Mega Disasters Delivers Big-Time

“Mega Disasters: Glacier Meltdown”, which airs next week on the History Channel, is as bombastic as its name. Drums beat incessantly, the narrator speaks urgently, and pieces of glaciers fall dramatically into the water. Despite the Day After Tomorrow feel, “Glacier Meltdown” is quite informative. The producers bring in top experts from the US Geological Survey, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to tell the story of the glaciers.

They are indeed melting — and in places like Glacier National Park, the experts all concur that they’ll be gone in less than twenty years. In terms of the planet, it might just as well be the day after tomorrow.

Each week, “Mega Disasters” takes a different type of natural disaster, explains it scientifically, and then shows — using a computer simulation — what would happen should the disaster happen in an unusual context. Think earthquake in Chicago. The bulk of the “Glacier Meltdown” episode deals with the science and possible consequences of, well, glacier meltdowns — namely sea level rising, flooding and hurricanes. The most impressive part of the episode is the end, during which a hurricane is simulated in Chesapeake Bay, causing the water on the Potomac River to rise. Watch out, Washington DC!

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Courtney Love, Ben Affleck Design T-shirts for Bono

courtneylove one 02 Courtney Love, Ben Affleck Design T shirts for Bono

Bono’s ONE campaign is out to make poverty a thing of the past, one celebrity at a time. With the help of socially conscious clothing manufacturer Edun (the brainchild of Bono, Ali Hewson and NY designer Rogan Gregory), the celebrity ONE auction is underway. T-shirts customized and worn by celebrities in an Elle magazine photo shoot are online and available to the highest bidder.

After their successful 2006 collaboration in which tens of thousands of T-shirts were sold, The ONE organization and Edun have teamed up again to create organic cotton tees that will spread the word of hope while fighting poverty and disease in Africa. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

hayden dolphin rescue 01 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

She may play an indestructible cheerleader on the hit NBC show “Heroes”, but in real life Hayden Panettiere is just as fragile as the rest of us. And right now her heart’s broken over the slaughter of Japanese dolphins. You have to hand it to Hayden, who could be spending her valuable free time going to Starbucks with Britney or shopping with Paris. Instead she’s flying to Osaka, Japan and getting in the middle of a violent fracas with Japanese fisherman.

In Osaka to disrupt the city’s annual dolphin slaughter, the 18-year-old actress put her life on the line by jumping into the water and paddling out toward a pod of soon-to-be-eliminated dolphins. According to MSNBC, Hayden fought back tears when describing the event to “Access Hollywood”:

“I think a lot of us went out there with the thought that we were going to be very scared. And we knew that it was very possible to get hurt and it was very possible for us to get detained by police,” she said. “But we paddled out there and the fear just completely went away.”

hayden dolphin save 02 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

hayden dolphin save 03 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

Paddling on surfboards through water bloodied by already slaughtered animals, the actress, along with a group of American and Australian surfers, was attempting to form a memorial circle around a group of dolphins trapped in nets.

(via MSNBC) “They were so pretty. They were teddy bears in the water,” explained Panettiere. “They slowed down and started gathering in the net towards us. This little baby popped its head out and looked at us, and all of us just wanted to cut them out of the nets and set them free. I’d probably be in jail in Japan right now if I did.”

The group was quickly intercepted by a boat filled with angry fisherman who jabbed at them with hooks and tried to scare them away with the boat’s propeller. Hayden told “Access Hollywood” that, in a way, she wanted them to hit her because that would have increased the story’s impact.

But luckily for everyone but the dolphins, the protesters were safely returned to shore where a sobbing Panettiere was driven away,

Now THAT’s what I call a hero.

hayden dolphin save 04 Hayden Panettiere | Real Life Dolphin Hero

Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

don cheadle01 Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

Actor/Producer Don Cheadle has found a unique way to inform people – especially the younger crowd – about the atrocities happening in Darfur. By posting an exclusive trailer for his new film Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Cameron Diaz Says She is A Selfish American

diaz01 Cameron Diaz Says She is A Selfish American

Cameron Diaz: beautiful, talented… and selfish?

In her foreword to The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, Cameron Diaz explains why she was slow to go green: she’s “a selfish American”.

Or is she? The actress goes on to say that, without realizing it, she was “already practicing the basics, everything from recycling to composting to saving energy to hybrid cars. I had been pursuing those things myself without knowing that they were part of the movement.” And now that she knows, she’s not ready to quit: “I don’t want to be running around barefoot, pushing my car like Barney Rubble. I don’t want to go back to the Stone Age. I just want to maintain what we have for a long period of time — forever. How nice would that be?”

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Pierre André Senizergues | “G” Celebrity

etnies 02 Pierre André Senizergues | G Celebrity

Pierre André Senizergues, founder and CEO of Sole Technology, and one of the world’s largest entrepreneurs in the area of skateboarding, is also one of the world’s biggest fans of green living.

Pierre was the primary backer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s global warming epic The 11th Hour. But his dedication doesn’t stop there. His passion for fighting environmental issues also shines through in his business and personal life. Sole Technology’s headquarters may be located in south Orange County, California, but it’s well known for its green features, like as an amazing solar system (616 panels), waterless urinals, water based cement manufacturing and the employment of the first ever sports industry Environmental Affairs Manager.

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Halle Berry’s Having A Green Baby

halleberry baby Halle Berry’s Having A Green Baby

Expect a “G” baby room in Halle Berry’s house. The Academy Award winning actress, who’s pregnant with her first child with model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, proudly showed off her baby bump early last week at the L.A. premiere for her new film “Things We Lost in the Fire”.

And according to an article in the Post Chronicle, Halle has earthly things in store for her child. “I’m working on the nursery, but it’s all going to be organic and eco-friendly. There are so many things out now that you can use. I’m going to really try hard to make it all organic!”

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Dave Matthews Band | Organic Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

davemathews01 Dave Matthews Band | Organic Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

I haven’t missed a Dave Matthews Band concert in the last decade, and I have all the concert T-shirts to prove it! But this year’s T is the best yet.

DMB has always inspired me through their music, but their philanthropic actions and environmental commitment was something I was unaware of until recently Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

navy sub sonar 03 Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

His name is Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, and he is currently addressing an issue that is far more important than stopping the dreaded “Specter” from destroying one of our major metropolitan cities with a “laser” or getting Halle Berry out of a two-piece bikini (though I am not discounting in any way the import of the latter). In this instance, the issue to be addressed is not some fictional threat to the world, but rather, a threat that is all too real.

On his official website, Mr. Brosnan speaks to his joy upon learning that the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) won the opening salvo in a court battle to stop the United States Navy from using mid-frequency sonar during training exercises off the southern California coast. This is an important victory because scientists believe that the sonar is damaging to whales and other marine life. Any action that would adversely affect the well being of these beautiful giants is not only wrong and immoral at its core, but damages the very ecosystem from which all life on this planet was spawned.

navy sub sonar 05 Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Green Resort

dicaprio island Leonardo DiCaprios Green Resort

Good news, travelers! Leonardo DiCaprio has bought an island and you’re all invited… if you have the money to go.

So, along with whatever supermodel he’s dating this week, I think it’s safe to say Leo officially has everything. I’ll bet he’s fun to shop for.

You may be asking yourself what a celebrity needs with 104 acre piece of beachfront property off the coast of Belize (and I’m happy to report it’s not for a sequel to “The Beach”). Well, Leo – known environmentalist – is teaming up with Four Seasons to create a green resort. Hammers and nails should starting flying sometime in 2008.

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Korn’s Korntastic Green Tour

korn in concert 02 Korns Korntastic Green Tour

While lots of bands are touring green this year,rockers Korn are going the extra mile.

Not only are they saving 50 tons of carbon dioxide by converting sixteen tour buses to rock their upcoming “Family Values Tour” around the country via biodiesel, they’re also marketing their own biofuel brand (composed of soy, corn and other vegetable oils) called Korntastic.

Katchy name. I wonder if it will inspire other kars to go korntastic as well. Korn’s Jonathan Davis was quoted on AutoblogGreen as saying they’re doing their part to “set the wheels in motion” to end our dependence on oil. “We all have children,” he said, “and I just worry about my kids’ kids.”

korn in concert 01 Korns Korntastic Green Tour

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New Radiohead album | 2 + 2 = ?

radiohead thomyork inconcert 01 New Radiohead album | 2 + 2 = ?

October 10, 2007 will go down in music history. It’s the date Radiohead releases its seventh studio album, “In Rainbows”, as a digital download available only on their website. What’s more, they’re going to let fans choose how much they pay for it – if anything at all. Really.

Oh, for $82 you can buy a special edition physical box set containing two vinyl albums, two CDs plus artwork and photographs – but that won’t be available until December 3.

By offering the digital download exclusively at their site, the British five-piece are sticking it to the music industry’s traditional business model. How are they getting away with this? Simple. They’re not attached to any record label. The only catch is, you must get the entire album. For creative reasons, Radiohead (like the Beatles) has resisted the iTunes model of offering individual tracks for sale.

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