Cindy Crawford Green Via Guilt Rays Streaming From Her Kids Eyes

cindy crawford green baby eco thirsty for change water bottle 02 Cindy Crawford Green Via Guilt Rays Streaming From Her Kids Eyes

There’s nothing like guilt to inspire a change for the better. Writing for, Cindy Crawford credits her green awakening to her kids, who go to an “environmentally aware school” in Malibu that encourages beach clean up and recycling. (Which is a great concept, if you ask me. Environmental values — unlike, say, geometry or French — is something they will truly use every day.) Cindy says she tiptoed into the role of “eco-everywoman” out of fear that her kids would look down on her. (Believe me, this works. I employed a similar technique on my mom when my first grade teacher warned us of the health risks brought on by smoking. My mom quit immediately.)

While initially intimated by the idea of going eco, Cindy realized that starting small was the way to go. (Which is also my philosophy. I believe anything is digestible if taken in bite sized pieces.) Long credited as being the first business-savvy female in the face-and-body industry, Cindy already had an impressive list of accomplishments under her belt when she began her personal green makeover by unplugging inactive appliances like her toaster and phone charger. She then switched to recycled napkins and paper towels.

Her next step was finding a way to avoid bottled water. (And this is where she really began to fly.) After buying a PUR filter, she found she loved the taste of purified tap water and is now working with the company to design her own reusable aluminum bottle. Their “Thirsty For Change” effort launches next month and proceeds from the sales of Cindy’s bottle will go to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program, which provides clean drinking water for the world’s children.

So, the message here is for America’s youth: play the guilt card and your parents will do whatever you tell them. No, wait — I think the real message comes from Cindy: even green baby steps have a huge impact.

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