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clorox green works Clorox Green | Less Paradoxical Than It Sounds

What I love about the green movement is that it allows new green companies to release innovative earth-friendly products and services and also provides major (and seemingly far-from-green) companies to come out with better lines.

Let’s consider the world of household cleaning products. If you were an established company with a name that could easily be confused for a chemical compound and you suddenly found yourself battling for shelf space with modern, minimalist, au naturale products, you might consider following the footsteps of Clorox.

Green Works was unveiled earlier this month by the household cleaning giant. Touted as a “breakthrough line of natural cleaners that are as effective as conventional cleaners but made from plant-based ingredients”, the collection includes five new all natural cleaning products for the home, bathroom and kitchen. With the main ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil, Green Works products are 99% natural. The other 1% — in case you were wondering — is the petroleum-derived preservative (Kathon) and colorant (Milliken Liquitint Blue HP dye and Bright Yellow dye X), although Clorox says Kathon will biodegrade within 28 days.

The non-allergenic contents are packaged in recyclable bottles, have not been tested on animals and are approved by the Sierra Club.

Will people buy it? The biggest impediment to date in the adoption of green cleaners has been their high price and low efficacy. Clorox reckons they’ve fixed both issues with a competitive price point and excellent performance. I guess all that remains is to test it.

I know my kitchen could do with a once-over or two.

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