Rogan Gregory Hits Target | Ethical Designs From An Unlikely Retailer

rogan ethical target clothing Rogan Gregory Hits Target | Ethical Designs From An Unlikely Retailer

Target’s GO International banner offers the hoi polloi a chance to wear designer clothing for a fraction of the price. In the past, the Minnesota-based corporation has collaborated with cutting-edge designers like Alice Temperly, Proenza Schouler, Loeffler Randall, Patrick Robinson and Jovovich-Hawk. But this time it’s different. For its eleventh GO venture, Target will be delivering certified organic clothing by teaming up with ethical icon Rogan Gregory.

Gregory is rock star in the green fashion scene, carving a niche with his own label, Loomstate, as well as Ali Hewson and Bono’s label, Edun. So, what would tempt this stickler for sustainability to join forces with a mass retailer like Target (who — let’s face it — hasn’t had the most stellar environmental record to date)?

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Aésop Skin Care | Well-Being, External Beauty and Cardboard

aesop 01 Aésop Skin Care | Well Being, External Beauty and Cardboard

I may not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to skin care, but sometimes a lack of specifics can help illuminate something wonderfully unusual or unusually wonderful. Here’s what I know from a highly passive amount of attention: skin care is all about making you look younger. If you use this creme, it will help avoid wrinkles under the eyes. This lotion removes lines from your brow. It all seems rather gimmicky and non-proactive. Which is why Aésop caught my attention.

From a non-skin care consumer, it’s clear that their aim is more health-oriented than beauty based. Which makes sense. Obviously, beautiful skin contributes to a person’s overall radiance, but healthy skin should be the true goal, right? It is, according to Aésop, who believes “that well-being and external beauty are ultimately a result of a healthy diet, moderate exercise and consistent attention to, and protection of, the skin.”

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Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

loup charmont 03 Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

While David Blaine holds his breath for 17 minutes, I’ve been using that time productively by unearthing the coolest raw green designer talent. While this latest find may look like it walked off the set of “Gone with the Wind”, it’s actually straight outta Brooklyn. Loup Charmont means “the charming wolf” — a beautiful force of nature, fierce protector and loyal pack nurturer.

In human terms, this translates to a romantic array of flowing floor length halter dresses, tunics, sarongs and string bikinis. The bloomers, nightie and plantation dress, while historically inspired, are so in the now. Designer Kee Edward’s collection is made entirely from organic, sustainable cotton fibers, with her driving force being her goal to “do no harm in the world”. Not only are there any no synthetics or toxins in her production, there are no dyes. Everything comes in a natural color palette.

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Anything Is Possible In Your Exotic Eco Boudoir

eco boudoir 02 Anything Is Possible In Your Exotic Eco Boudoir

Want to turn your run of the mill bedroom into an exotic eco boudoir? Please. That’s like asking if you want Barack Obama to be President. Of course, you do. Well, in the case of former, you’ll need a couple of key items: low lighting, soft music, sexy lingerie, a lover, sweet scents and pillows — lots of pillows.

Luckily designer Catriona McKechnie’s Eco Boudoir range offers boudoir essentials “fashioned out of biodegradable and naturally produced materials, free of chemical interference, including hemp and natural silk, and Italian woven bamboo fiber.” Everything you need under one New York City luxe boutique.

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Gisele Bündchen | Sexy New G Shoe Line GB2

gisele bundchen g 2 b 02 Gisele Bündchen | Sexy New G Shoe Line GB2

I’ll cop to owning more pairs of shoes than a person needs. But I think it’s fair to say that 95% of them — like most of my clothes — were either bought second hand or donated by people I know. (Having like-sized friends certainly has its benefits!) But for the most part, since I don’t dress up for work (or anything else, for that matter), I wear nothing but sandals. (And yes, I often wear them with socks like a German tourist. What are you gonna do about it?)

But I’m in good company, because supermodel Gisele Bündchen recently admitted to Germany’s Die Welt that she’s got more pairs of shoes than a person needs. (And I’ll bet she got most of them for free, like I did.) Though she says she’s never counted them, People magazine quotes her as saying she has “probably around 100”, adding that “it’s comparable to the way men love cars and watches.”

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Nau To Close Its Doors | Is This A Bad Omen For Sustainable Startups?

nau out of business 011 Nau To Close Its Doors | Is This A Bad Omen For Sustainable Startups?

“Goodbye For Nau” begins the sad letter on the Portland, Oregon-based sustainable apparel company’s website as it announces its closure after only 14 months in business. Despite the organization’s plan to turn retail as we know it upside down and establish new methods of shopping for clothes that promote greener and more responsible living, some critics say their overly ambitious business model was not as sustainable as their products. Nau, on the other hand, says the tight credit market is to blame.

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Junky Styling Suits You

junky styling 01 Junky Styling Suits You

The origins of the modern suit can be traced back to 19th century England and the tailors of Saville Row. Two hundred years later, London remains at the suit’s epicenter. But this time, it’s recycled, not new, and it’s women (not men) who are making waves — or should we say ruffles.

Junky Styling’s shop and work studio is located on Brick Lane in London’s East End. According to their myspace page, the company “specializes in taking old suits and reinventing them into beautiful coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, corsets, etc., and full range of accessories that make up two collections every year.”

Junky Styling is the brainchild of best friends, Annika Saunders and Kerry Seager, who credit the idea of refashioning garments to their own experiences as impoverished teenagers growing up in 1990s London. Desperate to don something fabulous with which to go clubbing, the enterprising duo purchased men’s suits from second hand stores before deconstructing and reconstructing the pinstripes and tweeds into brave, new creations.

junky styling 02 Junky Styling Suits You

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Jo Wood | A Naturally Luxurious Beauty

jrollingstone2 Jo Wood | A Naturally Luxurious Beauty

When your husband is a member of a famous rock band like the Rolling Stones, what do you do with all that spare time? Start an organic line of skin care of course–and thus the story begins about the launch of Jo Wood Organics. But just how did former model Jo Wood go from being a smoking rocker wife into queen of “green”? A quest for health sparked the shift, or more specifically, a medical wake-up call. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic disorder that inflames the digestive tract, Wood dropped cigarettes and switched to a diet of organic-only foods. Wood began to investigate other facts about the body and discovered some startling facts about cosmetics and women’s health:

“women put on over 200 different kinds of chemicals on their skin each day, many of which are potentially harmful enough to not only disrupt hormones but are known to be carcinogenic in animals,” said Wood in a recent newspaper interview. This news inspired Wood to launch Jo Wood Organics, an organic, plant-based skin care line. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Kickass Green Prom Dresses to Make Your Friends See Red

organic green prom dresses 03 Kickass Green Prom Dresses to Make Your Friends See Red

Where I’m from, we didn’t have prom. We had “formals” — which don’t sound nearly as cool as proms, despite their similar enough principles: first, you maneuver yourself into getting a hot date (sorry lads, the girls are really the ones calling the shots); you make sure your date has a car (there’s nothing like the cringe-worthy horror of the parental drop off); you get slightly intoxicated (by the excitement of the night, obviously); and you make sure you have a kickass dress.

These are not in order of occurrence. Obviously, you need to get the dress before you become intoxicated. (So that once you’re intoxicated, you have something to take off. Kidding!) Take it from me: it’s all about the dress. Maybe it’s because I’ve got prom envy that I’m living it vicariously by showcasing four kickass green prom frocks that are guaranteed to cause Bianca (replace with the name of your school diva) to see red. Ideal Bite was kind enough to compile a short list of four finalists:

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Taking A Walk on the Green Side, Saks-Style

saks fifth avenue green house organic 03 Taking A Walk on the Green Side, Saks Style

One often hears horror stories of green fashion in the bad old days. Tie dyes and hemp tunics, more Haight Ashbury than even Mary-Kate and Ashley. But then came talented, ethically-driven designers who cared about environment, their customer’s health and the working conditions of the people making their clothes. Socially conscious consumers heard the call (and saw the fashions), and here we are today with high-end department stores like Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue carrying green lines. In the case of the latter, you can find them online at the “Green House — Home of Eco-Smart Style”. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Sainsbury | Fashion and Food Under One Roof

sainsbury tu fashion Sainsbury | Fashion and Food Under One Roof

We’ve all walked into our local Ralph’s, Whole Foods or one-stop shopping chain and witnessed the recent surge in carrier bags made from recycled plastic. But imagine walking into one of these stores wearing clothing made with the same eco-consciousness in mind. Sainsbury, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, is taking recycled plastic to the next level.

Public demand to shop at eco-friendly stores and purchase green products has caused competition for establishments to provide environmentally friendly shopping options. The most prominent of these has become the carrier bags, which usually feature the store logo and are sold at a minimum price to encourage consumers to select these re-usable bags rather than traditional plastic or paper options. Sainsbury is no stranger to these bags, but unlike most stores who offer one type of reusable bag, Sainsbury decided to combine fashion with food purchasing and create more than six different niche carrier bags. A decorative Wine Bag for carrying up to six bottles, a trendy blue Cool Bag for keeping food insulated, and its best-seller — the 100% recycled Bag for Life which they will replace for free when worn! Try trading in your favorite Marc Jacobs each season!

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I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

righteous eco fashion 01 I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

After writing about The House of Organic Sustainable Fashion Show held at the Gold LEED certified Haworth studios in NYC earlier this year, one designer that caught my eye and then stuck in my mind was Swedish label Righteous. Their ultra feminine jersey knits in autumnal hues, cinched at the waist and sporting to-die-for bows were adorable. What’s more, the dresses looked as comfortable to wear as they were fashionable. I was obsessed and needed to know more.

A picture may tell a thousand word, but actual words are also handy when doing research. My first port of call was the Righteous website, which I discovered to my dismay was entirely in Swedish. The closest I’ve ever come to speaking Swedish is buying a lamp from IKEA. Hmmm. My colleague referred me to Babelfish (the website that translate entire websites — which is brilliant), but they didn’t seem to offer Swedish. Stumped again.

But as it turned out, being faced with a website in an alien language had an upside. After much contemplation, I think I learnt my first two Swedish words: I’m (almost) certain Hösten means Fall and Våren means Spring.

righteous eco fashion 04 I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

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