Beach Hair Made Easy By John Masters Organic

john masters 04 Beach Hair Made Easy By John Masters Organic

When it comes to your barnet, these days it’s all about faking it. Having already exposed the fact that no-one in Hollywood actually sports their natural hair color, here are some examples to ponder. While “bed-head’ is all the rage, god forbid you’d actuallygo straight from pillow to coffee shop with a lopsided do and creases on your face. No, this look takes a lot of engineering. Similarly, “beach-hair”. While actual beach hair resembles some kind of (cute) marine mammal when wet (I’m thinking seal), once it dries the true tangled horror of fizzy fly-away anarchy on a neck is revealed. Not pretty.

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From Somewhere To You | Refashioning Rubbish

recycled fashion fromsomewhere 01 From Somewhere To You | Refashioning Rubbish

Normally I don’t care for patchwork, bodices or berets — but that was before I spied the charming creations of London fashion label From Somewhere. What began in 1997 with a small capsule collection of second hand sweaters and cardigans has spawned into a much sought after design house, thanks to the ingenuity of its designers, Orsola De Castro and Filippo Ricci.

Recycling existing clothing maybe the phrase du jour in the world of green fashion, but how does up-cycling grab you? This is the simple premise behind From Somewhere. The designers strive to use “pre-consumer textile waste, such as production off-cuts, damaged fabrics and end of rolls” — including cotton, silk, jersey, tweeds, cashmere and wovens — in order to readdress “the balance between consumption and disposal.”

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The Real G! | The G/Super Star Maker Over, First Up Elizabeth Kucinich

Here at G Living we like to live on the darker cooler side of green. You know the Rock N Roll, modern, slick G/Designer clothing side of the green world. So when we decided to bring on some new personalities to help us cover world of G, we made sure to hook them up with a fresh organic make over and a suitcase of the best organic fashions on the planet. And to make sure we had only the best, we brought in a Green Fashion expert and our close friend Summer Bowen, the owner of BTC Elements an online Eco Fashion Boutique.

Our first G/Roving Correspondent is no other than, Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth Kucinich. Join Sarah and Elizabeth as they G/Up Elizabeths battered but faithful clothing from the campaign trail.

French Lingerie Label G=9.8. Takes Loving Trees To A Whole New Level

splinter free lingerie mya 02 French Lingerie Label G=9.8. Takes Loving Trees To A Whole New Level

Got wood? You will. Just as soon as you lay your eyes on the Mya lingerie collection by French label g=9.8. Designer Sophie Young’s line of exquisite bras and knickers are made naturally. No, really. They’re made from white pine tree prunings.

The wood, which comes from sustainably managed forests, is enzymically processed into fiber without the need for extra water. Add to that a touch of spandex for stretch and low impact dyes for color…et voila! The resulting fabric is as soft as silk with the feel of cashmere and coolness of linen. It’s anti-bacterial, bio-degradable and won’t lose its shape. Plus it’ll be shipped to you in a cute clutch made of recycled materials or purchased fair trade.

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Room101 | Organic Fashion Design Pioneer Howard Brown

Stewart + Brown co-founder, Howard Brown, talk about the organic fashion business; Sarah thinks Boise is bulimic.

Husband and wife duo, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown launched their eponymous line back in 2002. What started out as a basic t-shirt and bag line has evolved into a “fully contemporary, ready-to-wear collection”. Designer and mother, Karen is the embodiment the line. Living and working in the beachside town of Ventura, a few hours north of Los Angeles, she’s about as far away from a Manhattan socialite as you can get. No wonder Stewart + Brown’s designs are practical and casual with an emphasis on function.

See more about Stewart+Brown at

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Stique | Zero Waste Fashion

stique zero waste fashion 01 Stique | Zero Waste Fashion

Fashion is a wasteful industry. This statement doesn’t refer to the rivers of champagne that flow backstage at runway shows or the cans of aerosol required to set the models hair; it mostly refers to the enormous amount of excess fabric that’s a seemingly inevitable by-product of the production process. Did you know that 15% of the material in cut and sew garments are tossed out?

London-based designer and graduate of the prestigious Saint Martin’s College, Mark Liu, has come up with innovative solution to this sartorial dilemma — an imaginative cutting process that thumbs its nose at waste. By cutting pieces from a single roll of fabric (like you would cut a jigsaw puzzle), Liu’s Stique line of cutting edge fashions generates zero waste. After all, says Liu, “wasted materials are bad for the environment and a loss in potential profits.”

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“G” Fashion | Eco Nouveau The Hot Forward Thinking Fashion Show

So, what can the green fashionista look forward to, fashionwise, in the spring/summer of 2008? If you were at Econouveau, a “collection of the most innovative eco-fashion designers in a non-traditional runway show crafted for an audience of 1,500 international press, buyers and eco-conscious celebrities and influencers”, this past weekend, you’d be in the know. But if you weren’t, don’t fret. G Living was there on your behalf.

In depth coverage is coming soon. But here’s a sneaky preview:

Los Angeles-based designer Amanda Shi kicked off the night with the latest offerings from Avita. The theme of her collection, Global Fairyland, featured a lot of pretty pastels, mini dresses, knits and florals — many of them made from her fave eco-fabric, organic cottons.

fashionshow eco 03 G Fashion | Eco Nouveau The Hot Forward Thinking Fashion Show

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Levi’s Spreads Organic Cotton Across Multiple Styles

organiclevis03 Levis Spreads Organic Cotton Across Multiple Styles

Levi’s® are pretty much my brand when it comes to jeans. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t own a few pairs of 501®s in various stages of decomposition. When I was in high school and all into the punk scene, it was standard dress code to have a few pairs with ripped out knees and Clash slogans written across the thigh. But as I evolved into “G Monkie” I had to rethink buying standard chemical based cotton jeans, even from Levi’s®. So, when I found out Levi’s® was working on their image and creating an entire line of organic jeans for the U.S. and European markets, I had to find out more.

When Levi’s® made their announcement, they said, we are not the first “green jeans” to market, but the new eco jeans are the first fully sustainable denims from a major brand.

“The European version is not only organic fabric but the other components are also organic; the finish we use is totally organic, too,” says Geert Peeters, vice president of product management.

The process of designing the jeans and putting the processes in place to make them has taken six months, from when Levi’s® first came up with the idea in May.

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Guess? | From Sexy To Sustainable

adriana lima guess ad Guess? | From Sexy To Sustainable

Guess? set the bar for sexy advertising. From the former campaign bombshells (Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Adriana Lima and Paris Hilton) to their current cover girl Bianca Balti, the spitting image of young Sophia Loren, who can stop traffic with her mesmerizing…smile. Sex appeal has been the winning formula behind the Guess? clothing, accessories, shoe and handbag empire. What Guess? isn’t known for is sustainability. Until now.

Putting the sweatshop labor scandal of the nineties well behind them, Guess? is doing a good turn for the environment by releasing their eco-friendly line, Guess Green, to be released later this Earth Day month. First item to get the ethical make-over? Jeans, naturally. The “pinched ankle boot cuts” are made from chemical dye-free organic denim and would pair perfectly with their organic ribbed tank “embossed with a smudgy earth and peace sign”. The hand tags are made form recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. 10% of the proceeds will go to the Environmental Media Association.

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The Toggery Collection | Contemporary Design

toggery 03 The Toggery Collection | Contemporary Design

What’s the difference between a woman with a great sense of style and one who’s eco-conscious? Absolutely nothing. That’s the premise behind the Toggery Collection by Kate D’Arcy. The up and coming eco-chic designer makes living the “G” lifestyle look good. She describes her line as a blend of contemporary design made with environmentally responsible fabrics.

And Speaking of fabrics, Kate incorporates organic cotton and sustainable dyes into all of her collection. She even gives back to her home state of Pennsylvania by having all of the fabrics she uses sewn and dyed there.

Her designs are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can go with a casual earth tone tank top and jeans in the daytime and then shine in a bright mini-dress in the eveniung. I’m digging the “Cristobal” elbow sleeve capelet made from 100% organic cotton fleece. Then there’s the “Kathleen” dress made from 100% organic Supima cotton. In case you’re wondering (like I was), Supima is an abbreviation for Superior Pima.

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Mod Skin | Wonderful For the Complexion and Black As We Like It

mod skin skincare 01 Mod Skin | Wonderful For the Complexion and Black As We Like It

Looks can be deceiving. Not everything organic has to be packaged in earthy tones with flowing script and flowers. Hell no. Designer fashion labels elsom, Noir Illuminati and Katharine Hamnett are all a case in point. They’re minimalistic, have lashings of black and make a statement about the environment. The same applies for skin care… which I guess is what first attracted me to labs.

Founder and President Raffaele Ruberto’s streamlined skin care range is free of parabens, phythalates, synthetics dyes and fragrances — which means it’s naturally wonderful for the complexion and, best of all, comes encased in chic, sleek minimalistic packaging that’s blacker than the ace of spades.

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Josie Maran | Non-Toxic Organic Makeup

josie maran cosmetics Josie Maran | Non Toxic Organic Makeup

Does it ever feel like this organic obsession has gone overboard? It seems everything is going organic these days — even clothes and makeup. I certainly didn’t see that coming. I mean… MAKEUP? Come on. Cosmetics are only used on a portion of the skin, right? And how toxic could they be?

The answer is very. After doing some serious research, I came across a cosmetics safety database that allows you to search a company and find out its “toxicity” scoring. Not only was it fun to peruse, it also made me realize how misinformed I was…

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