Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

vehicles chevy volt Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

Perhaps the best name for any electric car is the Volt, right? It seems to fit for the new generation of cars just like the Mustang fit for a bygone generation. Chevy’s electric/hybrid concept, the Volt, was revealed at last month’s New York Auto Show and has some intriguing features such as a long-range battery pack, hybrid and E-85 fuels technology, and revolutionary E-Flex propulsion. The car is easy to charge, using regular 110 or 220 electricity and Chevy estimates that the Volt can go 50 miles on batteries alone, making it a viable commuter option.

vehicles green chevy volt Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

According to Tony Posawatz, GM’s vehicle line director, Chevy is 100% devoted: “We have devoted significant resources to this project: Over 200 engineers and 50 designers are working on the Volt alone, and another 400 are working on related subsystems and electric components. That’s how important we think this is, and that’s how much stock we place in the future of extended-range electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt.”

There may be problems looming, however. GM was a major player in killing the electric car the first time around and their devotion to the Volt and its generation — though admirable — may be too late. Electric powered cars are indeed exciting, but this excitement must be tempered with knowing that the electricity comes from a likely dirty source somewhere else through a vast and inefficient grid.

Are electric/hybrids the future? Chevy thinks so. I’m not so sure.

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