Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR-2 Electric Scooter

elmoto hr2 02 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

Before we get into the details, I would like to just say I think the ELMOTO H2 looks pretty cool. It has the fat tires, front and rear shocks all geared toward giving you a smooth safe ride. But the short distance between the seat and handle bars, seems like it wouldn’t put you in a comfortable position. But that is a minor issue. My real concern is the price vs power the bike delivers. Electric bikes which have pedals, don’t require the rider to have a license, but the governments tops their speed at 20 miles per hour. You can use the pedals to get over that cap. But bikes with no pedals, like this ELMOTO, does require a motorcycle license and can go at any speed it wants. So, when I saw the top speed was 30 miles an hour and the bike cost around $5k, I just didn’t see that value.

If you are going to make it a scooter or motorcycle, it needs to go much faster to make it worth the hassle and cost of getting a license and insurance.

I think I will stick with my A2B Ultra Motor Electric bike which cost only $2700 and goes 20 miles an hours. Plus no license or insurance required.

elmoto hr2 01 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

More photos and videos of the bike after the jump.
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High Speed Trains Between Los Angeles and San Francisco

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

Imagine traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about two-and-a-half hours, without getting on a plane. Soon, you wont have to imagine. With California voters and President Obama both pushing the project forward, we may soon see the work actually starting on the new tracks and other infrastructure.

Here is what Obama said in May 2009. “My high-speed rail proposal will lead to innovations that change the way we travel in America. We must start developing clean, energy-efficient transportation that will define our regions for centuries to come,” said President Obama. “A major new high-speed rail line will generate many thousands of construction jobs over several years, as well as permanent jobs for rail employees and increased economic activity in the destinations these trains serve. High-speed rail is long-overdue, and this plan lets American travelers know that they are not doomed to a future of long lines at the airports or jammed cars on the highways.”

In this QUEST Web exclusive, we update a story we did last year on a plan to bring high-speed rail to California as voters head to the ballot boxes to decide the fate of Proposition 1A. Hop aboard to learn about the science behind high-speed rail travel and the obstacles that lie in its path.

california highspeed train 03 High Speed Trains Between Los Angeles and San Francisco

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Meet The New G Tagged, The Monkied Powered Guide To All Things G!

gtagged 01 Meet The New G Tagged, The Monkied Powered Guide To All Things G!

In-case you didn’t realize it, your the Monkie in this scenario. For years, the Monkies behind the scenes here at G Living have been going out into the world and finding cool “G” (green, eco, modern, sexy, techy, foody) stuff to write about. Everyday we post something new, but we have our limitations. We are only Space Monkies after all. We couldn’t possibly know everything and we definitely can’t write new post for everything that deserves to be covered.

This is why we created G Tagged. G Tagged, enables anyone, with or without an account on G Living, to post their own “G” finds. This includes the pro Monkies out there, who have created amazing “G” recipes, fashion lines, green architecture, or green products. You name it. If you have something awesome, and need the world to know, hit gtagged.com and post it.

If you’re just a normal Monkie browsing other sites and stumble upon an amazing “G” find, open gtagged.com and post it. We made G Tagged, super easy. It takes less than 30 seconds to post anything. You only need to find a “G” item online, copy the URL, write a small description, paste a photo and hit submit. That’s it. Our server will resize the photo, style the text, and post your find for everyone to see. Your new G Tagged item can be seen by millions of visitors to the new gtagged.com site and in the right side panel of gliving.com and monkied.com.

The video below is a short demo of G Tagged in action. You can see just how easy it is to promote the best “G” stuff in the world, to an audience just dying to know what you will post next. Get ready to wow your fellow monkies and have some fun. Trust me, it’s addictive.

Quest and Dr. Kendrick Taylor Shows Us The Science Behind Global Warming

antarctica 01 Quest and Dr. Kendrick Taylor Shows Us The Science Behind Global Warming

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of videos and post saying global warming is a hoax. The think behind this idea is based on solar activity on the Sun. When the Sun has more sun spot, the Earth and other planets warm up. When the Sun has fewer sun spots, the planets cool down. A natural cycle, which explains everything right? Well, if you believe in science, you will learn Global Warming we are experiencing isn’t that simple.

KQED Television and their show Quest, tags along with Dr. Kendrick Taylor, as he goes about showing how Science knows Global Warming isn’t about Sun Spots, but about human activity.

How do we know that the climate is changing? In this video, provided by Scientist Kendrick Taylor learn how 8-foot long ice core samples extracted from deep in the ice layer of Antarctica hold key evidence of rapidly changing climactic conditions.

QUEST on KQED Public Media. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

Would you buy a car that runs on air? After watching this video I admit I would. Innovators in France and Australia have developed engines that run on compressed air. A 2-3 minute injection of air can get you driving up to two hours. It’s an incredible concept that’s taken 10 years in the making and if mass marketed, just may trump mainstream attraction for hybrid cars. This video takes you under the hood, into the engine, and a look into the future of transportation today.

They have some design concept cars on their site at mdi.lu and more videos about the technology they are rolling out the factory door today.

aircar 02 Media Watch / Air Cars Have Arrived

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G Monkie’s Not So Secret Love For Lykke Li

lykke li 001 G Monkies Not So Secret Love For Lykke Li

So, it is out in the open, I am confessing once again my un-shakable love for Lykke Li. I love everything about them, including their strange odd take music and visuals. There is just something about the entire bands weird geeky take on being a band. They dance around in their underwear, in some ones, one room apartment, while filming it, to make a music video. How could they possibly think that was going to be be cool? But of course it was, right?

Well, here are a few more videos of Lykke Li, including a live performance on some Holland Tv Show. More videos after the jump. Also, checkout my previous post about the very monkie band.

More videos after the jump.

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Lord Of The Ants Professor E.O. Wilson

As kids most of us are amazed by the tiny bugs roaming around in our front yards, in their micro jungles made of grass. I personally loved to watch the ants for hours. They seem to be amazingly organized and devoted to each other. Professor E.O. Wilson understands my feelings about the ants, in fact he spent a lifetime devoted to knowing everything about them. In this Nova show, The Lord of the Ants, he takes us deep into the world of ants.

At age 78, E.O. Wilson is still going through his “little savage” phase of boyhood exploration of the natural world. NOVA profiles this soft-spoken Southerner and Professor Emeritus at Harvard.

ants Lord Of The Ants Professor E.O. Wilson

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Running Raw | Tim Talks About Healing Naturally In Chicago

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim VanOrden discusses how our lives might be different if we viewed ourselves as miracles rather than victims.

Super Star Cameron Diaz Thinks We Might Just Be F*cked

cameron diaz marie claire july2009 Super Star Cameron Diaz Thinks We Might Just Be F*cked

Calling Cameron Diaz just a celebrity is selling her way too short. I mean, lumping her in with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and that Spencer Pratt guy, is just wrong. Yes, she is part of the Hollywood buzzing engine, and yes, she is the highest paid actress in town, but she doesn’t act like it. She acts more like a Green Peace volunteer than a super celeb. When the magazine Marie Claire, asked Cameron to be their Cover Girl for the upcoming July issue, she turned the tables and asked them to come along with her as she filmed a documentary about what people are willing to do to save themselves, the planet and just maybe our future.

As Cameron hit the streets to talk with the average person, she quickly came to some sad conclusions, we really might just be screwed. “I want to leave you with this thought,” Diaz says to the woman. “After all you’ve told me . . . what would it take for you to do something to change your environment?” The woman, speechless, looks like she’s going to cry.

“I’m sad,” Diaz says later, in the car on the way to a Mexican joint for dinner. “It’s just sad.” She drains a plastic water bottle and tosses it on the floor of the car. “And I’m unhappy about the waste I just produced.” Diaz and Dylan, sitting next to her in the backseat, conclude that we as a people are summarily, environmentally “fucked.” In fact, that quickly becomes the leitmotif of the trip, and it cracks them up every time. Diaz, out of the blue: “You know what we are?” Dylan: “Let me guess—fucked?” More after the jump.

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Week 5 | Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

lori painter bikini challenge week5 Week 5 | Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

Week 5 of my Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge. (See all the weeks on Lori’s Section on G Living)

What is this bikini body challenge all about? Lori said: “I am documenting my weight loss bikini body journey with a motivation to look good naked. My desire for a lean green clean machine is through raw foods and fun balancing workouts. Looking good naked may seem superficial, however our bodies are a reflection of self love and respect. Making the world a better place starts within us. Cleaning up the planet starts with clean people. How can we create a clean green planet if we don’t do the same with our own bodies? My aim is to inspire others to act in ways that honor their bodies and the planet at the same time. A clean body clears the mind to conscious growth and a healthy planet.”

Weigh In
Weigh In : 127.2 lbs

I have been missing my greens this week. Not too sure why, just been eating mostly fruit & laying low on the overt fats. Friday Evening to Saturday Evening water fast for 24 hours. I broke the fast on red wine (biodynamic, organic) not a great way to break a fast. Then had dinner: salad, sauteed carrots & broccoli, a 1/2 C of a rice dish

Video Update Number 5

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Media Watch | FrontLine Shows Us The Lives Kiva Changes

All of us here at G Living are big fans and supporters of the non-profit group Kiva.org. Kiva enables everyday people like us, to lend money to people in need around the world. Through their website, you are able to learn about people in need of small loans to start or expand business in 3rd world countries. Most of the loans are around one to two thousand, which individuals can group together to raise. Most of the time, each person gives around $25.

The really amazing part about the Kiva site is, you can watch almost in real time as 10 to 20 other people loan their $25 dollars and the loan is complete. Now the person in need will receive the your loan and fulfill their business plan. The loans are paid back over a relatively short period of time and you can either take your money back or choose another person in need.

The PBS show, Frontline World traveled to Africa to meet some of the individuals the micro loans are helping. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

London’s Container City Goes Mainstream with History Channel Feature

Shipping Container homes are really starting to go mainstream, when the History Channel jumps on the bandwagon. Here is a clip for the show Modern Marvels. The show features two projects we have covered here on G Living in the past. Container City in London and the Aussie Shack Container. The London project is the “G’er” of the two and is something we wouldn’t mind housing out studios in. Continue Reading / Additional Photos / Videos

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