Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

cameron diaz nude vogue cover 01 Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

Cameron Diaz is one of those Actresses, who just makes you feel happy. Maybe it’s because she always seems to be in the best mood. She lives in some magical happy place. I wish I could bottle her happiness and spray it on all the grumpy people of the world. Would that be great. So, you have to ask yourself, what makes this woman so happy? She isn’t married to Brad Pitt, she doesn’t have an Oscar and she isn’t married to Brad Pitt. Well, I think I now know the answer, she is living “G”! In the video above, she is on location in Palm Desert California, modeling for a new Vogue cover and she tells the camera guy, how green she really is. How she loves green fashion and her life. Check it out and if one of you out there, know Cameron, tell her to give us a call or email. We would love to make her a G Living cover girl. Are you reading this CAA?

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Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

olsenhaus shoe 01 Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

I was out searching for new bloggers to join G Living this morning and I came across the Girliegirl Army Blog and to my surprise, there was my friend Rory Friedman doing an interview with the blogs creator, Chloé. So, I started looking around the site and found this video of Chloé and Joshua Katcher, interviewing the founder of Olsen Haus. A highend very “G” vegan shoe line for women just like Chloé and Rory. The shoes are I guess in the mid-price range for high end women shoes. The prices I saw on the site ranged from $99 to just over $200 a pair.

The video is posted below and below the video are some details about Olsen Haus.

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Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

george clooney bono interview Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

Bono, is trying out a new career as a journalist and has landed a gig interviewing his friend George Clooney on the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. Bono reveals in the beginning of this in-depth conversation style interview, that he has recently started working for the New York Times in a featured editorial section and can see the power of journalism. Bono said “Journalist are protectors of our democracies”. It’s amazing to see these guys, with everything in life, going out and making a difference. I look forward to more Bono segments.

The major theme of the conversation revolved around both Clooney’s and Bono’s work in and for Africa. The full video is here on G Living, just after the jump.

george clooney bono interview 2 Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

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Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

judita rawin costa rica Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

A couple weeks ago my husband and I headed to Mal Pais, Costa Rica for some fun in the sun. Our good friend and owner of Mary’s restaurant, a very popular seafood restaurant in Mal Pais, asked me if I wanted to come up with a raw food menu for a few nights. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity of creating a menu that utilized local ingredients but was still something special that no one else was doing in town.

Though there aren’t any exclusively raw food restaurants in the area there are a lot of vegans as well as raw options being offering at other eateries. I needed to reel the vegetarians in. My menu consisted of an appetizer of vegetable sushimaki made with coconut meat, avocado, carrots and cucumbers that came with bon bon sauce and sweet and spicy mango sauce. I also made hemp tabouli with zante currants and no-bean hummus. For my entrees, I made pistachio pesto pasta and beet ravioli with rosemary cashew cheese. For dessert, I made chocolate ganache with vanilla cream and a mango cheesecake. We put fliers up in the middle of town to lure the raw vegans and were surprised how many showed up to just to try out my offerings. It was so exciting! There’s talk now about coming back in January and February and making a nightly menu of raw specials. I’ll keep you posted!

rawjudita rawcostarica 02 Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

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John Cusack Writes An Open Blackberry Message To President Obama, Release The Torture Photos

john cusack obama 01 John Cusack Writes An Open Blackberry Message To President Obama, Release The Torture Photos

What is happening to Obama, why is he tossing out the change message and sticking with more of the same hide the truth policy from the Bush years? Movie Star / Filmmaker John Cusack wrote an open Blackberry messages to President Obama, asking him to keep his promise of change. John and millions of other supporters are upset with Obama’s decision to block a court decision to finally release all of the photos taken by military members of abuse happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is part of his letter from Huffington Post:

John Cusack: If I had the President’s Blackberry, I would send this.

President Obama,

On Wednesday you reversed your administration’s promise to finally release pictures of detainee abuse.

The release of the photos was won by ACLU lawyers who have fought to bring to light the full extent of the brutality and torture that U.S. Army and intelligence services have perpetrated against human beings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and at CIA “black sites” around the world. Torture that was sanctioned and effectively legalized under the former administration, and that, if we are to be honest, most Americans knew — or should have known — was being carried out in our names. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

shanna moakler 01 Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

Normally G Living wouldn’t touch this story with a 10 foot carrot! But for some reason, tons of people are searching for Shanna Moakler and finding G Living. Googlers are finding our story about Shanna going Vegan after reading Skinny Bitch! So, we thought we should shine a G / Light on this G/Woman. It’s the least we can do!

Who is Shanna and why are people searching for her? Well, it turns out this former Miss USA / Playboy Centerfold was working for the Miss California Pageant as the Co-Executive Director. That is until a few hours ago. She has just quit in protest! Oh no, is what your saying right! What is the big deal, who cares? We don’t really know who cares, but here is why she quit.

She is mad at the Donald! Yes, Donald Trump, the YOUR FIRED, Mega Combover Guy Super Hero. He owns the pageant and will not de-crown Miss California, the anti-gay air head Carrie Prejean. At a news conference on Monday, Moakler accused Prejean of violating her contract with the Miss California Pageant and said she should lose the crown. Moakler thinks because Prejean broke the rules and lied about posing nude, amongst other things, she should no longer be Miss California.

carrie prejean2 Media Watch | G/Woman Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler Tells Donald Tump I Quit!

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Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes “G” and Vegan

shanna moakler 04  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

A blast from the past: G/Woman in the News! First Posted in 2008

Shanna Moakler is a name that’s long been associated with good old American values. This former Miss USA has appeared in Playboy magazine, on “Dancing With The Stars” and married former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker on that illustrious institution of merry matrimony, MTV. (A union that ended up – like those of her TV predecessors Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey and Carmen Elektra & Dave Navarro — in that even more popular restitution, divorce).

And what American dream would be complete without the opportunity to (allegedly) batter and be battered by that icon of American womanhood, Paris Hilton, at a Los Angeles nightclub?

But now the “Mother of all Beauty Pagents” has decided to do something rather un-Amercian… she’s switched to a vegetarian lifestyle. Moakler was recently quoted on Ecorazzi as saying “My husband is a veggie and I always wanted to try it. Our first step was making our entire family go ‘organic’. I only wish we had done it sooner! I also read a book called Skinny Bitch (by our friend Rory Freedman), which opened my eyes to cruelty to animals, and that was it! It hasn’t been that hard for me… Los Angeles offers lots of great alternatives!”

shanna moakler 03  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

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Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall

judita introduction 01 Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall Written by V Blak

Remember a few weeks back when I wrote it was a time of change? Well, you may have noticed those changes are happening. Yes, new site, new exclusive interviews and now… drum roll…. new G Living Monkied Blogs. I know what your saying — no way, monkied blogs, I have been waiting all my life for monkied blogs to come along! I feel you, because I have too. I imagined them to be much more highly designed, but all good things take time and are best done in baby steps. Right.

On that note, I would like to introduce our very first G Living Member Monkied Blogger and GreenChef, Judita Wignall. That is why today’s interview is so special. It’s a beginning of a new trend here. Very personal in-depth, hands on, straight forward, honest, fun, direct posts from the coolest people on the planet. Yes, G people, or as we like to call them here, Monkies.

Just a quick note, to catch everyone up on the Monkie thing. See, the characters all over the site with the glowing eyes, those thing are Monkies. Not Monkeys, but Monkies, and anyone who is as cool as they are, are also, Monkies. People who walk around with a fridge buzz going on and just do things because they don’t have a clue, are called Drones. Trust me you don’t want to be a drone. But there is hope, even for the drones, because the more exposure drones have to Monkies, the more chance they have to transform from being a grey dull drone, into a beautiful ultra cool Monkie. Isn’t life cool. Okay back to our very very special Monkied Number One, Judita.

Who is Judita? Well you could say, most of you already know her. Yes, she may even live in your house. You see, Judita is many things, a GreenChef, an Actress, Rock Star and a Guitar Hero. No not like your a Guitar Hero, but an actual Guitar Hero, she is the hot punk rocker chick Judy Nails character in the game. So, next time you pick up your plastic guitar and go at it, remember, Judy Nails is a Twisted Dark Green Juice Guzzling Space Monkie now. So strum on that.

rawjudita costarica photos 03 Introducing A New G Living Monkied Blogger GreenChef / Rockstar Judita Wignall

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Celebrities like Beyonce and Robin Quivers swear by “The Lemonade Diet”

beyonce 01 Celebrities like Beyonce and Robin Quivers swear by The Lemonade Diet

Beyonce, David Blaine, Billy Bob Thornton, Robin Quivers and other celebrities all praise the Master Cleanse, aka “The Lemonade Diet” for everything from weight loss to detox and restoring their energy and healthy eating habits.

Created by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs, the fast consists of a 10 day fast on a spicy lemonade elixer to cleanse toxins and congestion from the body and purify the liver, kidneys and glands. It is also supposed to purify the blood, balance blood pressure and the most attractive effect is weight loss.

Although it’s really not meant to be a fad diet or quick fix. It’s only meant as a short term fast to cleanse the body. If it’s not followed by healthy and sensible eating habits, and the person goes back to junk food, they will quickly regain their weight and toxin build-up. It is also not meant to be followed for an extended time without expert supervision. The Master Cleanse recipe is 8-10oz. of warm spring or purified water, 2 TB Lemon Juice, 2 TB of grade B or C maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

david blaine Celebrities like Beyonce and Robin Quivers swear by The Lemonade Diet

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The Real G | Introduction

Television Star Emily Deschanel (Bones) You Can’t Be Green and Eat Meat!

The Star of the hit show Bones on the Fox Network gets straight to the Green Point. Driving a hybrid and recycling are great, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to just stop eating meat. The impact of raising and killing billions of animals every year for the standard meat based diet is massive. Basically you could be a complete ass in every other aspect of your life, as long as changed to a vegan diet and you could consider your self a super green god. Pretty cool, right!

Here is Emily on her show Bones.

To help get you started on your vegan makeover, head over to our GreenChefs section. We have tons of amazing completely vegan recipes by some of the top GreenChefs on the planet. Also, checkout our GreenChefs Shows in the shows section. The chefs make the recipes for you in our GreenChefs kitchen here at G Living. See, this is going to be a piece of cake. You will be a super green vegan in no time. Don’t you feel special now? Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Sienna Miller | Scandal-Free Superhero?

sienna miller 02 Sienna Miller | Scandal Free Superhero?

According to Sienna Miller (via Global Cool), it takes only a minute to save the planet – and you don’t have to wear a cape and tights. All you have to do is turn down your thermostat one degree and recycle your cell phone.

The actress, who shot to fame as Jude Law’s betrothed during his sleeping-with-the-nanny scandal and then caused a did-she-or-didn’t-she? scandal of her own on the set of Factory Girl, has put all of her various public embarrassments behind her and teamed up with Global Cool and Vodafone UK to encourage people to help combat climate change.

sienna miller 01 Sienna Miller | Scandal Free Superhero?

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