Brad Pitt Can’t Believe His Eyes, New Orleans Left To Die

bradpitt neworleans rebuilding01 Brad Pitt Cant Believe His Eyes, New Orleans Left To Die

I’m a Brad Pitt fan. Have been ever since I saw “Kalifornia”, while not a movie for everyone is my version of a modern classic. Throw in “Twelve Monkeys”, “Fight Club” and stir, and you’ve got an unparalleled cinematic resume.

I even had a brief encounter with Brad. I was on the Fox lot, where he was shooting “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. I was walking down a long hallway and I saw him coming toward me. I’m not usually starstruck, but there’s something undeniably magical about seeing The Brad in person. So much so that I stopped in my tracks. Literally. Like a huge dork.

But apparently this sort of reaction was nothing new for Brad, who continued walking toward me, completely unfazed. As he passed, he smiled understandingly, looked me straight in the eye, and said “Hey, man. How’s it going?” Not a pivotal moment in history, but it concretized my impression of Brad as the coolest movie star on the planet.

And here it is, three years later, and The Brad just keeps getting cooler. And for much more important reasons. Labeled one of “15 People Who Make America Great” by Newsweek magazine, Pitt has traveled to Africa to raise awareness for the Make Poverty History campaign, he’s filmed PSAs for AIDS-ravaged Kenya and Ethiopia, he’s taken part in telethons for the victims of 9/11 and now he’s turning his generosity toward New Orleans. Via Make It Right:

bradpitt neworleans rebuilding02 Brad Pitt Cant Believe His Eyes, New Orleans Left To Die

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Shepard Fairey | 11th Hour Guerilla

obey 02 Shepard Fairey | 11th Hour Guerilla

If these 11th Hour images make you want to Obey, there’s a reason for that. Street artist Shepard Fairey, creator of the “André the Giant Has a Posse” sticker campaign (which evolved into “Obey Giant”), has contributed his paradigm-shifting, guerilla art style to the 11th Hour Campaign. The Charleston, South Carolina native was recently asked to be a partner by the organization and even designed a limited run series to sell on his website in order to raise money to create massive quantities of his 11th Hour stickers.

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Closet Chef Jake Gyllenhall Opening Organic Restaurant

chef jake gyllenhall opening organic restaurant 01 Closet Chef Jake Gyllenhall Opening Organic Restaurant

It’s good to have goals. And Jake Gyllenhaal, who my sources say is a wannabe chef trapped in the body of an acclaimed actor, has long vowed to open a restaurant before reaching the big three-oh. And, if all goes according to plan, that goal will soon become a reality.

The 27-year-old star of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Zodiac” is in the planning stages of launching an all-natural organic eatery in Los Angeles with his childhood friend, Babbo sous chef Chris Fischer.

Jake, who has twice guested on The Food Network’s Molto Mario, is a long time foodie who as a teenager washed dishes for well known chef Marco Canora at Tom Colicchio’s Craft in New York.

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Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

froote jewlery 05 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

Polish born actress Dominika Wolski is the new face of ethical jewelry line Froote. With her lean physique and penchant for sports, the 28-year-old actress is often compared to Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman. And she’s not a bad actress either. Wolski has been a mainstay of the West Coast Vancouver film scene since her big screen debut in 2001.

Wolski traveled to Mozambique on the request of director Ed Zwick, where she to visited the set of “Blood Diamond”. She later wrote on the Huffington Post, “My own choice to be a ‘face of Froote’ instead of other brands represented how much visiting the set of ‘Blood Diamond’ and learning the history of one aspect of a glamorous icon had influenced me.”

Dominika can be seen in the Canadian series jPod which premieres this month.

froote jewlery 06 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

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Great Northern | East of Wilton

greatnorthern bandphoto 06 Great Northern | East of Wilton

I’m outnumbered by the West of Lincoln posse at G Living, and when it comes to commuting – sure, cycling to work beats bumper to bumper traffic. But when it comes to music, being East of Wilton (self-coined, you like?) literally rocks. Silverlake and its surrounds is the epicenter of the L.A. music scene — home to cool bands and artists like Silversun Pickups, Lavender Diamond, not to mention Elliott Smith. East of Wilton is where it’s at to catch a live gig any night of the week. Not to mention the annual Sunset Junction festival.

We were all utterly spoiled by Great Northern’s performance in our kitchen studio this week. I mean, when do you get a slice of Spaceland in your own space? Our private concert consisted of two melodic tracks from their Trading Twilight for Daylight album, “Just A Dream” and “Home”, which is getting massive airplay on KCRW and Indie 103.1 FM.

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Belly Fat Through the Ages | From Baroque To Madonna

madonna hard candy naked couch Belly Fat Through the Ages | From Baroque To Madonna

The idea of being alive in the time of seventeenth century Flemish Baroque painter Rubens seems attractive to me. Stuffing yourself with pies could even qualify one to model for the famous painter himself. Imagine that. I just need to put on 10 more pounds (hopefully around the mid-section), and maybe I’ll be his “Venus at the Mirror”. Nowadays, our cover girls come in a totally different format — epitomized by the Material Girl herself, whose abs are flatter than the state of Kansas. Sadly, for those of us who prefer pies to push-ups, the reality is that a flatter stomach is not only the aesthetic du jour, it’s healthier, too.

The good news? You can fight belly fat by eating fat. Now that’s phat.

A recent study in the journal of Diabetes Care found that a diet high in MUFAs — that’s monounsaturated fatty acid — can reduce unslightly and dangerous abdominal fat. Here’s a list of the top ten foods to help you bust that gut.

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Brad Pitt Rebuilds New Orleans Because Someone Has To

brad pitt200802 Brad Pitt Rebuilds New Orleans Because Someone Has To

In an interview with Charlie Rose on the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt says, “I wish it was taken care of at a federal level, state level, even local level. But if this be the case where we got to hit it at a grassroots level, so be it.”

While grassroots is not a word you’d necessarily associate with this actor and Hollywood heartthrob, that’s exactly what Pitt has been doing. Not only did Brad make a commitment to the area after it was devastated by the worst natural disaster in American history, he and his family have been part-time residents of the city since January 2007.

His latest initiative, “Make It Right”, plans to build 150 affordable, environmentally friendly homes over the next two years, focusing on the poorest and hardest hit area — the Lower Ninth Ward. Pitt and philanthropist Steve Bing each pledged to match $5 million each in contributions to the project (that’s $10 million for those of you who are mathematically challenged).

0 Brad Pitt Rebuilds New Orleans Because Someone Has To

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Coffee | Percolated Perks

celeb starbucks Coffee | Percolated Perks

Katie Holmes, the Olsen Twins, Ben Affleck, Britney Spears. These are just some of the svelte celebrities often papped with a Starbucks in their hand. They’re part of the 50 percent of Americans who enjoy a daily cup of coffee or two. After oil, it’s our nation’s primary lubricant. It wakes us up, fires our synapses and clears our olfactory senses. All good stuff. So why do some of us view coffee as a guilty pleasure? I personally have no idea.

It’s well documented that coffee can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, type two diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, gout and even tooth decay. Loaded with anti-oxidants, coffee also helps prevent “free radicals from forming cell damage” aka the big C. But now there’s also evidence that coffee can help you lose weight. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Oprah Copies Me | 21 Day Cleanse

oprah cleanse Oprah Copies Me | 21 Day Cleanse

Oprah and I have so much in common it’s uncanny. For a start we’re both TV hosts (duh), we’re both known by one name (albeit in my case it’s just amongst friends and family), we’re both philanthropists (what? I gave a homeless a couple bucks today) and now, this one will freak you out, five months and 19 days after my famed 30 day plant-based diet Oprah embarked on similar 21 day cleanse in an effort to become a “conscious eater”.

For three weeks America’s favorite daytime TV host eliminated “caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products” from her diet. Okay I didn’t give up my daily strong espresso. Big deal. Oprah’s diet makeover comes courtesy of her spiritual counselor (I gotta get one of those),Kathy Freston.In her bookQuantum Wellness,Kathy speaks of “spiritual integrity.” As the big O puts it: “How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?” Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Edward Norton Gets BMW Hydrogen 7

edward norton bmw hydrogen 7 003 Edward Norton Gets BMW Hydrogen 7

You can add Edward Norton’s name to the reasonably short list of celebrities getting their hands on the BMW Hydrogen 7. Joining the ranks of Jay Leno, Will Ferrell and other, Norton will be part of a “test-lease” program that BMW will use to gain valuable feedback on the car in the hopes of improving its performance before unleashing it Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

I was so moved the first time I heard the effecting lyrics of MoZella’s “Killing Time” that I had to do an immediate internet search to find out more about this mystery singer/songwriter.

MoZella is one of the freshest and most interesting voices to emerge onto the music scene. A Detroit Native — and hello! Detroit rocks… maybe you’ve heard of The White Stripes, Kid Rock (yuck!) and Madonna, all from Detroit — she lives her life under the inspiring motto “I will”. I wish I had this much determination. I’m more of an “I might” person. MoZella has a truly unique voice, a combination of R&B soul inflections and blue collar white rock, all coming from a childhood steeped in the music of her hometown.

mozella 003 The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

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Will Smith Plunked Down Nearly $1 Million To Force Kids To Eat Organic

will smith organic food school 04 Will Smith Plunked Down Nearly $1 Million To Force Kids To Eat Organic

What is it with celebrities and food? And for that matter, celebrities and schools? On the one hand we’ve got Jake Gyllenhaal opening an organic restaurant, along with countless other A-listers, and on the other we’ve got Oprah and Madonna aiming to educate kids by building schools in Africa.

Well, I’m pleased to report that the coolest of all action heroes, Will Smith, has managed to merge the two together. In typical Big Willie Style, Smith has plunked down nearly $1 million to lease a former high school in California so kids can enjoy an organic, sugar-free educational experience with a little Scientology on the side.

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