and Order SVU. Set your Tivos, buy it on itunes, or watch it live. Basically do what ever you have to. Just make sure you don’t miss it. This Wednesday November 17, 2010 at 8/9 pacific.

The episode, titled “Gray,” deals with a rape case at the fictional Hudson University. The case becomes murky when the detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson (Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, respectively) find out that a student involved in the incident had been drinking “a little too much trashcan punch,” at the time of the assualt, as Stabler puts it. Their investigation becomes even more difficult when they find that the vindictive victim, Bethany, has created a website that borders on harassment, which decries the perpetrator, Chuck, as a “rapist and scumbag.” (via

Aria makes a brief but haunting appearance in the episodes trailer. “You should ask your daughter” is her line… Gives me chills. :)

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Lykke Li Wants You To Know Your Definitely Going To Get Some!

lykke li get some free download mp3 Lykke Li Wants You To Know Your Definitely Going To Get Some!

Here is a nice way to start off my week. Lykke Li, that seemingly odd, sexy, foreign, never boring and can’t get enough of music artist, has just released two new singles, Get Some and Paris Blue. Most of you will know Lykke Li from the song Possibility, which was in the Twilight Saga, New Moon Movie. I first discovered these new little treasures on itunes for $1.99, which is a bargain, but then almost instantly to my surprise, Lykke emailed me to let me know I could have them for free. We are close like that, she knows I am always looking for a new fix. Well, that is really a half truth. She knows me and the other 100,000 or so, Lykke Li fan on her email list are just itching for a little more.

On her site, you can download both songs. Yes, there is the catch, she wants yours soul, better known as your email address. You see, she is going on tour, and she needs to fill those seat with your warm bodies. I guess she thought giving away a song called Get Some, might be a good way to entice you to, well get some. It worked I am diving in. Oh yeah, I am going to go Get Some, if there is some still to get! At times like this, I wish I pursued directing music documentaries… oh well, back to writing about my garden. Oh yeah, I made the right career choice, sure I did! :)

More new Lykke Li videos after the jump

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Best Place To Buy Your Veggies, Grocery Store, Farmers Market Or Maybe From A CSA

community supported agriculture csa palm springs 01 Best Place To Buy Your Veggies, Grocery Store, Farmers Market Or Maybe From A CSA Photographer: Tim Sackton

Okay I hope I am not going to bore you with this post. This one is for all the monkies out there who have already drank the “G” kool-aid and are getting deeper into the lifestyle, like me. I know, a post about shopping for food might not be exciting, edgy or include any celeb gossip, but it’s something all of us fleshy’s have to do. Personally, I love Food Shopping Day: I have full on dreams about a lush full fridge, oozing with fresh veggies. So please, your going to have to bear with me as I explore the idea of joining a CSA.

The question in the title is a real one for me. Where is the best place to buy your veggies? I know some of you out there are shaking your heads at me. I guess if your blood runs green, you start by joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and then go on down the line, farmers market, maybe a organic local grocery store and last resort the old big box grocery store. But not everyone is born with green blood pumping through their veins, believe me. Most of us grew up thinking Kraft was a food company? My own childhood was filled with things like Coke and Kraft deluxe mac n’ cheese. I remember our high end dinner option was the deluxe Kraft mac n’ cheese vs the powder mac and cheese. Hmmm… what to choose?

Maybe I don’t want onions, cabbage and so on, or maybe I do want things not in the box. Will I end up just composting it?

But now as an adult with all the buying options completely open to me, which option is best? Or maybe the real question is what mix of options is best. I understand the concept of the CSA and love it. For those of you out there who don’t know what a CSA is, here is the quick answer. A CSA is a members club basically and you pay a lump sum in advance to a farmer or a group of farms and in return, they deliver a box of veggies every week to your home or a pick up location for a certain number of weeks. The cost runs about $30 a week and you pay in advance for a certain number of weeks, 4, 8, 12 or even up to 52 weeks. All the boxes are the same. You don’t get to choose what is in the box, since the farmer can only give you what they are growing and what happens to be ripe that week.

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Update: Influencers Documentary Full Version Online

A few weeks ago I posted about a new documentary coming out called the Influencers. Well, the producers have decided to release the film online, which means, lucky you can just click play above for some instant gratification. And I have to warn you. It’s good.. inspiring and yes a must see if you my friend are thinking of driving your stake in the ground and transforming yourself into a “G” Influencer! After watching the film, checkout their awesome site:

Here is part of my previous post just to bring you up to speed: This trailer for the documentary Influencers caught my eye this morning and sent my brain racing. Why you ask? Well, to be frank, I am in the middle of re-thinking G Living in the Post Green Special Status World. Yes, green as a special issue is dead in my opinion. I still believe the world will keep moving towards a “G” lifestyle, but the original movements concept of just adding the word Green, or Organic to your products name or onto your website some how made it exciting… is oh so dead my friends. Dead Dead Dead! Don’t be grim, that is a good thing. It had to happen. You are ask why again aren’t you? Because it’s been over used, over hyped and under delivered. Yelling global warming from the roof tops and then not demanding real change is an issue.

Continue on to my Previous Post: Are You One Of The G / INFLUENCERS In Your World?

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Experiencing A Pocket Of Freedom In The Southwest

matt wignall earthship photography 01 Experiencing A Pocket Of Freedom In The Southwest Photographer : Matt Wignall

Neil Harrison and I have started a 3 year project to document the sociology, topography, and recent history of the USA. We will hit every state as we travel in a diesel converted LandCruiser with a tent system built into the roof rack.  We have started a website ( and twitter account in the event that anyone is interested in following the project.  The eventual goal is a coffee table book and accompanying exhibits that make up our contemporary survey of American life.  We are on the first week of trip 1. 

The Earthship is by far the most genius piece of architecture we have ever seen

The Southwest

Now i’m pleased to introduce you to the Earthship. This pictured is one of the earliest Earthships designed. We stayed here for 3 days.  It sits in a very tough environment and is now getting a bit of an overhaul on the outside adobe on account of 15 years of neglect. Pretty impressive that a few cracks are all it has sustained.  A regular house would have collapsed at 8000 feet with snowy winters and heat wave summers.  Every thing in it is built from old tires and mud, the roof is a rain water catch, and the water is held in the large drum and then used for the dishes and toilet.  It is as off of the grid as you can get, solar, gray water etc.  In the below and above shots from Neil’s digi you can see the tires under the adobe styling.

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What are Hectors Dolphins And Why Are They Endangered?

hectors dolphins 01 What are Hectors Dolphins And Why Are They Endangered?

There are plenty of things I didn’t know about the Hector’s dolphin. In fact, until recently, my only knowledge of them was the most troubling fact of all – that they’re among the rarest dolphins in the world. But seeing as how I’ve always been fascinated by these amazing creatures, I wanted to know more. And more importantly, I wanted to learn something less troubling about them. And what, if anything, we can do to help them.

Found only off the coast of New Zealand, the Hector’s dolphin was named for Sir James Hector (1834-1907), the curator of what is now the Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand. The most influential local scientist of his time, Hector was the first to examine this particular species of indigenous dolphin. Primarily grey, black and white with a distinctive stripe running across its belly, this cetacean (air breathing, water living mammal) is the smallest dolphin in New Zealand’s waters and is most recognizable by its lack of discernible beak and its round dorsal fin. (The fins of New Zealand’s other dolphin species are pointed and crescent shaped.)

There are only an estimated 7,400 in left in the entire world

Aside from their beauty and playfulness – if you’ve ever watched dolphins, you can sense how much fun they’re having playing in the surf and exploring the shallow water – what has always fascinated me is the built in sonar they use to track down their prey. Using echolocation (seeing with sound), they send out streams of high frequency noises that travel through the water, bounce quickly off moving objects and then back, easily identifying what sort of fish is out there, where it is and how quickly it’s traveling. Incredible.

hectors dolphins 03 What are Hectors Dolphins And Why Are They Endangered?

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