Climate Change Mega Disasters

climate change mega disasters01 Climate Change Mega Disasters

If you’ve been considering donating money to help intergovernmental organizations make the necessary changes to stop global warming, the time to give is now. According to UN emergency relief coordinator, Sir John Holmes, all of the major storms this year amount to a “climate change mega disaster.” Many of the predictions that have been made in regards to global warming are coming true.

It is not a “what if?” but a “what now?” situation.

Ocha, the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, have been measuring the climate changes. Just this year, 13 emergency appeals have been issued, which is three more than in 2005. But according to Ocha, only about half of the global disasters in ‘05 were attributed to changes in the climate. This year, all but one — the earthquake in Peru — are related to the climate change.

The biggest problems this year have come from the string of massive flooding across much of Africa, South Asia and North Korea, the category-5 hurricane in Nicaragua, and the draughts and floods in Bolivia. As a result of these storms, Ocha says around 66 million people were declared homeless across south Asia.

Ocha’s latest appeal was launched on October 4th. This appeal was released to help raise funding for over 400,000 people affected by major flooding.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes the effects of global warming will eventually devastate the lives of billions of people.

Unfortunately, the lack of donations being received by Ocha is only adding to the problem. For more on Ocha or to make a donation, click here.

climate change mega disasters02 Climate Change Mega Disasters

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