Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

Would you buy a car that runs on air? After watching this video I admit I would. Innovators in France and Australia have developed engines that run on compressed air. A 2-3 minute injection of air can get you driving up to two hours. It’s an incredible concept that’s taken 10 years in the making and if mass marketed, just may trump mainstream attraction for hybrid cars. This video takes you under the hood, into the engine, and a look into the future of transportation today.

They have some design concept cars on their site at and more videos about the technology they are rolling out the factory door today.

aircar 02 Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

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Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

chanel bike 01 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Despite my acute phobia of helmet hair, riding a bike suddenly seems like an attractive proposition… and I swear it has nothing to do with the new Chanel bicycle, which will be sold exclusively at Chanel boutiques next month. The eight-speed ergonomic bike is part of the luxury brand’s spring/summer 2008 collection and is an ode to Coco Chanel, who had a strong passion for sports.

In his 1996 book L’Allure de Chanel, Paul Morland quotes the legendary designer as claiming to have invented the female sport suit. Before that, she says, “They had very low waistlines, and were constrained at the hips, the legs, everywhere. By inventing the jersey, I liberated the body, I got rid of the waistline, I created a new silhouette.”

Now 11 years later, the company’s trying to do the same with the bike. Like the rest of Chanel’s line, the bicycle is destined to become an instant modern classic and a must-have for any socially conscious fashionista. It’s hand finished in refined black and of course is emblazoned with the obligatory double C logo. So what if it costs $12,400? Think of the all gasoline you’ll be saving and greenhouse gases you won’t be emitting. Well that is the the 2 hours your not jetting around the world in your private airplane, of course. Now, if only Chanel would design a bike helmet to match.(Spotted in Vogue Magazine)

q question interview Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved SportsQuestion for the Monkies or Drones reading this, how many of you out there, would drop a cool $12k on a Chanel Bike? Why or why not? Is this a good investment maybe for a future auction?

chanel bike 02 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

chrysler electric car line 03 Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

Back in September of 2008 Chrysler seemed to have the muscle to take over the electric car market. They called in all the press and television networks to show off not one but a whole line of electric cars. They rolled out an electric car for every possible customer, By converting their existing line of cars to electric motors and battery systems. They even tried to one up the only existing electric car company with a highway capable car, Tesla Motors, by rolling out a Lotus electric car as well.

Here is what the line up of electric vehicles was suppose to be, plug-in hybrid Jeeps and Town & Country van and Dodge Circuit EV. Now that the company is in bankruptcy, we will have to wait and see which of these electric cars pop out on the other end, if any.

chrysler electric car line 05 Is The Electric Line Of Chrylsers As Dead As The Company?

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Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

sparta ion cityseat 03 Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

I am always on the look out for alternative ways to use electric motors. Big small used new, no matter, give me some electric between my legs and I am a happy monkie. Okay I stoled that line from a girl friend of mine, and she wasn’t talking about electric bikes. But she had never seen the Sparta Ion. An electric retro styled hybrid bike which would even make the coolest urban goth chick re-think their favorite electric appliance.

This hybrid electric / peddle bike with the retro details in all the right places, might just be my new favorite. Look at the back wheel with its wrap around mud guard and the clear protector over the chain. That is just screaming Portland, isn’t it. The only down side for the lazy among us, is that you have to peddle this thing. Yes, peddle an electric bike! I know, what the hell are they thinking. Don’t they know, only us lazy twig leg people are willing to fork over the big bucks to look like dorks in public. And dorks don’t want to peddle.

The Sparta used in a commercial

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G Monkie’s New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

ultramotor a2b electric bike 01 G Monkies New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

I am writing a full post about my new A2B Ultramotor electric bike later this week, but for now here are some images. I decked the bike out with tons of bags, lights and even a wagon. My idea is to use this as my main vehicle, and I am a SUV kind of guy, so this is my SUV electric bike.

My Bike is made by Ultramotor Wagon by Wike Wagon is a custom version of the garden wagon. This is my way of going green. Tons of photos after the jump.

ultramotor a2b electric bike 07 G Monkies New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

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A Monkies Boyhood Dream Vehicle The Modern Airships

airship ventures zepplin 04 A Monkies Boyhood Dream Vehicle The Modern AirshipsPhotographer: KQED Quest (CC)

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to own my very own Airship. I just thought it would be a cool thing to live on, slowly gliding over the world, exploring new places. Much better than the bumpy stomach turning ride you get on a sail boat. So, when I was out looking for photos today and came across Quest TV’s Photo of a new modern designed Airship called the Eureka, I had to embed the show. Maybe some day Airships will replace all those diesel burning freight trucks coming out of Long Beach. They could even replace the cargo ships entirely. The container ships are a major source of pollution world wide and the ballast water the ships carry is a major source of invasive species, which is helping destroy the oceans fragile eco-systems.

Here is some details about the Eureka

The Eureka is made by Airship Ventures and is not a blimp or true Zepplin. It’s something new, a hybrid. Called a Zeppelin NT, the airship hull is made of a state of the art multi layer laminated material, which is also used for NASA space suits. The gas used to lift the ship is non-flammable helium. The ship is so tough, it can be hit by lightning with little to no effect on how it flies.

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One For The James Bond Monkies, The Lexus HS 250h Hybrid

lexus hs250h 01 One For The James Bond Monkies, The Lexus HS 250h Hybrid

A James Bond Monkie wet dream of a car. Yes, Lexus knows how to put together a luxury car. We found that out first hand, last year. So, when they revealed the 2010 HS 250h, the world’s first dedicated luxury hybrid vehicle we where guessing it would be nice. But this thing is really beyond nice. It’s got everything. Camera’s, joysticks, ipod connectors, dedicated power plugs, plush seats (which might not be leather, cross your fingers), beautiful displays and beyond 40 miles per gallon range.

During the big introduction show, they wouldn’t give the official miles per gallon, but they claim it will be better than the micro size Smart Car. Which is pretty amazing for a full size luxury sedan. It also will be the first Lexus to utilize carbon-neutral Ecological Plastic materials in a new futuristic cockpit and interior design. Last year when we where given the Lexus LS 600h and GS 450 for a week to drive around, are only real complaint was all the leather. If they stripped the leather out and had eco-faux leather, the cars would have been amazing.

lexus hs250h 04 One For The James Bond Monkies, The Lexus HS 250h Hybrid

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G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

wike bike trailer 02 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

This is a story about how I found the perfect bike wagon for my Electric A2B Bike. The wagon is made by the Canadian company Wike.

Okay, look I am an American and even worse I grew up in Texas. I am not saying being an American or even a Texan is a bad thing, I am just saying growing up in the land of over sized egos and pickup trucks makes an impact.

The impact for me was a strange desire to never be without a vehicle which could haul anything, any time to anywhere! The one odd twist, was also the vehicle has to have some kind of style. That definitly isn’t a Texas thing, so I don’t know where that slipped in. Maybe because I also lived in Europe as a kid. Anyways, back to my SUV obsession.

Throughout my life I have owned different types of trucks and Jeeps, but as soon as I was financially able, I put on my running shoes and dashed over to the Land Rover dealer and bought my first Land Rover, a Discovery 2. A stylish but practical vehicle. I was in SUV, go anywhere with style heaven. Well, relative heaven, because I was also stuck in the middle of a massive city, working non-stop, so I wasn’t really going anywhere and as soon as the gas prices shot up to $9000 a gallon, my heaven was starting to look a little like hell. The truth is, for the most part, I only use the Land Rover to go to Whole Foods and farmers market once a week, really. So I guess that is a wee bit over kill.

wike bike trailer 01 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

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G Living Room101 | Saving The American Economy With Biodiesel

On this episode of G Living’s Room101 we interview Josh Tickell, the author of Biodiesel America and director of the new 2008 Sundance Award winning film, Fuel.. On G Living Room101, Biodiesel Amercia Author Josh Tickell talks about why Biodiesel is the alternative fuel answer for America. He also talks about his new film, Biodiesel America which won at this years Sundance.

About Josh Tickell

Josh Tickell’s work as a published author, filmmaker, public speaker and renowned activist has taken him from the grease dumpsters of Florida and the farms of the Australian Outback to the Laboratories of the Department of Energy and the oil refineries of the Gulf Coast.

Tickell has rapidly become one of the nation’s leading experts on alternative fuels. He has consulted and testified for companies and organizations such as the National Biodiesel Board, Clif Bar, and the Arizona State House of Representatives. His first book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank – The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel, is a bestseller and has been instrumental in jumpstarting the biodiesel industry.

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Electrum Spyder | Electric and Elusive

electrum spyder 01 Electrum Spyder | Electric and Elusive

The Electrum Spyder sounds too good be true. And, it turns out, it is. For the second year in a row.

First unveiled at last year’s AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, this super ambitious 100% electric sports car was slated to be sold via the company’s website after its premiere at the expo. A year later, the car reappeared at the same event but not on the road.

While this year’s model hasn’t changed much, the company that makes it (Universal Electric Vehicle) has. In fact, according to Autoblog Green, they’re now closer than ever to making the car a reality.

electrum spyder 02 Electrum Spyder | Electric and Elusive

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Tesla Makes One For The Family, The Model S A 300 Mile All Electric Car

tesla models 01 Tesla Makes One For The Family, The Model S A 300 Mile All Electric Car

Media Watch | Tesla Motors yesterday unveiled a pair of prototype all-electric cars that the fledgling automaker hopes will be the family friendly, mid-sized car of the future.

“Welcome to Model S,” said designer Franz von Holzhausen as he pulled the covers off the cars, which will seat seven people and travel 300 miles (483km) on a single charge.

Tesla hopes to begin producing the flashy, five-door car at a yet-to-be-disclosed location in Southern California by the final quarter of 2011.

Von Holzhausen led a team of designers that built the cars at the futuristic SpaceX Rocket Factory, where they were unveiled.

The Model S, which Tesla says would be the first mass-manufactured all-electric car, will cost $57,400, or $49,900 after tax credits. … Musk said that, when gas savings are taken into account, buying a Model S will be comparable to buying a $35,000 Ford sedan.

The car will travel 300 miles on one battery charge, he said, and the battery can be recharged in 45 minutes.

Full Story on

tesla models 02 Tesla Makes One For The Family, The Model S A 300 Mile All Electric Car

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Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

smartfortwo smartcar 01 Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

This car is no concept. It’s real and you can reserve one now – if you want.

Unfortunately, with all the alternative fuel cars out there these days, I’m not sure the ForTwo is the way of the future. Smart, an offspring of Daimler, boasts about its earth-friendly production — and the small car idea is definitely overdue (use only what you need), but the ForTwo is neither fuel efficient nor practical enough to catch on.

Smart, once reviled for the first generation bouncy, boxy kitsch cars, has improved its design according to The Truth About Cars, upgrading the suspension, wheel base and gear shift. The overall size has grown by a few inches, as well, but there isn’t enough there to make me want one. If I’m going to drive something with only two seats, it needs to be either super-efficient or a Ferrari – not a boxy little car that would get eaten up by even the smallest SUV. The ForTwo gets only about 40 mpg – a good bit less than an average hybrid – and it’s certainly not viable for family outings.

smartfortwo smartcar 02 Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

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