Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

matthew kenney interview green chef 01 Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

Photographer: G Monkie

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I just finished watching a version of the movie 1984 (The Love of Big Brother) by director Michael Radford, which I had never seen. The film, which is based on George Orwells novel 1984, came out ironically enough, in … 1984. I was only 16 at the time, and I somehow missed it. I guess the big brains here in Hollywood, thought this was a nice bit of marketing genius and a scary look backwards at what could have been, if the world had actually gone Red. We would all be living in a world which required us to chant things like “We love big brother” and “Drill Baby Drill”. The population would have also freely given up their personal rights to keep themselves safe from the Axis of Evil in East Asia. And of course we would trust completely in our leader the decider! Good thing that never happened.

I am only bringing this up because for years I have owned both the DVD of the film 1984 and a CD by the Eurythmics called 1984. The CD’s 9 songs are based on the book and have been hardwired in my mind as sort of a personal soundtrack, along with songs by the Clash of course. In all this time, I had no clue why the music was never part of the film. The music in the film is this dull grey sounding stuff which it turns out the director wanted and the financiers didn’t. The company funding the movie turned out to be the Virgin Group and I guess they got their way for the theater release and the director got his way for the DVD. So for all these years, I had no idea a Eurythmics version of the film even existed. Kind of strange, since in the book, the main theme is about not knowing what existed or what will be. The government had total control of all memories, by constantly altering the history of what was. I have always thought that was spooky and a little too close to reality, because who is to say we really know what happened at any given time. Our only knowledge is what we are told. For the most part, we have very little first hand knowledge of any major events in the world that happen during our lives.

matthew kenney interview green chef 041 Exclusive Interview with Celebrity GreenChef Matthew Kenney

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Today on the Real G! James Morrison (Bill Buchanan) from the hit show “24”, talks about the show going carbon neutral and how important living “G” really is. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Madonna’s Documentary About Malawi Africa | I Am Because We Are

Madonna has partnered up with Hulu. to show her entire documentary I am Because We Are. This enables us and all of you to embedded the documentary on your own site, just like we have here.

I Am Because We Are is a film about pop star Madonna’s journey, which she embarked on to explore the effects of AIDS in Africa. Along the way, she stops to meet the people affected most, the children. As well as the leaders trying to make a difference in this forgotten part of the world. Some of the people in the film are former President Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jeffrey Sachs, and Dr. Paul Farmer.

The funny thing is, when Madonna decided to take on this project, she didn’t have to look too hard (or too far, for that matter) to find the perfect director. She already had one in the family — and no, I don’t mean Guy Ritchie. I am talking about her nanny’s husband, Nathan Rissman.

madonna iambecauseweare Madonnas Documentary About Malawi Africa | I Am Because We Are

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Virgin 1 TV | Richard Branson & Natalie Imbruglia?

richard branson Virgin 1 TV | Richard Branson & Natalie Imbruglia?

There’s no stopping Richard Branson. This guy began his $4 billion empire in the ‘70s when disco ruled, turned the “Me” decade of private jets to public air travel in the ‘80s, sipped soda in the ‘90s and now in the Oh-Ohs is going after… TELEVISION? Is he for real?

Yes. But as with any Hollywood story, there are facts and alleged facts.

The fact is this: Virgin Media is planning the first ever Virgin-branded television channel – Virgin 1. The alleged facts are that as part of the network’s programming, Branson will be launching his own version of Cribs-of-the-Rich-and-Famous – only with a green angle. Also rumored is that his host of choice is Australian soap actress turned pop singer, Natalie Imbruglia.

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Fur Wearing Celebrities Run When They See Project Runway’s Tim Gunn

I had a few moments to catch up with Tim Gunn at the Bryant Park Hotel for his conference with PETA on the fur industry. Tim is an outspoken advocate for animals used in the fashion industry, and calls for responsibility and accountability from every single person using or wearing the skin of an animal – whether it is fur, leather, or wool.

tim gunn hates fur Fur Wearing Celebrities Run When They See Project Runways Tim Gunn
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Zaproot Weights In On New York Times Green Nuns Story

In this episode of Zaproot, episcopal sisters in NYC are constructing a green nunnery. The Ocean Defenders Alliance takes on the ghost nets of the sea. Find out whats going on with food these days. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Keira Knightley and Stella McCartney (g-fashion designer) Team Up For Red Nose 09

Fashion designer and daughter of famous Beatle Paul McCartney has teamed up this year with Comic Relief and T.K.Maxx to sell Stella designed Red Nose T-Shirts. Really it’s a complete family affair, when you count that dad is tossing in the photos of his band and Stella’s sister joined in to shoot the celebrities wearing the shirts for the ad campaign. Look how the Vegan Super Rich do it. They are givers!

The Details from the official Red Nose Facebook site: Since 2005 TK Maxx has worked with Comic Relief raising money through selling the official Red Nose Day t-shirt and staff fundraising. 40% of the funds raised go to projects in the UK, while 60% covers long term developmental work in Africa. The Comic Relief philosophy is giving a leg up not a hand out. To date, we have raised over £3 million for Comic Relief. This money has helped Comic Relief to fund projects to fight poverty and social injustice in the UK and Africa. We have designed, manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of exclusive t-shirts and have engaged in some outstanding and downright mad fundraising efforts. We raised £2 million in 2007 alone… twice what we raised in the previous campaign! We are incredibly proud to be a partner of Comic Relief and to support the life changing work that they do. This year, more than ever. TK Maxx will be encouraging all its staff to go all out and raise tons of money themselves in addition to transforming every TK Maxx store into a celebration of all things funny for the duration of the Comic Relief campaign. We hope you’ll join us in the challenge to make RND 09 a sidesplitting success.

Stella enlisted Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer and Keira Knightly to show the British public how best to wear the tops.

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Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

daryl hannah 01 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Photographer: G Monkie

Lets say you are one of the hottest most famous Monkies on this hunk of rock. You know all the other cool Monkies and you look good in an eye patch. What would you decide to do with your free time.

(A) Lay around all day on the deck of a Super Yacht, eating organic raw food, while sipping some chilled organic champaign.
(B) Date Billionaires to gain access to their fleet of helicopters, so you could island hop until you found the perfect beach with just the right amount of shade?
(C) Hang out with Paris Hilton, spending night after night looking at boy toy candy, as they endlessly tell you how amazing you are and ask stupid questions like, does it hurt when your tail grows?
(D) Spend your days promoting biofuels, living greener, getting arrested while trying to protect urban gardens, while making a show about it all, which no one pays you for.

Well, you can stop guessing and head over to dhlovelife.com to see what the hot, eye patch wearing, sword swinging Daryl Hannah actually does with her time. She calls it LOVE LIFE — a life replayed through a series of images, videos and a soundtrack. Daryl goes about living her life, meeting people, exposing the bad and the good and just simply experiencing a friendlier way of living. It’s kind of like a TV show without the writing staff, the crew or an ending.

So, why am I bringing this up now? Daryl has been hauling around her handycam for years, filming footage everywhere she goes for dhlovelife.com — why feature her now? Well, its because she’s taking the time to step out and lead others when she doesn’t have to. She’s willing to get way out there on the edge without a net and tell it as she sees it. She picks up her camera and shows us what life on this planet could be, if only we really wanted it.

So, for those reasons and more, I asked the G Living writing staff to do a profile on Daryl and bring us all up to speed on how cool this woman really is.

Forward writen by G Monkie

daryl hannah 02 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

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Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop-Fuelled Reworks

ewan Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop Fuelled Reworks

Review by Craig Roseberry, BPM Magazine

Since bursting onto the music scene in 1998, Ewan Pearson has established himself as a versatile producer/remixer and DJ with a boundless, esoteric musical aesthetic. His uniqueness? Bridging the gap between house, disco, electro, dance rock and mainstream pop (often with radical results). He has programmed for Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani and his production credits include Tracey Thorn’s acclaimed solo debut, Out Of The Woods, The Rapture’s Pieces of the People We Love and timeless original works as Maas, World of Apples, Partial Arts (with collaborator Al Usher), as well as under his own name. His remixes for Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Moby, and Freeform 5 have made him one of dance music’s most respected and sought-after producers.

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Fun Side Of Green | Zaproot Covers The Non Green Oscars

I can’t speak for all the monkies here at G Living, but I have always thought Zaproot was pretty funny, timely and informative and Jessica’s accent got me hooked. So, we will start posting the show on G Living, so maybe a few of you will get hooked too.

This weeks show

The Oscars are just around the corner. Check out the green nominations for 2009. New Alt-Autos: Honda Insight, Top 10 Efficient Cars for 2009, Mission One, and more. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Have A Laugh, It’s Only A World Wide Economic Meltdown

Are you feeling a little stressed about the economic meltdown? Have a laugh with the Flight of the Conchords. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Fuel | A Film You Have To See!

Filmmaker Josh Tickell is back with a new film pack with hollywood celebrities, billionaires, scientist and people like you and me. The film is a continueation of what is turning out to be Joshes life work, understanding fuel and it’s effects on all of us. Why is our world falling apart, why are we constantly at war, why are we using a toxic substance which pollutes our planet and enriches our enemies? You maybe surprised by the answers. The film is out now, checkout the movie site at: thefuelfilm.com

Also, checkout our interview with Josh, when he visited our studio last year and was on Room101.

Here is what the L.A. Times said about the film.

“Fuel” is a vital, superbly assembled documentary that presents an insightful overview of America’s troubled relationship with oil and how alternative and sustainable energies can reduce our country’s — and the world’s — addictive dependence on fossil fuels. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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