Madonna | Non-Green Cover Girl

hollywood vanity fair green issue madonna Madonna | Non Green Cover Girl

While I understand that not everyone’s definition of “green” is going to jibe, I’m a tad curious about Vanity Fair’s choice for this year’s green cover girl. If you’re going to put someone on the cover of the 3rd annual Green Issue, isn’t it fair to assume that their contribution to the magazine will at least slightly fit the theme?

Granted, Madonna has plenty of green in her bank account, and she did perform her saving-the-planet anthem “Hey You” at Live Earth last year Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Tune Into Green Week on Regis | Kelly

kelly regis green week Tune Into Green Week on Regis | Kelly

I don’t watch much daytime TV (hello…job!), but if I happen to flip it on, I’m always happy to catch a glimpse of Live with Regis and Kelly. If they happen to start my day, they usually start it off right.

Mostly because I adore Kelly Ripa. Not only is she the hottest MILF on TV (with the hottest latin husband on TV), she’s hilarious and seems down to earth and like she’s a cool mom. She also participates in cool charities, like the Pedigree Dogstore’s adoption drive, and has done what I consider an amazing feat – in addition to her daily morning show, she’s had concurrent recurring roles on two prime series as well. What can’t she do? When does she sleep?

I also like Regis, though I probably couldn’t come up with an entire paragraph describing why.

But job or no job, I’ll definitely be tuning in to Regis & Kelly on Monday (and probably Tuesday thru Friday as well) as they’re kicking off “Green Week” – “five days dedicated to getting your life on an eco-friendly path”. Segments are scheduled to include recycling tips, a preview of David Bach’s new book “Go Green, Live Rich”, green driving, suggestions how ways to reduce your carbon footprint and green tech ideas.

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Jared Leto Sheds 60 Just by Going Raw

jared leto 60 lbs fat raw food 01 Jared Leto Sheds 60 Just by Going Raw

He’s dated more Hollywood starlets than Ellen Degeneres(including Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Olsen), he’s the frontman and guitarist of his own band, 30 Seconds To Mars (what is with actor/musicians and their band names?) and he’s appeared in some decent flicks — albeit not always in the most memorable of roles (“Fight Club”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “The Thin Red Line”, “Panic Room” and “Alexander”).

But Jared Leto has a new claim to fame — gout. That’s just one of the health problems the actor suffered by piling on 60 pounds to portray John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, in the film “Chapter 27”. “I’d never do it again; it definitely gave me some problems,” the actor says (as quoted on IMDB). “Towards the end of the shoot, one of the glaring issues was the pain I had with my feet. I couldn’t walk for long distances; I had a wheelchair because it was so painful. My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained”. Ouch.

jared leto 27 chapter fat 60 lb Jared Leto Sheds 60 Just by Going Raw

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Sam Branson | Green Ambassador From the Arctic

sam branson green arctic Sam Branson | Green Ambassador From the Arctic

One of London’s hottest radio stations wants you to Kiss the Planet. As a way to teach today’s twentysomethings a thing or two about the environment, KISS 100 has hired the 22-year-old son of Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin fame) to act as its “green ambassador”. Sam Branson has begun broadcasting on the station and blogging on its website as he heads across the Arctic wilderness investigating the “impact global warming is having on this fragile environment.”

The reason for the six-person 1,400 mile dog sled exploration is simple, says Branson: “The Arctic is such an extreme environment that every slight change is noticed. Living in our towns and cities we are detached from those changes even though they are going on around us all the time.”

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Britney on the Block For the Environment

britney spears how i met your mother 02 Britney on the Block For the Environment

I’ve got to be honest. I’m tired of taking jabs at Britney Spears. Granted, she’s given us plenty of material — from her effortless lip-syncing “live” performances and repeatedly flashing her panty-free naughty bits to the paparazzi while getting in and out of cars to her alleged (and frequent) mental breakdowns — but at some point you’ve got to stop all the jabbing and just feel sorry for the girl.

So, no more jabs from me.

Which brings us to the Britster’s latest news garnering endeavor. Following her recent appearance on the on CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, Britney has decided (or perhaps, someone has decided for her) to put her wardrobe from the show on the auction block to raise money for the environment. With proceeds going to the Natural Resources Defense Council, fans can bid on six outfits (including a Nanette Lepore dress) between now and the month’s end.

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Cassius | 15 Again

cassius 15 again Cassius | 15 Again

Review by A.D. Amorosi, BPM Magazine

Another French scabby-house duo (Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi, Hubert “Boom Bass” Blanc-Francard) and another trip through ’80s electro should be no big deal. But Cassius is ready to reshuffle the deck more than their Daft Punk brethren or their Justice bush league followers have of late—and not just because they’ve got Pharrell Williams crying and crooning through the Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Harrison Ford | Green Action Hero

harrison ford conservation international Harrison Ford | Green Action Hero

No matter what you consider the ultimate Harrison Ford role — Indiana Jones, Han Solo Jack Ryan – it’s hard not to be a fan of Harrison Ford the environmentalist who works with Conservation International, “supporting biodiversity research, protecting endangered species, and working to persuade corporations with a history of polluting the planet to become stewards of it instead.”

National Geographic’s website has a terrific interview in honor of Earth Day with the actor turned “eco-action figure” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Jazzanova | Dirk Rumpff | …Broadcasting From Offtrack Radio

jazzanova dirk rumpff broadcasting from offtrack radio Jazzanova | Dirk Rumpff | …Broadcasting From Offtrack Radio

Review by Marlon Regis, BPM Magazine

Luckily, we have the luxury of categorizing genres into even more subgenres, because when German ensemble Jazzanova and DJ/Producer/Radio presenter Dirk Rumpff put their ears together, the music selections on here can’t be easily pigeonholed Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

DMB Hearts Carpooling Fans

dave mathews carpooling 01 DMB Hearts Carpooling Fans

The Dave Matthews Band is well known as being the eco-darlings of the music biz. For their 2007 Summer Tour, the band partnered up with green organization Reverb to minimize the environmental impact of touring by introducing an educational eco-village outside the concert, using biodiesel tour buses, recycling backstage, selling eco-friendly merchandise and eating locally grown organic food whenever possible.

The result? “Reverb calculates a total of over 3,300,000 pounds of CO2 reduced or eliminated on tour through the use of biodiesel and carbon offsets alone. This is equivalent to removing over 190 homes from the power grid for a year, or not burning 171,000 gallons of gasoline.” Nice!

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Nicole Kidman, Pete Wentz | Others To Celebrate Earth Hour

pete wentz earth hour Nicole Kidman, Pete Wentz | Others To Celebrate Earth Hour

Wanna avoid the ethical faux pas of the year? Don’t throw a house party on Saturday, March 29th — unless you’re happy to play Scrabble by candlelight (which wouldn’t really qualify as a house party, more like a board game gathering). Because that’s the day Earth Hour will be celebrated. At 8pm, “millions of people, buildings and landmarks will turn off their lights for one hour.”

What started out as a Sydney-based WWF event last year has become a global movement this year. Major cities like Copenhagen, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Manila, Toronto and San Francisco will take part in this worldwide effort to bring awareness to the issue of climate change. The simple message of turning off the lights is meant to remind us of the need for action on global warming. According to, last year “families, companies, schools, football clubs, restaurants, musicians, religious groups” — seriously? – and, most importantly, celebrities took part in the initiative. This year is proving to be bigger and better.

nicole kidman earth hour Nicole Kidman, Pete Wentz | Others To Celebrate Earth Hour

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World Water Week with Clay Aiken | Lucy Liu

lucy ui clay aiken world water week World Water Week with Clay Aiken | Lucy Liu

It seems like a perfectly orchestrated media segue: American Idol runner up Clay Aiken goes from covering “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to helping provide untroubled water for the world’s children.

UNICEF ambassadors Aiken and the incredi-hot Lucy Liu are promoting The Tap Project during World Water Week. They’re asking American restaurant patrons to donate $1 for their normally free glass of water to help UNICEF provide clean drinking water in Africa.

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Josie Maran | Organic Celebrity

josie maran 02 Josie Maran | Organic Celebrity

Josie Maran definitely puts herself out there for the greater good. The model and actress, who essentially puts on makeup for a living, was so concerned about the toxicity of ordinary cosmetics that in October of last year she started her own organic toxin-free makeup line called Josie Maran Cosmetics. And she continues putting her efforts to good use, encouraging makeup artists and other models to toss out their M.A.C in favor of cleaner products Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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