Chris Sorensen – Painting the Town Green

the siemon house 001 Chris Sorensen   Painting the Town Green

Architect Chris Sorensen, the mind and soul behind Sorensen Architects, is painting the town green with his efforts to literally shape Malibu into a more modern, progressive place.

When it comes to building or renovating homes, “most people don’t have a clue about the more sustainable, greener building material alternatives out there,” says Sorensen. “That’s why it’s our responsibility as the architects to inform our clients about their options.”

Chris’s clients are nothing but amazed when it comes to his sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. One client’s reaction to the implementation of solar panels, as an alternative power source, in his home was “this is incredible, why isn’t everybody doing this?”

If it wasn’t for companies like Sorensen Architects, who properly educate their clients about the greener side of building and the sustainable benefits of it, we would be that much farther away from the perfect world in which “everybody IS doing this.”

siemon house 001 Chris Sorensen   Painting the Town Green

Chris’ proactive nature and in his efforts to educate and help change the way people view architecture, their living space, the environment, and a collaboration of all of the former is helping to spread the GREEN trend…

The beach front Malibu home shown above, owned by the Seimon family, was recently renovated inside and out by Sorensen Architects. The following is a clip from an article recently written by friend Adam Skolnick, about the “green” aspects of the Seimon’s Malibu home:
“The preponderance of glass allows natural light to illuminate each and every crevasse of the 4,000 square foot home. During the day, virtually no electrical lighting is necessary.

All of the glass, installed by Malibu Glass, is of the low-emissivity variety and is co-efficient for transfer. The skylights create a self-ventilating, stack chimney effect, allowing for the natural exchange of warm and cool air. Heating and cooling systems, though installed, are rarely put to use. The sandy limestone floor, provides a beach like color and texture, and it is considered a solar mass. It absorbs the sun’s warmth and releases it over time as the air cools. The home is 100% solar using photo voltaic cells, as well. The Siemons were initially skeptical about the advantages of solar power. Sorensen brought in a representative from Advanced Solar Electric who explained that half of the solar costs were covered by state rebates, and the remaining costs would be covered by power bill savings within seven to nine years. Today the Siemons are proud that their home is self-sustaining, and they feel secure in the fact that in the event of black-outs, a common Malibu nuisance, their electrical system can fully function for 24 hours. Homes wired to the grid alone do not have such a luxury.”

siemon house 003 Chris Sorensen   Painting the Town Green

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